Dollar Shave Club Reviews 2021 — Pros and Cons

Dollar Shave Club Reviews 2021 — Pros and Cons
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$1 First Month or $5 Starter Set

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With monthly pricing starting at $3, DSC is one of the cheapest subscription box services out there. Are you considering subscribing?

Make sure to have a look at our Dollar Shave Club reviews first! Check out our unboxing articles to discover in-depth reviews of the products they send and the latest coupons you can redeem when placing your order!

Their unisex razors make this subscription a winner on both of our lists of subscription boxes for men as well as subscription boxes for women! Here, there are plenty of popular boxes that might catch your eye.

Buying razors can be such a struggle, especially if you’re doing it only after you run out. This is when shaving subscription services like Dollar Shave Club come in handy! You can subscribe to receive monthly shipments of the right number of razors you’ll need for the month so that you never run out. As I’ve heard great things about this service in the majority of Dollar Shave Club reviews I came across, I finally got around to subscribing.

I haven’t tried a very wide variety of razors, so I’m looking forward to finally trying something new. This first review will outline my experience ordering my first box, what I received in it, and everything else I found necessary to share at this point.

Website Experience

Dollar Shave Club Reviews - Website Experience

The Dollar Shave Club website is neatly organized with easily-accessible information. They have an online shop where they sell a variety of different products including trial kits, oral care, shaving products, shower products, and more. You can purchase these items individually or add them to your monthly subscription. Dollar Shave Club reviews are here to show you which ones to choose!

Dollar Shave Club also make sure to include helpful, detailed information about how their service works. The checkout process was very quick and straightforward. After I completed it, I received a notification about the shipping date of my box and the option to make changes in my profile on the website.  

Dollar Shave Club Review – Offer

Dollar Shave Club Reviews - Offer

As you can tell by their name, they’re commonly known for their dollar deal on your first month’s subscription. You can choose from a twin-blade, three-blade, or six-blade razor. The six-blade one, called the Executive, is their most popular, ranking high in Dollar Shave Club reviews.

They have a few other subscription options as well, including three different starter sets that cost $5 each. Each of these sets comes with the Executive razor, four disposable cartridges, and some of their best-selling products. The Classic Shave Set includes a 3-oz bottle of Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter. The Ultimate Shave Starter Set has their Immaculate Shave trial kit, which includes a shave butter, prep scrub, and post-shave dew, each in 1-oz bottles. Finally, The Daily Essentials Starter Set comes with trial sizes of the shave butter, a body cleanser, and a pack of one-wipe Charlies moist wipes.  

When it comes to payment, each subscription after the first month costs either $3 for the twin-blade, $6 for the three-blade, or $9 for the six-blade, without Dollar Shave Club coupon offers. Note that these rates are for four replacement cartridges. However, they also offer an every-other-month subscription option if you don’t need four replacement razor heads every month.

Finally, I should also mention that I was initially looking to subscribe for my boyfriend to try the service out since I thought this was one of the men-exclusive subscription boxes. However, after searching for a Dollar Shave Club for women, I was pleased to find out that their razors are unisex! They recommend The Executive razor for women, so I’ll definitely be ordering it for myself now!

Gift Options

At Dollar Shave Club, you can choose from three gift possibilities. You can send them a special gift set that includes the Executive razor handle, shave cartridges, shave cream, shave butter, and a travel case. This also includes a membership of three, six, or twelve months. It’s shipped in a fancy gift box, which they show an example of before you order. You can also select gift wrapping to add the finishing touch.

Dollar Shave Club for women and men alike cost $55 for the three-month set, the six-month gift subscription is priced at $85, and the year-long gift membership is at $140. You can also gift a regular, month-to-month membership or a starter set membership. If you don’t want to buy someone an entire set or are unsure which option they’d like best, you can buy them a gift card, and they can choose it themselves.

Dollar Shave Club Complaints

The only complaint I had was that they don’t make it very obvious on their website that their razors are great for women as well. Their website design and content is heavily-orientated towards men, and I would have never ordered a box for myself if I hadn’t looked through the help center questions.

Dollar Shave Club Coupon & Payment Options

You can pay for your subscription using any major credit or debit cards and PayPal. As for coupons, I wasn’t able to find any of them. However, if you consider their dollar first-month deal – which is very hard to beat – I don’t you need a coupon to save a pretty penny.

