Is Ellie Workout Clothing High-Quality? Pros and Cons of the Box

Is Ellie Workout Clothing High-Quality? Pros and Cons of the Box
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Looking to work out in comfort? Ellie workout clothing is solely designed for athleisure, yoga, and endurance training.Ellie outfit and box The monthly subscription box provides thousands of women with top-notch quality, trendy leggings, and sports bras.

Ellie is competing with huge brands like Gymshark and LuluLemon as its Instagram following continues to rise. Media outlets like Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, and Glamour are also fans of the brand, helping it gain even more traction.

It’s the perfect fitness clothing for Chloe Ting and Cassey Ho’s fans. Let’s go through the Ellie athletic wear reviews to learn more about the company, its products, customer reviews, shortcomings, and services to help you decide whether the brand is suitable for you.


All About Ellie Workout Clothing

There’s no denying that shopping for good quality leggings and bras is often impossible due to fast fashion and brands lowering their quality. Besides, the “good” brands are way too expensive. How many of us can afford to spend $100 on spandex skinnies? Meanwhile, polyester rip-offs for $20 keep tearing and stretching. 

So considering the print, price, and design is essential to determine whether the product is really worth it. Now, if you’re desperately searching for a company that will fit your budget without compromising on style, reading on Ellie workout gear reviews might be just the thing for you.

Ellie Workout Clothing Overview and Highlights

Ellie outfitGreg Wimmer operates Ellie, which is among the sub-labels working under Fam Brands — an activewear marketplace. It’s a Los Angeles company founded in 2013. Since then, it has managed to change the activewear game all over the country by providing monthly subscription boxes with top-notch quality bras and leggings.

The aim behind Ellie’s workout clothes is to make every woman feel confident in her own skin. So the company makes sure that each outfit is sweat-proof and stylish.

Ellie reviews for 2021 reveal some of the pros and cons of the company:


  • Manage your own subscription box
  • Loads of styles and designs to choose from
  • More affordable than big retailers
  • Free shipping
  • New workout sets every month


  • No international shipping yet
  • Limited single-purchase items

But there’s a lot more you need to know about this service before you decide to commit.

What Does Ellie Working Clothing Offer?

Ellie outfitWhen you walk into the gym, your attire must show the confidence and resilience you feel. You should feel ready to conquer the world. Case in point, Ellie subscription box reviews prove that the athleisure brand is everything you’ve dreamed of. Plus, it’s among the best subscription boxes for 2022.

If you don’t shy away from color, you can expand your wardrobe with an Ellie membership. You’ll get new workout gear every month, whether you want bras, leggings, or tops.

You can choose between three options:

  • Two Items a Month — a top and bottom
  • Three Items a Month — a top, bottom, and sports bra
  • Five Items a Month — a top, bottom, sports bra, and two accessories of your choice

The good news is that you can customize the Ellie subscription box entirely. So you can pick what workout sets you want each month. Also, reviews say that all this comes with zero commitment — you can cancel at any time. But keep in mind that if you want to pause the shipments, you must do so on the first or fourth of every month.

What’s more, you can always purchase outside the monthly boxes. Just keep in mind that some sets aren’t sold separately. Also, note that individually bought Ellie fitness clothing is more expensive than the subscription boxes. If you don’t want to get clothes every month, you can just try the service and cancel your subscription after one term.

Pricing, Discounts, and Options

While researching for our Ellie workout clothes review, we found some pieces on sale. For example, the Hermosa Tank is now down to $17. So keep an eye out for these amazing sales and take advantage of them.

If you’re wondering about the referral program, the brand gives customers $10 as credit if they share an affiliate link. There’s also a reward program where you can gather points and use them for access to perks, discounts, and deals. 

As for pricing, here’s a breakdown of the three offers:

  • Two-Item Plan: $40 a month
  • Three-Item Plan: $45 a month
  • Five-Item Plan: $50 a month

All the subscriptions come with free shipping.Ellie subscription prices

Who Is Ellie Workout Clothing For?

