Dinnerly Reviews — Is the Meal Subscription Worth It?

Dinnerly Reviews — Is the Meal Subscription Worth It?
9.5 Total Score

How much time do you spend staring at the kitchen cabinets and the fridge, looking for inspiration to prepare your next meal? 

If you’ve been reading Dinnerly reviews online, you already know that the service brings new recipes straight to your door, so you can stop wondering what to cook and start preparing delicious meals in no time.

While you can always order take-out, more and more people turn towards healthy eating and homemade options. And the numerous positive Dinnerly reviews for 2022 show that business is booming. The service is an excellent choice for those who prefer homemade cooking or agree that it’s time to leave fast food in the past.

Dinnerly is a monthly subscription service that offers meal plans with all the ingredients and instructions to get started. Let’s check the company overview, including its pricing and features, customer testimonials, pros and cons, and a few alternatives.

All About Dinnerly Reviews

There are a few things you should know before you decide to commit to this meal delivery. Also, we have plenty of subscription box ideas you can check.

Overview and HighlightsDinnerly Box wit fresh ingredients

If the reviews of Dinnerly delivery service are anything to go by, it’s an affordable meal subscription that helps you create quick and easy home-cooked food. Dinnerly began its service in the US in 2017 and expanded to Australia a year later. What’s unique about the company is that it promises meal kits even for the pickiest eaters.

What Does Dinnerly Offer?

If you’ve checked any Dinnerly recipe reviews online, you already know that the service offers two basic plans — a two-person meal box and a family box that can feed up to four people.

Either subscription lets you choose up to six meals per week. Dinnerly also offers two other options — vegetarian or meat. You can select three to six meals per week.

Meal PlansDinnerly menu plans

If you visit the Dinnerly website and click on “Choose meal kit,” you’ll see a new page where you get to pick between the two-person box and the family box. 

Unfortunately, Dinnerly doesn’t offer single-person plans. But there’s a good reason for it. According to the official website, the herb mix quantities are already little for double portions. Dividing them further would make it complicated for the end customer to understand and follow the recipe card.

Dinnerly Pricing, Discounts & Options

According to Dinnerly customer reviews, the service is incredibly affordable for its quality. 

Meal plans start at $4.69 per person. The Two-Person Box costs $5.29 per portion, while the Family Box costs just $4.69 per portion. 

Customers also have shipping charges, which amount to $8.99 and are included in both meal plans.

Saving Opportunities

While you won’t find a Dinnerly referral program, you can send two free boxes to two lucky people on your third order. You can access this option by going to “My Menu” and clicking on “My Referrals.”Dinnerly meal

The company lets you choose between five delivery dates based on your ZIP code. You also have an 11-hour window to do so. Dinnerly will identify the date for the first delivery, and you can start to receive your meals within a week. 

But what if you only want to try the service? There’s a way to do that, too. Since it’s a subscription-only service, you’ll need to choose a meal plan and unsubscribe once your first order has been confirmed. Alternatively, you can just skip the weeks when you don’t want to receive Dinnerly’s meal kits. It’s an excellent option for all those looking to try out the service without committing to a weekly plan.

Website ExperienceDinnerly meal

Overall, the platform is straightforward to navigate, with all the essential information on Dinnerly meal plans laid out in an easy-to-read language. Also, it has a “View Menu” option that lets you take a peek at the 16 meal plans for the week. Plus, you’ll receive a clickable recipe card along with instructions sent to your email address, so you know what to do once the meal kit arrives.

One feature that sets Dinnerly apart from the rest is the clear nutritional information on every recipe. For instance, once you have selected a meal kit, you’ll get useful details per serving and warnings about any allergens the recipe may contain. 

The website is easy to navigate and has a good selection of high-quality ingredients for meal plans. Plus, there are quite a few kid-friendly options, too.How Dinnerly works

Ordering Process

More than one Dinnerly review states that the process is incredibly easy. To get started, all you have to do is select a plan and provide the necessary information, like your ZIP code and contact email. Once the delivery zone has been confirmed, you can choose the exact delivery days and times.

