Find the Trendiest Clothing Subscription Boxes of 2024

Find the Trendiest Clothing Subscription Boxes of 2022

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or somebody else, clothes can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming products to shop for. Luckily, there are plenty of great clothing subscription boxes to choose from!

A few years ago, it might’ve seemed risky to subscribe to a clothing subscription box. People have such varying fashion styles, and there are millions of clothing selections out there. Everyone seems to like something different, so how can there be a subscription that gets it right? Well, there are more options than you’d think!

That said, we’ve gone above and beyond to find the best clothing subscription boxes. These have been chosen based on important factors such as their clothing selection, styling abilities, personalization features, pricing, box values, new subscriber deals, type of box, and so on. We’re constantly updating the list with new deals and boxes as we see fit.

Continue on to see why these are our favorites! Additionally, we’ve included a few paragraphs below the table about each type of clothing box and what to expect from each.

Best Clothing Subscription Boxes 2021–2022

Subscription Box PricingReview Score Visit Site
Rent the Runway Reviews — What’s the Hype All About?
2 Nadine West
Price of clothing
3 Stitch Fix Reviews 2024 — Your Personal Styling Brand
$20 styling fee*
4 Adore Me
$20 styling fee*
5 Wantable
$20 styling fee*
6 Is Ellie Workout Clothing High-Quality? Pros and Cons of the Box
7 Le Tote Reviews [Pros, Cons, & How It Works]
Starting at $59 / month
8 Menlo Club Reviews — What to Expect in 2024?
9 The Best Gwynnie Bee Reviews of 2024
$49–$199 / month
10 JustFab Reviews [Read This Before Subscribing In 2024]
$39.95 per month
11 Fabletics Reviews — Everything To Know Before Signing Up
$50 a month

*price of clothing charged additionally

If you’re looking for clothing subscription boxes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve broken down the top choices, so you can find a suitable fit for your lifestyle. 

Let’s dive in. 

Evaluation Criteria

Here’s what we considered when ranking the top choices below.

Variety & Quality

We looked for subscription boxes that carry a range of clothing items to ensure more options for everyone. 

We don’t all have the same style, so variety is important. But quality is even more crucial. We all want clothing that lasts longer and won’t add to the 85% of textile that ends up in the dump. 


Since fashion is personal, finding subscription clothing boxes where you can customize your order is a big plus. That could be just picking out specific items you want to try or selecting styles you like and letting a stylist do the rest. 

Sizing Options

There’s no one-size-fits-all in the fashion world. But we’ll always look for clothing subscriptions with inclusive sizing options.


We’ve selected options with varying price points to fit any budget.

Customer Service 

A clothing box subscription isn’t a once-off encounter, so we prefer companies that care for and help their customers from start to finish. 

Good customer service can improve your experience greatly, whereas the opposite can be the end of your relationship with a brand.

Reputation and User Reviews

We do an in-depth search into all aspects of the subscription boxes, including what current subscribers think and how they experience the service.

Let’s get going and reveal our favorite clothing subscriptions.

Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women

Ladies, this section is for you. Here are a few high-ups on our best subscriptions for women.

1. Trunk ClubNordstrom Trunk Club boxes

Nordstrom Trunk Club is a personalized styling service based on your preferences. First, you fill out a style quiz with details like size and budget. Next, your stylist sends you items they think you’ll enjoy.

More than one Nordstrom Trunk Club review mentions that you’ll also see a preview, and you can make edits up to 48 hours before delivery. After receiving and trying the items at home, you can decide what to keep and return the rest within five days.

This clothes subscription has options for men and women, including brands like Addidas, Nike, Ted Baker, Zella, and TopShop. Also, it works at the frequency you choose. 

There are no obligations or hidden fees. You only pay the styling fee ($25) and the price of the ordered items. The service deducts the fee from anything you keep. The clothes range in value from $50–$300. 

Your order arrives in a cardboard box, and each item is pre-packed in labeled bags. That makes returning the clothes a lot easier.


  • Preview before receiving
  • Flexible delivery
  • Lots of brands
  • Personalized style quiz


  • Takes a while for the service to get to know your style
  • Too many quiz questions

Why we choose this box: We love that Trunk Club works with a range of brands. It provides lots of styles to fit any needs. 

2. Stitch FixStitchFix boxes

Stitch Fix offers inexpensive clothing subscription boxes with a diverse selection of brands and designers. It’s an excellent option if you want to try something new and get a personal stylist. 

Over 5,000 US stylists work for the organization. Stitch Fix provides a one-of-a-kind service by integrating a personalized experience with technology.

The service tailors everything to your style, thanks to the in-depth questionnaire. The company carries over 1,000 brands, ranging in price from $20 to $200 for more luxury items. Women’s sizes range from 0–24W & XS–3X, while men’s sizes range from XS–3XL.

