Degustabox July 2018 Review + Unboxing

Degustabox July 2018 Review + Unboxing
8.2 Total Score

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Snacks might be my favorite food item. When I first heard about snack subscription boxes, I couldn’t resist the temptation. Degustabox is one of the first boxes that I subscribed to. They offer a variety of 9-14 surprise snacks each month. Also, they only offer one type of box – which means no customization. This is unfortunate because I don’t eat dairy or meat. I figured I’d still try it out though because it isn’t too spendy and they offer so many different types of products.

This Degustabox review will share my review of each snack, comparisons to similar snack and food subscription boxes that I subscribe to, and any savings opportunities you can take advantage of.

Shipping + Packaging

My July Degustabox was shipped right at the beginning of the month, and I received it a few days after. It came in the same size package as the last two months.

 Degustabox Review - Unboxing

Inside, I first found the information sheet that gives details and retail values of each product in the box.

Degustabox Review - July

My products were packed compactly underneath.

 Degustabox Review - Plum Sauce

Snack Reviews

Lum Kum Kee Plum Sauce

This plum sauce is perfect for cooking. I won’t be using it much because it has a ton of added sugar (23g in just 2 tbsp!).

It’s very sweet and delicious though. I’ll be saving it for a special occasion treat! It would be fantastic cooked with a stir-fry or similar dish.

Retail value: $3.98

Aiya Matcha Zen Cafe Blend

I was most excited about this product. Matcha lattes are probably my favorite beverage – I have one almost daily! This one has a bit of added sugar, which is unfortunate because I prefer to add honey or stevia rather than cane sugar. However, it’s still a delicious treat.

Degustabox Review - Matcha Zen Cafe Blend

I was surprised they included such a large box. There are 12 packets in the container, and one packet is enough for one matcha latte.

Degustabox Review - Barbecue Sauce

Retail value: $17.80

Uncle Dougie’s Barbecue Sauce

I received another barbecue sauce in my first Degustabox. As I mentioned there, there are very few barbecue sauces I like. This one was yummy though! It’s made out of 100% natural ingredients and is pretty low in calories. I think I like this one because it’s a sweetened version (I love anything sweet). Plus, it’s sweetened with maple syrup and honey. The bottle recommended adding this sauce to mayo for a creamy salad dressing. I would have never thought of this – I tried it out with some dairy-free mayo, and it was amazing!

Degustabox Review - Sir Kensington's Mayonnaise Review

Retail value: $5.99

Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Mayonnaise

This brand has two different types of mayonnaise products that I’ve seen. They have a version that’s made with eggs, and one that’s vegan. Unfortunately, this is the one that contains eggs. I’ve tried the vegan version, and it was amazing, so I wish they included that one here. I gave it to a friend though, and she loved it.

Retail value: $4.99

Loacker Chocolate Wafers

Two packages of these were provided in my box. Once again, I gave them to my friend because they contain milk. She said they were yummy and tasted just like a typical chocolate wafer cookie. Nothing too special, but still a sweet snack when you’re craving sugar.

Degustabox Review - Loacker Cookies

Retail value: $2.58 ($1.29 each)

 Degustabox Review - Cheez-doodles

Wise Snacks Cheez Doodles

I’m not sure why they include four bags of these. Maybe because they’re so cheap? Before I even went vegan, I couldn’t stand the flavor of fake cheese snacks (even if it was made with real cheese). My friend said they tasted just like the Cheetos cheese puffs.

She enjoyed them, so if you like that flavor, you’d like these as well.

Retail value: $2.00 ($0.50 per 1.25 oz bag)

Chomps Original Turkey Sticks

I don’t eat meat, so I wasn’t able to try these sticks myself either. So, I gifted it to my friend again. She said it was yummy! They’re a gluten-free, paleo, and whole30 approved snack, which means these are much healthier than the typical beef stick.

 Degustabox Review - Chomps Turkey Stick

The turkey they’re made of is free-range, and the other ingredients are natural (such as spices).

Retail value: $1.99

Goetze’s Candy Co. Chocolate Caramels

This was a huge bag of caramels! These also contain milk, so I didn’t try them. My friend said they’re sweet and chewy. She liked the chocolate and caramel mixture much better than a regular caramel candy. There were about 25 individually-wrapped candies in the bag.  

Degustabox Review - Chocolate Caramel Creams

Retail value: $2.48

Urthbox Reviews - Vegan

Similar Subscriptions

As you can see from my experience, Degustabox isn’t the best box for people who are vegan, gluten-free or have other dietary restrictions or preferences. I would recommend Urthbox if you have specific restrictions like this. They offer gluten-free, vegan, diet (low calorie and carb), and an original option. You can also choose from a few different box sizes in case you’re on a specific budget or would like more snacks.

If you’re not stuck on snack boxes, there are a variety of other food and drink subscription boxes that I’d recommend. A few of these include coffee, wine, and meal kit services. One of my favorites is Bean Box, which is a coffee sampler subscription box. They send either one type of coffee per month or four smaller samplers if you want to try a bunch of different types.

Winc Reviews - Wine ClubIf you prefer wine over coffee, I’d recommend Winc. They provide subscribers with two or more bottles of wine each month. The prices per bottle range from as cheap as $13 to as pricey as $46, and you’re able to pick whichever ones you’d like! They have a vast selection of wines. Plus, shipping is free once you order four or more bottles. As with most boxes, Winc offers a great deal for your first shipment.

Finally, I subscribe to a few meal kit services. With these, they ship all the ingredients you need to make some of their weekly meals. They even ship fresh ingredients, like meat and veggies! Sun Basket is one of my favorites because they have a variety of diet options. It’s a little spendy, but they have a great $30 off intro deal, and the meals are delicious.

Savings Opportunities

Degustabox Review - Degustabox Groupon Deal

As for Degustabox deals, there are a few available. I was able to get $10 off my first month, which made it cost just $9.99. The promo code for this is DB10. However, an even better deal I just recently found is on Groupon! This deal is $7.99 for your first month’s delivery.

You still need to sign up for a recurring subscription with this deal, but it’ll save you a couple of extra dollars.

Sample title
To sum up, there were a few products in my July box that I enjoyed. The matcha made the value worth it, but the products aren’t usually worth that much. Sadly, I was only able to enjoy half the items in my box and had to give the others away. The value of products I enjoyed was only about $6 over what I paid for the box. This is better than losing money, but most subscription box values are way over what you pay. Because of this, I wish they would make a customization option for dietary preferences so that I can get the most out of my money.

I’d say Degustabox would be best for people without strict dietary restrictions or preferences. This way, you can be positive that you’ll enjoy all or most of the items.

8.2 Total Score

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