Find the Trendiest Clothing Subscription Boxes of 2021

Find the Trendiest Clothing Subscription Boxes of 2021

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or somebody else, clothes can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming products to shop for. Luckily, there are plenty of great clothing subscription boxes to choose from!

A few years ago, it might’ve seemed risky to subscribe to a clothing subscription box. People have such varying fashion styles, and there are millions of clothing selections out there. Everyone seems to like something different, so how can there be a subscription that gets it right? Well, there are more options than you’d think!

That said, we’ve gone above and beyond to find the best clothing subscription boxes. These have been chosen based on important factors such as their clothing selection, styling abilities, personalization features, pricing, box values, new subscriber deals, type of box, and so on. We’re constantly updating the list with new deals and boxes as we see fit.

Continue on to see why these are our favorites! Additionally, we’ve included a few paragraphs below the table about each type of clothing box and what to expect from each.

Best Clothing Subscription Boxes 2020–2021

Subscription Box PricingReview Score Visit Site
Nadine West
Price of clothing
$10–$30 Average Item Price TRY NADINE WEST
2 Adore Me
$20 styling fee*
Members Only: Every 6th Set Free! TRY ADORE ME
3 Stitch Fix Reviews 2022 — Your Personal Styling Brand
$20 styling fee*
4 Wantable
$20 styling fee*
Try Clothing Before You Buy! GET IT NOW
5 Le Tote Reviews [Pros, Cons, & How It Works]
Starting at $59 / month
6 The Best Gwynnie Bee Reviews of 2022
$49–$199 / month
7 Rachel Zoe Box of Style
$99.99 / quarter
$20 Off First Box GET IT NOW
8 Trunk Club
$25 styling fee*
9 JustFab Reviews [Read This Before Subscribing In 2022]
$39.95 per month
10 Fabletics Reviews — Everything To Know Before Signing Up
$50 a month

*price of clothing charged additionally

Types of Clothing Subscriptions

Although we’ve shown a large variety of boxes on our list above, we thought it was necessary to share each particular type of clothing subscription to make sure all of the options are clear.

Personal Stylist Services

Having someone successfully shop for you is life-changing. It saves so much time! This is why personal stylist services are some of the top clothing subscription boxes. With these, an actual stylist typically picks out items for you based on your style. This is usually determined based on a quiz and (sometimes) by giving your stylist a brief explanation of what you’re looking for.

Once you receive your items, you get to try them on at home and decide if you want to purchase them. If not, you simply send them back. The returns are usually free. These subscriptions are so convenient and time saving and are some of the best clothing subscription boxes for men or women who hate shopping. The typical quiz takes less than 10 minutes!

If the company charges a styling fee, it’s almost always credited toward the items you purchase. There are even some companies—such as Stitch Fix—that guarantee a refund on your first styling fee if you don’t like any of the items you receive. This way, you can feel more comfortable about trying it out for the first time.  

Clothing Rental Subscriptions

If you’ve never heard of subscription boxes that allow you to rent clothes, you need to check them out! They’re one of our favorites. Although there a few for men, the options on our list are rental clothing subscription boxes for women because these are the only ones we’ve tried so far. We don’t want to recommend subscriptions that we don’t know are great. However, we will definitely update once we try some of the various options for men.

How do clothing rental subscriptions work? Usually, you pay a monthly fee that gives you access to as many clothes as you’d like. You can almost always pick out your own clothes so you don’t get anything you dislike. Once you’re ready to return it, you’ll receive another. As seen in our Le Tote reviews, this subscription is one of our favorite rental services because of their free two-week trial, numerous monthly plan options, and adorable clothes, as well as the fact that they’re cheaper than most of their competitors. In addition, Gwynnie Bee offers a free trial for a month to really get a feel for the service.

Unfortunately, rental clothing subscription boxes for kids are much harder to find. This is pretty understandable, though; we all know how quickly kids ruin their clothes. However, there are kids’ toy rental subscription boxes (like Netbricks or Pley)! If you have little ones to shop for, our list of the best subscription boxes for kids shares more boxes that kids will love!

Membership-Based Clothing Companies

These aren’t as common as the previous clothing subscription boxes, but there are a few clothing stores that offer membership subscriptions rather than monthly boxes. For example, JustFab is one that offers fantastic deals for their new members. They also own Fabletics for activewear and FabKids for fashionable kids clothing.