Your stylist will send you five things in each box. But if you want a specific one in your monthly clothing packages, you can make a request. That’s one of the most popular Stitch Fix extras, which few competitors provide. 

This isn’t your average monthly membership service as there are no subscription fees. Also, you can change automated deliveries however you like. Plus, you can purchase from your curated shop to avoid the styling fee.

You’ll receive a 25% discount if you order all items chosen for you. You normally have three days to return anything from your monthly clothing box, but you can ask for up to 20 days when buying. 

The $20 styling fee covers shipping and returns packaging. Stitch Fix delivers to all US states and the UK.


  • Try before you buy
  • You can return items for free within three days
  • Hundreds of apparel brands 
  • 25% discount if you keep all items


  • Can’t preview the items and their prices
  • Not many deals or coupons
  • Boxes like Stitch Fix can take a while to get your style

Why we choose this box: The range of brands is a massive plus with Stitch Fix. It has one of the most diverse options we’ve seen. 

3. Rent the RunwayRent the Runway bag

Rent the Runway helps keep your closet trendy and lets you experiment with new styles without breaking the bank. You can get as many outfits or accessories as you desire, depending on the monthly clothing subscription boxes you choose. But if you don’t purchase any items, you’ll need to return them at some point. 

You make a wishlist of clothes you’d like to try, and Rent the Runway will ship them to you in a reusable cloth bag after a few days.

If you want to return anything, the order comes with a packing slip. But before you do that, you can wear the items as much as you want and flaunt them in public. Also, you don’t need to bother about washing or disinfecting the jewelry before returning it. The company handles dry cleaning and all associated charges.

Depending on how many items you want in your outfit subscription box and how often you want them, there are subscription options with 4, 8, 12, or 16 pieces

Customers prefer Rent the Runway because it’s a simple service with clear instructions. The most difficult part is deciding what to rent. The website offers thousands of chic dresses, accessories, and designer pieces, so picking just a few is a struggle. 

If you like to experiment with styles before purchasing, you can make excellent use of these clothing style boxes. It’s a perfect way to experience seasonal trends.


  • Helpful customer service 
  • Excellent reviews
  • Deliveries usually arrive within two days
  • Try new trends without committing


  • Returning could be annoying if you don’t have a UPS location nearby
  • The clothes you want might not be available 
  • Might be challenging to find items in your size

Why we choose this box: We love that this service opens subscribers to a whole range of brands and trends. It also reduces clothing waste, which is a big plus. 

4. Gwynnie Beegwynnie bee box packaging

The Gwynnie Bee wardrobe subscription sends you monthly clothes you can rent and return. The days of suffering in tight changing rooms are over. You simply enter your size and start receiving different styles. Plus, you won’t have to wear the same thing twice.

The Gwynnie Bee closet has over 3,000 styles from different designers. Plus, you can order as many times as you like in a month, and you can keep your item for as long as you want. Plus, you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning. Gwynnie Bee handles it all. 

If you truly fall in love with a Gwynnie Bee fashion item, you can purchase it at a discount. Your clothing delivery boxes come with pre-paid postage, so you have unlimited exchanges. 

The service carries women’s sizes 0–32. If you’re unsure of yours, don’t stress, there’s a super helpful size advisor to help you. Some brands you’ll find include Trixxi, Ralph Lauren, Jessica London, Elementz, J&D Fashion, and Calvin Klein. 

You can conveniently pause or cancel Gwynnie Bee at any time, meaning no contracts hold you in place. The clothing service is available in the US, Saipan, Puerto Rico, Guam, and The Virgin Islands.


  • Plenty of styles
  • Small and plus size options
  • Trendy and cute clothing
  • Unlimited time to keep each shipment


  • No accessories add-ons
  • The website only shows how items look on plus-size models
  • Pricier than similar clothing rental subscriptions

Why we choose this box: Gwynnie Bee is awesome because it reduces clothing waste while opening subscribers to a whole new world of styles. 

5. Daily LookDaily Look Box

Daily Look is a fashion subscription box for those wanting to try trendy and stylish clothing. Each month, a stylist sends you up to 12 items with a minimum value of $60.

All you have to do is fill in a style quiz, so your stylist can get to know your preferences. You’ll also receive an email before delivery to see what’s on the way.

Once you get your order, you try on your items, buy what you want, and ship the rest back within five days. Plus, shipping is included in your styling fee, so there’s no stress when returning items. 

The styling fee also goes towards any items you keep. The clothing subscription for women keeps things super easy — you can pause or cancel your subscription straight from your online profile. 

Daily Look is available throughout the US, Hawaii, and Alaska, so it’s quite inclusive compared to other clothing subscriptions.


  • Personalized
  • Large range of styles
  • Variety of price points
  • Email preview of the items
  • Five days to try on


  • High styling fee
  • You’ll get a fine if you return items late

Why we choose this box: We like that Daily Look offers interesting styles. There’s so much to try on, and a stylist narrows it down based on your preferences. 

