20+ Cheap Subscription Boxes — Presents for Every Budget

20+ Cheap Subscription Boxes — Presents for Every Budget

Who doesn’t love getting a great value of items for a low price? We know we do, especially when it comes to subscription boxes. If you’re searching for boxes that hold these qualities, then look no further!

We’ve gone the extra mile to create the following list of the top twenty cheap subscription boxes. These have been carefully selected based on the cheapest prices, the quality of items, the value of items, the deals they offer, the type of box, our personal experiences with them, and customer reviews.

Below these tables, we share the various cheap boxes you’ll run across. There are more inexpensive boxes than you’d think!

Best Cheap Subscription Boxes 2021–2022

Subscription Boxes — $10 and Under

Over $10 Monthly Subscription Boxes

Subscription Box DescriptionPricingReview Score Visit Site

One of the only gaming subscription boxes for teens, kids, and adults that allows you to rent video games!

$15.95–$22.95 / month
2 Birchbox Reviews 2023 — Yay Or Nay?

One of the first and most popular subscription boxes — get five personalized beauty and skincare samples every month.

$13 / month
3 The Definitive Graze Box Review 2024

Inexpensive snack subscription box that provides portioned-out snack packs and offers new subscribers free sample boxes (free shipping isn’t included though).

$13.99 / month
4 ScentBox Reviews [Must Read Before Signing Up in 2024]

ScentBox is a monthly subscription service that sends you enough fragrance for a month to give you a better idea of whether it’s right for you.

$14.85 – $32.95 / month

Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t find a good subscription for your needs. If you’re looking for cheap subscription boxes, we’ve been through all the options that are an absolute must-try, and we’ll tell you all about them.

Let’s get into it. 

Evaluation Criteria

We consider the following when trying to find subscriptions of good value:

Variety and Quality

We like subscriptions that come with more options to avoid boredom. Finding a box with a range of products is essential, but it’s not all about that. We also want products that are high quality because there’s no point in ordering if the items won’t last long. 


Subscriptions with customizations are always on the top of our list. They allow you to make changes based on your needs and preferences

Value for Money

We all want what we want but getting it at the best price makes it so much better. So, we’re always on the lookout for affordable subscriptions.

Customer Service

We hate finding great subscription boxes for cheap that don’t have good customer support. It ruins the entire service. Luckily, with so many options out there, we don’t need to settle for bad service. 

User Reviews

We always look at what other customers have to say about products. That helps us manage our expectations and be aware of any negative sides. So, we appreciate reviews that are fair and come from trusted sources

Self-Care and Cheap Beauty Subscription Boxes

If you’re all about self-love, these are the boxes for you. 

1. Birchbox 

BirchBox products and boxBirchbox is a monthly beauty sample subscription box for women. It assists you in finding must-have beauty items without spending a small fortune on full-size products that won’t work for your needs.

The Birchbox package is tailored to your beauty preferences and has five deluxe-sample items. Customers of these cheap makeup subscription boxes can choose one sample in every box from the alternatives. Your option is only good for as long as supplies last, so act quickly when you receive a notification.

Each month, you can expect to find products like facewash, hair styling products, and fragrances. But you can check our more comprehensive guide to Birchbox for more details. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Five deluxe sample products
  • Option to pick one product
  • Tailored to beauty preferences
  • Massive range of products


  • Shipping included
  • Available internationally
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Affordable
  • Reduces waste


  • Some samples are too small
  • No subscription for men

Why we choose this box: Looking at cheap subscription boxes for women, we love that Birchbox opens you up to new products while remaining eco-conscious. 


Ipsy BoxIpsy started as a means for people to experience new products without going out and buying full-size versions. After all, it’s meaningless to spend money on something that might not work for you. That’s how the concept behind the cheapest beauty box came to be.

Before you sign up, you must first take the Ipsy survey, which asks you questions about yourself and your favorite cosmetic items. Then, based on your subscription, you can choose products. The customization is what truly sets this brand apart from the rest.

Morphe, Sigma Beauty, Smashbox, Tarte, and Too Faced Cosmetics are among the well-known brands available. If you want more information, a thorough review of IPSY might help.

There are three options — the Glam Bag (five sample-size products), Glam Bag Plus (five full-size products with the option to pick three), and the Glam Bag X (eight full-size products that arrive quarterly). 

If you like any of the products in your cheap beauty box, you can purchase the full-size bundle on the Ipsy website.