Typically, these charge you a particular price each month, which is credited toward anything you want to buy from their website. You usually receive access to special member deals, sales, rewards, and more when you’re a member. Membership subscriptions are often different from what you may expect, so I would check out a few of those clothing subscription boxes’ reviews (such as JustFab or Fabletics) beforehand to get a good grasp of what they offer.

Regular Subscription Boxes for Clothes

Additionally, you can find options that are like traditional subscription boxes in that they send you a certain amount of clothing items to keep every month. Unless you choose a box that allows you to view what you’ll be receiving beforehand, these subscriptions are risky because you have to pay for the items you receive no matter what.

However, some of these monthly clothing subscription boxes offer free returns or credit if you don’t like something. These subscriptions are good if you’re trying to budget and would like to have a set price every month so you don’t spend more. We also love the surprise element of these kinds of boxes when they don’t show you what you’ll be receiving beforehand.

Accessories + Undies

Although these aren’t technically clothing subscription boxes, you can’t complete an outfit without accessories! Underwear is an obvious essential too. This is more of a miscellaneous category because lots of boxes could fit into it. There are subscription boxes for lingerie, jewelry, socks, accessories like watches or hats, and more.  

In this category, there are both stylist services and traditional boxes that allow you to keep everything. Rocksbox and Adore Me, for example, are two popular stylist services (one is for jewelry and the other is for lingerie). On the other hand, there are many boxes where you get to keep everything you receive.

Men’s vs. Women’s Clothing Subscription Boxes

Unlike some other types of subscription boxes, clothing subscriptions are loved by both men and women. Everyone wears clothes! That’s why there are many choices for both genders. Plus, many popular companies offer options for both. That said, stylist services seem to be the most popular type of men’s clothing subscription box. Surprisingly, this goes for women as well!

If you’re a guy and you’re not finding enough subscription boxes that intrigue you, check out our list of the best men’s subscription boxes to discover the right option for you from a variety of different categories.

Bottom Line

That sums up the various types of clothing subscriptions you’ll come across. We hope we were able to bring you all the information you need about the best clothing subscription boxes. As you can see, there are more options than you might first think! Plus, a great part about clothing subscriptions is that each category offers options for men, women, and even kids. Some companies, like Stitch Fix, offer options for all of the above. Many also offer great introductory deals or savings opportunities.

If you have any further questions, check out the following FAQ questions!


Are there any cheap clothing subscription boxes?

Cheap options for clothing subscriptions are much harder to find than, for example, beauty subscription boxes. This is because you can’t sample clothes like you can with most other products. That said, we’d say that Nadine West has the cheapest clothing selection. Underwear or accessory subscription boxes are usually less expensive as well. Even so, most stylist services offer the ability to request a price limit on the clothes you receive.

Why would I pay high fees to rent clothes that I can’t even keep?

Most clothing rental subscription boxes cost at least $50 per month and can go all the way up to nearly $200. Some people might consider this a waste of money because you don’t get to keep any of the items, but many see it as a blessing. It’s easy to spend lots of money on clothes that you get sick of after just a month or two, sit unworn in your closet, get ruined, don’t fit anymore, and so on.

If this sounds familiar, the best clothing subscription box for you might be a rental service when you compare it with how long your purchased clothes last! Plus, it’s likely that you’ll get to wear nicer brands and higher clothing quality than you’d normally buy.

How do I know if a stylist will be able to capture my style?

We were worried about this too when trying out our first stylist service (which was Stitch Fix). Even after looking through clothing subscription box reviews, it’s easy to worry about whether they’ll be able to capture your style because everyone is different. This is especially true if you’re picky about the clothes you wear. However, we loved nearly every item that we got in our first Stitch Fix—plus they guarantee to refund your styling fee if you don’t like any of the items in your first box. Many other stylist services offer similar deals or guarantees.

What are the best monthly clothing subscription boxes based on value?

It depends what you’re looking for! If we had to pick one, we’d say rental clothing subscriptions offer the best because you get to wear such a high value of clothing. For us, the clothes that we purchase rarely last a long time, so it’s more reasonable to just rent them if it means we can wear nicer clothes for essentially the same price.

What is the best clothing rental subscription?

This is hard to determine if we don’t know what you’re specifically looking for. For example, if you’d like the most inexpensive plans and a variety of styles, Le Tote is the way to go (plus their free trial is a fantastic way to try it out risk-free). On the other hand, if you want designer clothes for slightly spendier rental prices, Rent the Runway is another great option for clothing subscription boxes.  

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