6. WantableWantable boxes

Wantable is a try-before-you-buy clothing subscription. Sometimes it’s hard to find what you need in traditional shops, and this service is all about merging technology and styling. 

The items fit most sizes. You fill out a quiz and a professional selects Wantable outfits you’ll enjoy based on your answers. There are four subscriptions, including activewear, sleepwear, and everyday must-have seasonal items. 

Hundreds of premium brands work with the service, so the choices are endless. Also, you can get themed edit boxes curated by stylists as a limited collection. You can select a themed edit to replace your usual subscription or add it as an extra.

You only pay for the items you keep, and your $20 styling fee credits towards any purchases. Individual items in this clothing box for women range in price but usually fall within the $50–$100 range. Also, if you keep five or more items, you get a 20% discount. 

Wantable ships to all US territories, including Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Plus, military addresses (AFO, APO, and DPO) are available. Your order comes with a return bag, and you have five days to send back clothing you don’t want.

Your subscription includes shipping and returning your Wantable box. If you want to send anything back, you can schedule a pickup or drop the package at the local post office or UPS store.


  • An extensive range of styles
  • Lots of sizing options
  • Personally curated items
  • Inexpensive for a personal style service


  • Customer service could improve
  • Only five days to try on

Why we choose this box: Wantable is an awesome women’s clothes subscription service, and we love that it uses technology to get to know you and your style.

Men’s Clothing Subscription Boxes

Now, let’s see the must-have boxes for men that would bring your style to the next level.

7. Menlo ClubMenlo Club package and clothing

Menlo Club is a brand that offers monthly and quarterly subscriptions. It’s an ecommerce site that sells casual clothes and accessories for men. 

Members receive trendy and modern clothing, helping them mix and match their styles. Also, you can benefit from lots of company perks.

You’ll receive monthly or quarterly packages of 2–3 items with free shipping. Also, you’ll have exclusive access to private brand sales.

Like most men’s curated clothing boxes, you’ll first have to complete a short quiz. That’s how the Menlo Club stylists understand what you like and put together a special box based on your size and preferences. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Shopping for clothes becomes effortless when you sign up for this service. You won’t have to browse websites for hours and wonder whether a specific style would suit you. 

Every month, you’ll receive products from the style club’s best clothing and shoe lines, including New Republic, Grand AC, or Five Four. Annually, you’ll get 24 new items to keep your wardrobe and style fresh.

Menlo Club is available in the US, UK, Canada, and Alaska. If you want to return products, you must do so in 30 days.


  • Exclusive brand items
  • Variety of styles 
  • Trendy seasonal items
  • Membership extras
  • Options based on personal preferences


  • Pricey
  • Only Menlo Club brands

Why we choose this box: Menlo Club is among the best clothing subscription boxes for men. It’s an awesome choice if you enjoy staying on trend with unique and fashionable items. It opens you up to new and exciting options that you may not otherwise try. 

8. Trendy ButlerTrendy Butler box

Trendy Butler is a men’s clothing subscription service that sends you two monthly items worth $150+

The combinations vary, including items like sweaters, button-up shirts, and hoodies. The whole point of these clothing monthly subscription boxes is to build on your existing wardrobe with trendy items every man should have

Some brands you’ll find include Jack Jones, PASSPORT, Superdry, Penguin, and Anthony Morato. 

Trendy Butler gets to know you and your style through an online quiz. Based on answers, the brand sends items you’ll enjoy. While you can’t request specific items, if you see something you like, you can buy it directly from the website in addition to your subscription. 

The service carries sizes small–XXL in tops and 29–44 in the waist. It’s available in all US states with included delivery. Plus, if your items don’t fit, you simply send your subscription clothing back, and Trendy Butler sends you a better fit or something else.

The subscription keeps things stress-free by allowing you to pause or cancel straight from your online profile.


  • Easy to manage online profile
  • A large variety of brands
  • Included shipping


  • No personal stylist
  • Could feature more styles

Why we choose this box: Trendy Butler is a brilliant option for men looking to improve their existing wardrobe at an affordable price. You receive a much higher value than what you pay per month.

9. Basic ManGet Basic packaging and clothing

Basic Man is a men’s undergarment subscription for socks, underwear, and sustainable shirts. The brand is all about reducing clothing waste while still providing fun and fresh items each month. 

Once your items start showing wear and tear, you can recycle or reuse them around the house as rags. Plus, the undergarments are available in the US with free shipping. Canada carries a $5 shipping fee, which increases to $7 for the rest of the world.

If you don’t wish to sign up for affordable clothing subscription boxes, you can order from the online store. But if you subscribe, Basic Man has a super easy-to-navigate online account where you can pause or cancel at any time.

Sizing can be a bit awkward when you aren’t in-store, but there’s a super handy guide to help you. The subscription offers excellent quality and comfy undies.