Product Specifics: 

  • Three subscription plans
  • Items based on personal preferences
  • Online quiz
  • Reusable beauty bag included


  • Products come in adorable reusable makeup bags
  • Earn points to redeem free products
  • Personalization
  • Free shipping in the US


  • Some samples can be too small
  • Customer service could improve

Why we choose this box: Ipsy is an excellent alternative to going out and buying full-size products that might not work for you. Plus, the reusable bag is super cute. 

3. FaceTory

Facetory Box and ProductsThis cheap subscription box is awesome if you’re looking to build a new skincare routine or improve your current one.

There are two subscription choices for K-Beauty. The 7 Lux Subscription is a monthly option that includes seven facemasks and up to two more items. The Lux Plus is the alternative option, including 5–6 skincare items and 5–6 facemasks.

The products are accessible internationally, and shipping is included in the US. Customers love the facemasks. You can even find these gems at Target and Costco.


Product Specifics: 

  • Two subscription plans
  • Facemasks and skincare items 
  • Ships internationally
  • Shipping included in the US
  • Products available at Target and Costco


  • A wide range of goods
  • All products are vegan
  • Only ethically sourced ingredients
  • Every product is thoroughly tested


  • No phone number
  • You can’t select your items

Why we choose this box: Facetory is a cheap beauty box that makes Korean skincare accessible to the general public. It has numerous products for all skin types, made with healthy, vegan components.

4. Athena Club

Athena Club productsAthena Club is a subscription that sends durable, lightweight, and curve-friendly razors to your door at a frequency that works for you.

Your first box comes with the handle, and after that, you’ll get replacement blades. They come in a pack of two, each cartridge containing five nickel-free blades

The razor is made with anodized aluminum, so it’s pretty tough but remains soft on the skin. So much so that the product is dermatologist-approved. 

As one of the best value subscription boxes, Athena Club gives you a close and comfortable shave without wasting money each month on flimsy blades that irritate the skin. 

The razor comes in eight colors, perfect for any bathroom aesthetic. But our favorite part is that the product comes with a magnetic holder, so no more rusty blades that sit for months in the shower. It’s clean and hygienic.

Product Specifics: 

  • Eight colors
  • Nickle-free blades
  • Magnetic hook for easy storage
  • Made in the US


  • Gentle on the skin
  • Curve-friendly
  • Dermatologist-approved
  • Free shipping


  • Not eco-friendly
  • Blades are only available online

Why we choose this box: Athena Club makes our list of cheap and fun subscription boxes because it turns shaving into a pleasant experience. No more razor burn or rusty blades.

5. Quip

Quip products Quip is an oral care subscription for everything you need to fix and maintain a healthy smile. That includes electric brushes, flosses, and rinses.

The brushes are unique as they pair with an app that helps your oral care routine and keeps your smile looking and feeling fresh. 

The sleek electronic toothbrush in these cheap monthly box subscriptions has no wires. Also, it comes with three-month battery life, pulsing vibrations, and is water-resistant. 

The floss is also awesome. It includes a refillable dispenser to help reduce waste and is accepted by the American Dental Association

When you subscribe to Quip, you can have all your refills sent every three months, so you don’t have to worry about needing a new brush head or floss refills. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Refills and brush head every three months
  • Brush connects to an app
  • No wires
  • Three-month battery life


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Long battery life
  • App keeps you updated on oral health


  • Refills only every three months
  • Some brushes don’t have Bluetooth

Why we choose this box: We love that Quip offers cheap box subscriptions for oral health that keep your teeth super strong. 

6. LOLA 

Lola products LOLA is a sexual wellness subscription that helps with everything reproductive. The service works towards making menstruation and sexual health products accessible to all. 

Before you subscribe, you select the products you need. You’ll find tampons, pads, lubricants, heating pads, supplements, pregnancy tests, and cleansing wipes. There are also some awesome kits and bundles with convenience in mind, making these great cheap subscription boxes for tweens.

All the products have trustworthy ingredients that are good for you and your reproductive health. 

Once you select what you want, you can state how often you wish to receive a box. The options are every three months, six months, or monthly with your flow. 

But the best part about these cheap monthly subscriptions is they’ve donated over six million products to those in need. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Big range of products
  • Three delivery options
  • All ingredients are specified


  • Over six million products donated
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Pause or cancel any time
  • Trustworthy ingredients in all products


  • Shipping only included for orders over $25
  • No returns

Why we choose this box: Lola is an awesome way for women to take control of their sexual and reproductive health. That time of the month doesn’t have to be a nightmare with these deliveries and excellent products for period pain.

Cheap Subscription Boxes With Accessories

These are some of our favorite low-cost subscriptions that come with must-have accessories. 