Ellie activewear reviews confirm that this is the perfect box for you if you love to train in style

It’s a wonderful brand for enthusiasts who buy leggings and bras frequently. The best part is that the prices are reasonable for most people. Also, as opposed to big brands like Trunk Club and Stitch Fix, Ellie lets its customers keep their workout gear. 

Ordering Process

When it comes to the ordering process, you won’t find many Ellie complaints. It’s incredibly straightforward. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Pick Your StyleEllie outfit and model

Start by browsing the clothes on the website. Each option comes with a complete set, including a top, bottom, and sports bra. Remember that the company releases new products every month.

Regular customers can choose from 15 outfits for the month. You can await new collections on the first day of the month and select what you want for your next order.

Step 2: Pick Your Subscription

Next, you’ll have to choose the subscription you want — two, three, or five monthly items. You can even add fitness accessories of your choice.

Step 3: Get Your Outfit

At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive your Ellie subscription box. The best part is that you won’t have to pay for shipment. You can always skip a month, change your size preferences, or cancel your subscription.

Ellie Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

Ellie vs FableticsFabletics outfit

With thousands of clothing monthly boxes, why choose Ellie? Let’s find out which company is worth your investment. To help you draw a comparison, we’ll measure Ellie’s strengths and weaknesses against one of its major competitors — Fabletics.

Ellie fitness box reviews say the subscription boxes cost less than buying outfits from other brands. But the brand still doesn’t have international shipping, while Fabletics offers that to some countries.

Fabletics gives its customers 20% to 50% discounts as an incentive. Plus, you can find workout gear for men and women on its website. But the brand might be a bit more expensive compared to others. Fabletics also has a mobile app that makes shopping easier.

Ellie vs Dia & Co Style Box

Dia & Co BoxDia & Co came about in 2015 to provide athleisure for curvy women in a size range between 12 and 36. The company promises to deliver innovative, stylish, and classic pieces that motivate everyone to work out regularly.

Dia & Co offers its customers an Active Box subscription, along with a curated Style Box for those who want everyday pieces. The company puts together a range of clothes for you based on a quiz you fill out on signing up. Then, it delivers them to your house within five days. You can keep whatever you want and send back the pieces you don’t like.

If you don’t want a monthly plan, you can also ask for boxes on demand, which Ellie doesn’t offer. Also, Dia & Co has a $20 styling fee that customers can use to get advice on pairing outfits. That’s separate from the box subscription cost.

Is Ellie Worth It?

Whether you’re looking for floral ensembles or trendy sets that will make your body look its best, the Ellie collection has something for everyone. The brand offers clothes that look great and are functional for high and low-intensity workouts.

Ellie box reviews confirm the subscription is great for getting your hands on some of the best workout sets without breaking the bank. While most big brands sell a bra and legging set for $100, Ellie provides that at $40 with better quality and versatility.

The only minor downside is that you won’t find many options on the website if you’re looking for single garments. Also, if you want to buy a particular item, the company might not sell it separately. Still, you get to choose whatever workout outfits you want, so you won’t regret going for a set.

Finally, if you want to get in good shape but don’t know where to start, check out the Sakara 10-day reset reviews.


Are Ellie leggings squat-proof?

Yes, they are. There’s nothing worse than a split crotch seam. Even though you won’t find such claims on the website, countless Ellie reviews promise that the leggings are of excellent quality. You can even do a downward dog without the fear of rips.

Can you cancel the Ellie subscription?

Yes. If you want to cancel your subscription, make sure to contact the company support team as soon as possible.

What is the brand’s shipping policy?

Ellie activewear offers free shipping on all subscription plans. And if you’re looking for express delivery, Ellie activewear reviews mention that will cost you $15. Note that the service doesn’t have international shipping. Still, Ellie is trying its best to expand, so keep an eye out.

What is the brand’s return policy?

You can’t partially return Ellie items. Instead, you must send back the entire box. You’ll have a 30-day window to make a specific request. For more information, get in touch with the support team and follow the instructions.

How to contact Ellie?

If you have any questions regarding the Ellie workout clothing, feel free to contact the customer service via phone (844-338-5044) or email ( You can also fill out a request or use the chat on the website to get an answer within seconds.

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