  • Recyclable
  • In-depth sizing guide
  • Affordable
  • Great quality


  • You can’t select the items
  • Recycling can be a struggle

Why we choose this box: It’s an awesome and unique clothes bundle box. We like that it’s earth-friendly while still providing fun and comfortable undergarments. 

10. The Mr. CollectionThe Mr Collection box and products

The Mr. Collection is a personalized styling subscription for men. Simply fill out your online profile, and stylists will put together items they think you’ll love. 

The outfits are yours to rent, but you can also buy the items you like. Don’t let the term rental put you off. The clothing shipped to you comes from a professional cleaning service that takes care of each garment and accessory before sending it out again. 

The great thing with this service is that you can select items you want to try, so you have a say in what you get. The Mr. Collection carries hundreds of brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Jeremiah, Bruun & Stengade, and Original Penguin. 

You can keep the items for as long as you want with the unlimited plan. With a monthly subscription, you’ll need to send the style subscription box items back three days before your monthly payment. There’s a return envelope included for convenience. 

You can choose from four subscriptions — 3–4 items once a month or 3–4 items as many times as you wish. Shipping is included in your monthly fee, and the service is available in the US, Alaska, and Hawaii.


  • Hundreds of brands
  • Based on personal style preferences
  • Professional cleaning service
  • Affordable
  • Unlimited subscription


  • You may be charged for damaged items
  • Returns can be a bit difficult

Why we choose this box: We love that this clothes delivery service has such a massive range of brands. Plus, it reduces clothing waste by letting you rent the items before buying. 

Workout Clothes Subscription Boxes

Are you a gym bunny that loves all things athleisure? Then, this section is for you. 

11. FableticsFabletics Reviews - Featured

Fabletics provides workout gear that makes exercising a comfortable and stylish experience. The service is highly inclusive, with sizes from XXS to 4XL for women and XS to XXL for men. So, anyone can find something suitable and affordable.

The brand first partnered with the actress Kate Hudson for promotion. Since then, the business has collaborated with many influencers, like Demi Lavato and Liza Koshy, to bring a range of styles and inspirations.

Fabletics isn’t your regular monthly clothes delivery box. It works differently depending on what you want and need. You can use your monthly subscription fee for any items you like between the first and the fifth day of each month.

If you don’t need anything, you can save your credits and go on a big shopping spree whenever you do. The company emails you personalized items every month, but there’s no pressure to get any of them. 

You can earn rewards, get early access to new products, and receive some free items, too. Fabletics restocks on the first of each month, so you won’t find any old styles unless you look for them specifically in the online shop.

The prices vary greatly. You can expect to get a two-piece outfit or one bigger item for the monthly fee. All product pages include a size chart with many options, making this one of the best plus-size clothing subscription boxes.

Multiple reviews appreciate that the brand keeps things simple. There are no long-term commitments, and you can cancel at any time. Plus, you can return or exchange items within 45 days of purchase. But they must be unused and in the original packaging.

Returns are free for the US. Return shipping for Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, and APO addresses costs $9. But Fabletics is available internationally. You can find it in Germany, France, the UK, Denmark, and Australia. 

In 2021, the clothing service announced its expansion to 74 stores across the US, so you can even get a feel for the items on your next shopping trip.


  • High-quality materials
  • Affordable compared to others
  • Squat-proof leggings
  • Options for all body types


  • Customer service could be better
  • Returns can be challenging

Why we choose this box: We love that Fabletics focuses on workout gear and makes high-quality items active people can truly use and enjoy. 

12. EllieEllie boxes

Ellie workout clothing is solely designed for athleisure, yoga, and endurance training. These women’s clothing subscription boxes provide top-notch quality, trendy leggings, and sports bras. 

Shopping for good quality leggings and bras is often impossible due to fast fashion and brands lowering their quality. But the aim behind Ellie’s workout clothes is to make every woman feel confident in her own skin. The company ensures that each outfit is sweat-proof and stylish.

If you don’t shy away from color, you can expand your wardrobe with an Ellie membership. You’ll get new workout gear every month, whether you want bras, leggings, or tops

These monthly subscription boxes for women’s clothing come with two, three, or five items, all with free shipping.

The best news about the service is that you can customize the Ellie subscription box entirely. So, you can pick your workout sets each month. Also, you can cancel at any time. But keep in mind that if you want to pause the shipments, you must do so on the first or fourth of each month.

You can always purchase outside the monthly boxes. Just keep in mind that some sets aren’t sold separately. Also, note that individually-bought Ellie fitness items are more expensive than the clothing memberships.


  • More affordable than big retailers
  • Manage your own subscription box
  • Free shipping
  • New workout sets each month
  • Loads of styles and designs


  • No international shipping
  • Limited single-purchase items

Why we choose this box: We love that Ellie is solely focused on female workout gear that’s comfortable and stylish without breaking the bank.

13. YogaClubYogaClub box and clothing

YogaClub is a monthly clothes delivery for curated clothing perfect for yoga and other active endeavors. 

