Dollar Shave Club July 2018 Review + Unboxing

Dollar Shave Club July 2018 Review + Unboxing

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For a lot of us, shaving is an important task. Most razors dull quickly, and you run out of replacements before you know it. What better way to prevent this than with a shaving subscription box like Dollar Shave Club? This inexpensive subscription box helps make my busy life a little bit easier. You’ll receive a razor handle when you join, as well as monthly (or bimonthly) shipments of replacement cartridges. You can also add other types of products you’d like to receive, such as shaving cream. I subscribed a few months ago and have been loving it!

This Dollar Shave Club review shares what I got in my July shipment, as well as savings opportunities.

 Dollar Shave Club Review - Unboxing

Shipping + Packaging

Like my other July subscription boxes, Dollar Shave Club was a bit delayed because I forgot to update payment information when I got a new card. My box was shipped in a small envelope that contained my replacement cartridges and extra razor handle. Although it’s not the cutest presentation, I’m glad they don’t package it in huge, wasteful boxes like some subscription boxes do. The packaging is 100% recyclable as well.

Inside, I received the extra razor handle I ordered (for traveling), replacement cartridges, their typical “bathroom reader” booklet that they send monthly, and a promotional sheet about products in their shop.

Dollar Shave Club Review - The Executive Review

I recently mentioned how I dislike that their bathroom reader is tailored heavily towards men. While this month wasn’t as bad, there were still only a couple of articles that could apply to women. Since their razors are unisex, they should have articles for women as well. This isn’t too big of a deal for me though because their razor quality is the most important thing.

Dollar Shave Club Review - Bathroom Reader

The Executive Razor Review

As I mentioned in my previous Dollar Shave Club reviews, the Executive razor is amazing. It’s the best razor I’ve ever used—so much better than popular female razors. When I first discovered Dollar Shave Club, I was so glad to hear that all of their razors are unisex. Plus, the cartridges seem to last me forever! They’re intended to last a week but they last at least two for me. The shave is smooth and easy. I love that I don’t ever need to go over the same spot multiple times. Also, the razor handle is heavy and sturdy. It even looks high-quality!

 Dollar Shave Club Review - The Executive

My subscription regularly costs $9 per month for four replacement cartridges (including free shipping). This is such an inexpensive price for the quality and convenience you get. Plus, the two-blade and four-blade razors are a bit cheaper if you choose that route.

Dollar Shave Club Review - Starter Set

Savings Opportunities

Dollar Shave Club has the name for a reason—because of their amazing $1 intro deal! When you sign up with this, you’ll get any razor handle (they have three options) as well as a four pack of replacement cartridges.

They also offer a few $5 starter sets that have various product samples as well as the razor handle and replacement cartridges. You can also save money by opting for fewer deliveries, such as bi-monthly or every three months if you don’t shave that often.

Concluding Thoughts
All in all, Dollar Shave Club is a fantastic subscription. Not only is it convenient to receive the perfect number of razors every month, but their products are surprisingly high quality and inexpensive. It’s perfect for anyone with a busy life. With this subscription, buying razors is one less task to worry about!
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