However, I will continue looking for coupons and deals for this subscription service. If I come across any, I will make sure to provide them in my monthly Dollar Shave Club reviews.

Similar Subscription Options

Dollar Shave Club is one of the top subscription boxes for men. In addition, there are a few more shaving clubs comparable to Dollar Shave Club to be aware of. The first popular shaving service that I’ll be comparing it with is Harry’s Shave Club.

For one, they both have very similar deals. Harry’s offer a starter pack including a razor handle, five disposable cartridges, shave gel, and a travel blade cover for $8 right now. Although a bit more expensive, this price is comparable to Dollar Shave Club’s $5 starter set. After the first month, they charge $15 for eight blades which can be shipped every two, three, or five months. This comes to around 50 cents per blade when compared to the 44 cents per blade for Dollar Shave Club’s six-blade razor.

However, I did find a few more differences when comparing Dollar Shave Club vs Harry’s. For instance, Harry’s only offer one type of razor head as opposed to Dollar Shave Club’s three different types. They also provide the option to ship razor replacements every two, three or five months while Dollar Shave Club only delivers monthly or every two months.

Dollar Shave Club Reviews - Unboxing

Finally, another noteworthy shaving subscription is the Gillette Shave Club. This one is a bit more spendy starting at $7 for your first order. Every order afterward is priced at $10, and both of these prices include four replacement blades. You can also choose a higher-quality razor for $17 and $22 each month after. However, they have a deal right now that grants $3 off your first order and getting every fourth order of your subscription for free!


My first Dollar Shave Club was shipped in a cute little mailer box with their branding on the side. Inside, I first found a little members’ handbook about their club that gives information on your razor and the subscription. There’s also a “bathroom reader” newspaper booklet on top that includes various articles. For example, one shared tips on how to get rid of razor bumps. I looked online to see if anyone had other negative experiences with this subscription, but I was unable to find anything. On my lookout for Dollar Shave Club reviews, Reddit ones were all positive and recommended the subscription.

Below these, I found the Executive razor handle wrapped in plastic and four cartridges elegantly placed inside. The cartridges were in another tiny box inside the main box. Plus, they included a little sample of Dr. Carver’s shave butter, which was a nice bonus because I didn’t order any samples.

Dollar Shave Club Reviews - Unboxing

The next couple paragraphs will share my thoughts on the razor itself.

The Executive Razor

I was so impressed with this six-blade razor and to be honest, it’s one of the favorite items from this Dollar Shave Club review. It worked amazingly and removed every single hair with ease (even a week after I first used it). I never had to go over a spot more than once. It hasn’t nicked me yet either, and I always cut myself with new razors! It probably works so well because it’s unisex. I’ve tried men’s razors before and they’re way sharper.

Dollar Shave Club Reviews - Products

Otherwise, I’m glad I switched over to a razor with replaceable cartridges. I always felt like I was wasting so much material when I bought disposable razors and had to throw the entire thing away. They state each cartridge should last around a week, but I don’t shave everyday so mine lasted about two weeks each. That said, I will probably change my delivery preferences. I’m currently getting four cartridges per month but at this rate, I should be getting bi-monthly deliveries.

Final Summation

To sum my thoughts on this first box, I’d really just say this is one of many Dollar Shave Club reviews on this website. I’m a little upset that I never took advantage of their great deal until now. Also, if I could redo my first order, I would have chosen a starter set or added more samples of their popular products, so I could try some out. However, I’ll definitely be adding more products to my upcoming shipments and review those as well.

Dollar Shave Club Review Summary
Overall, my experience ordering my Dollar Shave Club subscription was great, and I still can’t believe what a great deal the first month is! I loved my razor and it’s definitely one of the subscription boxes I’ll have for a long time. This service is great for people like me who always forget to buy razors when they run out or find it a hassle to purchase them over and over again. I will post the next of my series of Dollar Shave Club reviews next month when I get my replacement cartridges. So, make sure to check that one out as well for a more detailed insight into their offer!
  • Budget-friendly
  • Monthly or bi-monthly shipment available
  • Unisex razors
  • Great introductory deals
  • Grooming and daily essential products available

  • Shipping may take longer than usual

9 Total Score

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