The service offers three subscriptions. The Mantra comes with one pair of leggings, the Karma — with a two-piece outfit, and the Guru — with a three-piece outfit.

Once you select an option, you’ll fill in the quiz to help your stylist curate your clothes each month. Yoga Club offers some of the most popular workout brands, including Beyond Yoga, Manduka, Vie Active, and Onzie. 

All products are super comfy and made specifically for an active lifestyle. The colors and patterns in this style subscription box are also unique, so you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd.


  • Well-researched fits and materials
  • Funky colors and patterns
  • Large range of workout fits


  • You need to pay for return shipping on unwanted items
  • Limited brands

Why we choose this box: YogaClub is a super affordable service with all the must-have gear for your active life. The high-quality materials make this subscription an absolute gem for comfortable and stretchy options.

Top Lingerie & Underwear Clothing Subscription Boxes

Let’s get down to business with the most popular undergarments subscriptions.

14. Adore MeAdore Me box and products

The Adore Me Elite box is a stylish monthly subscription that sends you comfortable lingerie. A stylist curates each box with personalized items to suit your wants and needs. 

When you sign up, you fill in an online style profile, and you can make more personalized requests as you go. Each month comes with 3–5 matching sets (tops and bottoms), ranging from bras and panties to activewear and sleepwear.

The great news? You can try the items before you purchase them. If you don’t want to keep them, you simply send back the clothes in a box. You have seven days to try the options, but note that you must return them in the same condition you received them. 

The sets range between $39.95 and $59.95. But you only pay a set $20 monthly styling fee, which goes towards any items you keep. 

Adore Me offers 30–46 brands, cup sizes from A–I, and sizes XS–4X, so it truly has you covered. 

You can get the Elite clothes delivered to your house in any country for a fee. Also, your monthly subscription covers all US orders.


  • 30+ brands
  • Inclusive sizes
  • Based on personal preferences
  • Available internationally


  • Expensive
  • Can take a while for the brand to get to know your style.

Why we choose this box: Adore Me is an amazing brand, and we love how inclusive it is. More impressively, the company is entirely carbon neutral. 

15. MeUndiesMeUndies tops and bottoms

Comparing clothing subscription companies, MeUndies is a unique and entertaining way to shop for underwear in the privacy of your own home. The service has some incredibly comfy and very soft fabrics

The membership is an excellent choice if you insist on comfort. There are a few subscription options that cover both men and women. You can choose your style and fit, including undergarments, socks, and bralettes.

MeUndies provides a rotating selection of undergarments suitable for various lifestyles. Members also get special discounts on other items and first access to new releases. 

You can choose the products you want to receive each month, allowing you to build a collection that meets your style and needs. Each week, the MeUndies box clothes club introduces new patterns, styles, and colors, so there’s enough to keep things exciting. 

The service has a knack for precisely measuring pieces for customers. A size guide is included with each item to assist you and simplify the ordering process.

MeUndies spends a lot of time researching its fabrics, making it one of the best clothing subscription boxes. After all, that softness has made it so popular among men and women. 

All materials are ethically sourced, so you can feel good about wearing clothes that don’t harm people or the environment. Also, rather than becoming hard and stale with each wash, MeUndies material gets softer and more comfortable, so you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck. 

MeUndies is available worldwide. US shipping usually takes 1–2 business days, and it’s included in the price if you’re a member of the men and women monthly clothing club. Non-members with orders of $50 or more also get free shipping.


  • Incredibly soft material
  • Large range of items
  • Affordable
  • Men’s and women’s items
  • Returns available


  • The sizing guide may be off
  • Customer service could improve

Why we choose this box: MeUndies is a great way to keep your undergarment draw full of fun and comfortable items that last a lot longer than generic brands. The materials are superior in every way and ensure your comfort. 

16. UnderclubUnderclub packaging and insert

Underclub is a luxury underwear subscription and one of the best online styling boxes with perfectly selected items for you. The service carries top designers and stunning brands to bring you the best the underwear world has to offer. 

The signature plan includes one or two pairs per month, each with a retail value of $18–$25. The Luxe plan offers the same but with a retail value of $28–$55+. There’s also a bralette set subscription that comes with a bra and matching bottom, retailing at $60+.

Once you get your order, Underclub sends you an email to review your items and get your future selections tailored to your preferences, a big pro judging from the clothing subscription box reviews.

If you find a style you like, you can buy directly from the site with up to a 70% discount. There are four categories — Clean and Classic, Sleek and Sexy, Feminine and Flirty, and Bold and Fun.

Underclub carries sizes XS–XL, and you’ll find guidelines on the website. The service is available internationally. Like most top clothing subscription boxes, shipping is included in your monthly fee if you’re in the US.


  • Luxury brands
  • Items based on personal preferences
  • Curated monthly
  • Up to 70% off when buying on site
  • International shipping


  • Expensive
  • Not very inclusive in sizing

Why we choose this box: Underclub is a great way to try a range of styles and fits from the comfort of your own home. 