Managing Your Subscription

Dinnerly lets you pick the days and times for your box, depending on your own preferences. If you receive any damaged items, send a photo to Dinnerly to prove the issue. Dinnerly might offer your cashback or a credit voucher for all returned items.

Shipping & PackagingDinnerly reusable ice packs

It’s an incredibly organized service with excellent packaging and on-time shipping. The subscription also does its best for the environment and uses recyclable materials. Some ingredients might be packed in plastic Dinnerly packaging, but that’s also recyclable. Also, you’ll get a Fidelity Freeze ice pack with easy instructions on how to recycle the exterior packaging.

Customer Service

The platform offers exceptional customer service, which is evident from the positive remarks in every Dinnerly box review. The service has a dedicated help center that helps you find all of the information you need. 

You can read the details in their corresponding sections, like account management, recipes, ingredients, delivery, vouchers, and billing. Also, you can contact the service provider by calling 888-267-2850 or sending an email to hi@dinnerly.com.

Dinnerly Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Is Dinnerly healthy? Customers confirm that it is. After all, you cook the meals yourself, so you can rest assured they’re fresh, healthy, and delicious. Dinnerly ratings also suggest an excellent company reputation with lots of positive reviews for the meal plans and the affordable cost.

Dinnerly Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

While Dinnerly has a lot to offer, there are many top food subscription boxes you can choose from. But do they live up to the quality Dinnerly has to offer? Let’s find out.

Dinnerly vs EveryPlateEveryPlate box

While EveryPlate doesn’t provide any add-ons other than its protein pack, you may personalize some weekly meals for a fee by switching the veggies or protein. In contrast, Dinnerly doesn’t offer any personalization, but you can get breakfast and dessert every week.


Dinnerly vs Hello FreshHelloFresh Box

HelloFresh provides standard restaurant recipes at a higher rate. On the other hand, Dinnerly offers simple, home-cooked meal kits that are healthy and delicious. The best part is that Dinnerly comes at a much lower cost, making it the smart choice, especially for those on a budget.


Dinnerly vs Home ChefHome Chef box and ingredients

While Home Chef puts a lot of effort into its meal plans, Dinnerly offers some great nutritious home-cooked kits, along with many vegan options. Plus, it’s far more affordable in plans and shipping costs, making it the best choice.

You can also check the Blue Apron service comparison before you decide.

Wrap Up — Is Dinnerly Worth It?

Dinnerly reviews show that this platform has become the go-to choice for many folks looking for delicious and easy-to-prepare meal kits. Now that you know exactly how Dinnerly works, it’s time to get this amazing meal kit, find your apron, and get cooking.

  • Order up to 24 servings per week
  • Low-cost meal kit service
  • Good for large families

  • Recipe cards are available in an online format only
  • Recipes aren’t structured


Am I locked into a Dinnerly subscription?

Dinnerly reviews reveal that the platform offers a flexible service, allowing you to skip any week you want. You can skip up to four weeks and are free to unsubscribe if you’re not satisfied.

Are there plans for singles?

At this time, Dinnerly offers no plans for single people as it’s challenging to manage the ingredient quantities.

What about those who have food allergies?

Some recipes have been adjusted to specific allergens. Dinnerly meal kit reviews say that all ingredients are clearly listed in the recipe card, so check that to avoid incidents.

Is there a cap on the minimum order?

According to the website, the minimum amount is three recipes on either meal plan. You’ll receive them weekly, so you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping.

When do I get charged?

After you place your first order and verify your payment details , the company will bill you weekly. Each order is billed six days before the delivery date.

Will I be charged for skipped deliveries?

Dinnerly reviews confirm that the service won’t charge you for any skipped deliveries, regardless of how often you choose to miss on the weekly menu.

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