Eco-Friendly Clothing Subscriptions

Let’s check some clothing subscription boxes for the eco-conscious.

17. Judith & JoeJudith & Joe box and clothing

Judith & Joe is an ethical fashion subscription that sends three personally styled items directly to your door. The whole point is to find items made in the US sustainably, ethically, or give back to the planet somehow. 

The service runs from a small brick and mortar in Denver, Colorado, and it makes pretty big efforts to reduce the impact clothing has on the planet.

The whole process is simple. You get your items and choose what you want to keep. If you don’t want something, you simply send it back and receive a $15 store credit.

Judith & Joe isn’t about making money. It’s about making ethical fashion accessible to everyone. The stylist subscription box has a $175 average value per box, which is way more than the monthly fee.

The subscription is somewhat inclusive, carrying men’s and women’s clothes in sizes XS–XL. Plus, each month comes with a range of items. You may receive three dresses one month or one top, one pair of jeans, and a dress the next. The service is available throughout the US, with shipping included in your monthly fee.


  • Ethically sourced items
  • Shipping included
  • Easy to return unwanted items
  • Curated by stylists
  • Affordable


  • Sizing isn’t very inclusive
  • Unavailable internationally

Why we choose this box: This fashion subscription box is an absolute gem. It sends comfortable and fashionable items that are all eco-conscious and sustainable. 

18. WearWellWear Well packaging

Wearwell offers monthly and annual clothing memberships. All items are eco-friendly and made sustainably, bringing you guilt-free shopping like never before.

Being a member comes with many perks, including 10% off items, access to new releases, help from a personal stylist, and free delivery. While you can order items without being a member, you won’t have access to these great offers. 

The service carries sizes XS–5XL, so it’s pretty inclusive. If you receive an item that doesn’t fit well, you can simply request a return label and send it back for another size or refund. 

You fill in a style quiz when you sign up so that the clothes delivery service can send items you’ll enjoy. Categories include accessories, denim, vegan, and black-owned brands. 


  • Eco-friendly brands
  • Styling services
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Subscriber discounts


  • Expensive
  • Too specific style options

Why we choose this box: Wearwell is a great place to shop for sustainable and environmentally-friendly clothing items. We love this and wish more brands made a conscious effort to reduce carbon emissions.

More Unique Clothing Subscriptions

Let’s look at some more interesting clothing services.

19. KidpikKidpic clothing and packaging

KidPik falls under kid clothing subscription boxes, offering personalized styling service for your children to look and feel their best. Each month, your kid gets eight items, making three full outfits to try on at home for seven days.

You simply keep what they love and send back the rest. The awesome thing with this service is that your kids are part of the experience. They take the quiz upon signing up, allowing KidPik to get to know what they like, including colors, styles, and fits.

You don’t pay for this styling service. The best thing about these monthly clothing packages is that if your kid loves all the items, you can get 30% off. The average price per item is between $15 and $22, so it’s super affordable. 

You’ll find shoes from 7 toddler–6 youth and clothing from 2T–16. There’s also a sizing chart on the website. KidPik is available to the 48 contiguous US and includes shipping. You can select your frequency between 4, 6, and 12 weeks.


  • Three full outfits per month
  • Shoes available
  • Affordable
  • Shipping included


  • Solely KidPik branded items
  • Only seven days to try on

Why we choose this box: We love KidPik because it focuses solely on kids’ clothing, making it super unique. The service gets to know your kid as they get bigger and offers more personalized items.

20. BeachlyBeachly Box

Beachly offers great seasonal clothing subscription boxes with four products from some of the best beach brands. It has men’s and women’s products. Plus, you get a surprise Bonus Box with 4–5 extra items on top of your first Beachly box.

You can find items like clothing, swimwear, homeware, and snacks, making it one of the most varying gift subscriptions for women. The subscriptions are on an annual plan or per box, but the yearly option is the cheapest. US shipping costs $4.95–$5.95.


  • Variety of items
  • High-end pieces
  • Bonus box with first order


  • Expensive
  • Shipping not included

Why we choose this box: Beachly offers a wide array of high-end items for beach lovers. Plus, the bonus box is a great selling point.

Buyer’s Guide

Here’s your guide to finding the best subscription clothing boxes for you.  

What to Look For

Consider these factors to find a subscription that will work for your lifestyle:

  • Determine Your Needs: Before you subscribe, you should consider what needs you need to fill. Are you looking for activewear or a subscription to keep your wardrobe fashionable year-round? Your needs will dictate the type of service you’re looking for. 
  • Level of Control: If you want to pick out your own clothes, a subscription with a stylist isn’t the best choice. 
  • Budget: The amount you can spend will also impact the type of clothes subscription boxes you’re looking at. Going out of your price range isn’t ideal, so always keep your budget in mind.
  • Commitment and Frequency: How often you want to receive your box will also affect the subscriptions you look at. Generally, most boxes are monthly or seasonal.
  • Available Locations: Ensure the service you want to try delivers to your area. 

Benefits of Getting a Clothing Subscription

Let’s look at the advantages of selecting a clothing subscription:

  • Saves time: A subscription often saves you time since you don’t need to go to the shop yourself. Plus, some men’s and women’s clothing subscriptions have stylists who pick out your clothes for you. 
  • Saves money: Subscription prices often cost less compared to the store. 
  • You get to try new styles: Clothing subscriptions give you the chance to open up your wardrobe to new and exciting fashion choices. 
  • Professional stylist opinion: Most services come with a stylist service, whether it’s personal or based on your answers to a quiz. For example, if we make a Rachel Zoe Curateur comparison, the service is super popular for its trendsetter curation.
  • No in-store try-on: Trying clothing in a cramped room isn’t the most comfortable experience. Clothing subscriptions eliminate this by sending the items straight to your door.

Drawbacks to Trying the Best Clothing Delivery Boxes

There are some cons to getting a style subscription:

  • Receiving clothes you don’t like: Style is personal, so the chances are at some point, you’ll receive items that don’t fit your need and expectations.
  • Clothes that don’t fit you well: Brands and clothing types have different sizing. So it may be a struggle to find the right fit.
  • Returning can be a nuisance: Returning products is a mission, even with the best clothing subscription service. You’ll likely get a try-on window. After that, you’ll need to send back the items you won’t keep. 
  • Takes time to find the right subscription: It often takes these subscriptions a while to figure out what you’re looking for and what works for your needs. 
  • Styling fees: Many services charge a styling fee if you don’t keep any of the clothing. 
  • Canceling issues: Some customers find it difficult to cancel their subscriptions. You might have to speak directly to the service before canceling. 

Types of Clothing Subscriptions

Although we’ve shown a large variety of boxes on our list above, we thought it was necessary to share each particular type of clothing subscription to make sure all of the options are clear.

Personal Stylist Services

Having someone successfully shop for you is life-changing. It saves so much time! This is why personal stylist services are some of the top clothing subscription boxes. With these, an actual stylist typically picks out items for you based on your style. This is usually determined based on a quiz and (sometimes) by giving your stylist a brief explanation of what you’re looking for.

Once you receive your items, you get to try them on at home and decide if you want to purchase them. If not, you simply send them back. The returns are usually free. These subscriptions are so convenient and time saving and are some of the best clothing subscription boxes for men or women who hate shopping. The typical quiz takes less than 10 minutes!

If the company charges a styling fee, it’s almost always credited toward the items you purchase. There are even some companies—such as Stitch Fix—that guarantee a refund on your first styling fee if you don’t like any of the items you receive. This way, you can feel more comfortable about trying it out for the first time.  

Clothing Rental Subscriptions

If you’ve never heard of subscription boxes that allow you to rent clothes, you need to check them out! They’re one of our favorites. Although there a few for men, the options on our list are rental clothing subscription boxes for women because these are the only ones we’ve tried so far. We don’t want to recommend subscriptions that we don’t know are great. However, we will definitely update once we try some of the various options for men.

How do clothing rental subscriptions work? Usually, you pay a monthly fee that gives you access to as many clothes as you’d like. You can almost always pick out your own clothes so you don’t get anything you dislike. Once you’re ready to return it, you’ll receive another. As seen in our Le Tote reviews, this subscription is one of our favorite rental services because of their free two-week trial, numerous monthly plan options, and adorable clothes, as well as the fact that they’re cheaper than most of their competitors. In addition, Gwynnie Bee offers a free trial for a month to really get a feel for the service.

Unfortunately, rental clothing subscription boxes for kids are much harder to find. This is pretty understandable, though; we all know how quickly kids ruin their clothes. However, there are kids’ toy rental subscription boxes (like Netbricks or Pley)! If you have little ones to shop for, our list of the best subscription boxes for kids shares more boxes that kids will love!

Membership-Based Clothing Companies

These aren’t as common as the previous clothing subscription boxes, but there are a few clothing stores that offer membership subscriptions rather than monthly boxes. For example, JustFab is one that offers fantastic deals for their new members. They also own Fabletics for activewear and FabKids for fashionable kids clothing.

Typically, these charge you a particular price each month, which is credited toward anything you want to buy from their website. You usually receive access to special member deals, sales, rewards, and more when you’re a member. Membership subscriptions are often different from what you may expect, so I would check out a few of those clothing subscription boxes’ reviews (such as JustFab or Fabletics) beforehand to get a good grasp of what they offer.

Regular Subscription Boxes for Clothes

Additionally, you can find options that are like traditional subscription boxes in that they send you a certain amount of clothing items to keep every month. Unless you choose a box that allows you to view what you’ll be receiving beforehand, these subscriptions are risky because you have to pay for the items you receive no matter what.

However, some of these monthly clothing subscription boxes offer free returns or credit if you don’t like something. These subscriptions are good if you’re trying to budget and would like to have a set price every month so you don’t spend more. We also love the surprise element of these kinds of boxes when they don’t show you what you’ll be receiving beforehand.

Accessories + Undies

Although these aren’t technically clothing subscription boxes, you can’t complete an outfit without accessories! Underwear is an obvious essential too. This is more of a miscellaneous category because lots of boxes could fit into it. There are subscription boxes for lingerie, jewelry, socks, accessories like watches or hats, and more.  

In this category, there are both stylist services and traditional boxes that allow you to keep everything. Rocksbox and Adore Me, for example, are two popular stylist services (one is for jewelry and the other is for lingerie). On the other hand, there are many boxes where you get to keep everything you receive.

Men’s vs. Women’s Clothing Subscription Boxes

Unlike some other types of subscription boxes, clothing subscriptions are loved by both men and women. Everyone wears clothes! That’s why there are many choices for both genders. Plus, many popular companies offer options for both. That said, stylist services seem to be the most popular type of men’s clothing subscription box. Surprisingly, this goes for women as well!

If you’re a guy and you’re not finding enough subscription boxes that intrigue you, check out our list of the best men’s subscription boxes to discover the right option for you from a variety of different categories.

At a Glance — Summary of the Top Picks

Trunk Club — Best personalized monthly clothing boxes for women

Stitch Fix — Best plus-size inclusive clothing subscription

Rent the Runway — Best clothing rental subscription

Gwynnie Bee — Best designer clothing subscription

Daily Look — Best stylist subscription for women

Wantable — Best gift boxes for women

Menlo Club — Best quarterly men’s clothing subscription

Trendy Butler — Best fashionable men’s clothing subscription

Basic Man — Best men’s undergarment subscription

The Mr. Collection — Best personalized styling subscription for men

Fabletics — Best workout clothing subscription

Ellie — Best customizable clothing subscription

YogaClub — Best yoga clothing subscription

Adore Me — Best lingerie subscription

MeUndies — Best underwear subscription

UnderClub — Best luxury underwear subscription 

Judith & Joe — Best ethical fashion subscription

WearWell — Best sustainable clothing subscription

Kidpik — Best kid’s clothing subscription

Beachly — Best beachwear subscription

Bottom Line

That sums up the various types of clothing subscriptions you’ll come across. We hope we were able to bring you all the information you need about the best clothing subscription boxes. As you can see, there are more options than you might first think! Plus, a great part about clothing subscriptions is that each category offers options for men, women, and even kids. Some companies, like Stitch Fix, offer options for all of the above. Many also offer great introductory deals or savings opportunities.

If you have any further questions, check out the following FAQ questions!


Are there any cheap clothing subscription boxes?

Cheap options for clothing subscriptions are much harder to find than, for example, beauty subscription boxes. This is because you can’t sample clothes like you can with most other products. That said, we’d say that Nadine West has the cheapest clothing selection. Underwear or accessory subscription boxes are usually less expensive as well. Even so, most stylist services offer the ability to request a price limit on the clothes you receive.

Why would I pay high fees to rent clothes that I can’t even keep?

Most clothing rental subscription boxes cost at least $50 per month and can go all the way up to nearly $200. Some people might consider this a waste of money because you don’t get to keep any of the items, but many see it as a blessing. It’s easy to spend lots of money on clothes that you get sick of after just a month or two, sit unworn in your closet, get ruined, don’t fit anymore, and so on.

If this sounds familiar, the best clothing subscription box for you might be a rental service when you compare it with how long your purchased clothes last! Plus, it’s likely that you’ll get to wear nicer brands and higher clothing quality than you’d normally buy.

How do I know if a stylist will be able to capture my style?

We were worried about this too when trying out our first stylist service (which was Stitch Fix). Even after looking through clothing subscription box reviews, it’s easy to worry about whether they’ll be able to capture your style because everyone is different. This is especially true if you’re picky about the clothes you wear. However, we loved nearly every item that we got in our first Stitch Fix — plus they guarantee to refund your styling fee if you don’t like any of the items in your first box. Many other stylist services offer similar deals or guarantees.

What are the best monthly clothing subscription boxes based on value?

It depends what you’re looking for! If we had to pick one, we’d say rental clothing subscriptions offer the best because you get to wear such a high value of clothing. For us, the clothes that we purchase rarely last a long time, so it’s more reasonable to just rent them if it means we can wear nicer clothes for essentially the same price.

What is the best clothing rental subscription?

This is hard to determine if we don’t know what you’re specifically looking for. For example, if you’d like the most inexpensive plans and a variety of styles, Le Tote is the way to go (plus their free trial is a fantastic way to try it out risk-free). On the other hand, if you want designer clothes for slightly spendier rental prices, Rent the Runway is another great option for clothing subscription boxes.  

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