7. Scentbird

Scentbird packagingScentbird is an excellent monthly subscription that provides a 30-day supply of popular fragrances. The 120 sprays will last for the entire month. Also, you can experiment with a variety of scents to see which ones suit you best.

All fragrances are 100% authentic and include brands like Valentino, Michael Kors, and Versace. Also, you’ll get a complimentary reusable case for each month’s scent when you subscribe.

The main goal of these affordable monthly subscription boxes is to sample different smells without buying a full-sized bottle. You can choose the fragrances you want to explore. Simply put them in the queue, and you’ll receive them with your next orders. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Over 600 fragrances
  • Men’s and women’s options
  • 100% authentic designer fragrances


  • Free case 
  • Select scents you want
  • Shipping is included


  • You can’t return items if you don’t like them
  • Canceling may be a struggle

Why we choose this box: Scentbird is among the cool cheap subscription boxes because it offers fantastic value for money. Plus, you get to select your fragrances. 

8. Scent Box 

Scentbox packagingScent Box is a cheap subscription box for fragrances that aims to make exquisite scents accessible to everyone for a fraction of the cost. The service has over 850 fragrances from designers like Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs,  and Balenciaga. 

Each month, you’ll get a 0.27 oz travel atomizer spray bottle that fits into the reusable spray canister you’ll receive with your first delivery.

You can select which fragrances you want to try, or the team will send one based on previous selections. 

There are four inexpensive subscription boxes available — two options with one bottle and two with two bottles. It all depends on whether you want general fragrances or premium ones. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Over 850 scents
  • 100% authentic fragrances
  • Free reusable spray bottle with your first order
  • Select the fragrances you want to try


  • Wide variety of designer perfumes
  • Larger samples that last longer than department store ones
  • Affordable
  • Travel-friendly container


  • You get the monthly pick if you don’t choose a fragrance.
  • Some scents are general.

Why we choose this box: Scent Box offers affordable subscription boxes that come with designer fragrances without you spending an arm and a leg. 

9. Pura Vida Bracelets 

Pura Vida product and packaging Pura Vida is an awesome monthly subscription. The company started when two friends visited Costa Rica and found unique artisanal bracelets that they wanted to share with the rest of the world. 

Pure Vida now delivers all over the globe and helps support millions of artisans. The bracelets and their packaging are eco-friendly. Plus, they come in a range of colors. 

Each month with this cheap subscription, you’ll receive three bracelets to enjoy and match to your wardrobe with a value of up to $45.

But that’s not all. There’s also a jewelry subscription where you get two artisanal pieces with a value up to $65 for just $19.95. Around the 15th of each month, you can expect to find necklaces, earrings, and rings following the latest trends. 

So, whether you’re into bracelets or want a range of pieces, Pura Visa has you covered.

Product Specifics:

  • Three bracelets per month
  • Supports millions of artisans
  • Available internationally
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lots of colors


  • Eco-friendly packaging and materials
  • Millions of artisan creations
  • Free delivery in the US


  • You don’t select your items.
  • You must contact the company to cancel.

Why we choose this box: We love that hard-working artisans from all over the world make all the bracelets. 

10. Casely 

Casely productsCasely is a tech-lover’s dream. It’s one of the cheapest monthly subscription boxes with a quarterly option, and it comes with a case for your phone

The design team selects each case to bring you fashionable and unique items. You can choose between two subscriptions — Classic or Bold. 

The Classic subscription provides protection from normal wear and tear and has a 1.5 mm raised front screen lip. The Bold protection is more sturdy, and it can handle drops up to eight feet with its military-grade materials and 3 mm raised front screen lip.

There’s also an option for MagSafe where you’ll get the same protection as the Bold with a magnet that’s compatible with iPhone 12 & 13 MagSafe technology.

Casely has products for Samsung and iPhone devices, but check if yours is on the list before subscribing.

The rewards program is pretty awesome. You can earn 100 credits for subscribing, 200 for following the socials, and 3 credits for every dollar you spend. Plus, if you refer a friend you’ll get a $20 store credit, and your friend gets 35% off their first order. 

All your credits are redeemable for rewards like phone rings, glass protectors, and phone cases. 

Product Specifics: 

  • New phone case each month or every three months
  • Unique designs
  • Compatible with MagSafe technology
  • Cases for iPhone and Samsung


  • Fashionable designs
  • Influencers select each case
  • Inclusive referral program


  • Varied reviews
  • Some cases don’t fit properly.

Why we choose this box: Caseley offers good cheap subscription boxes, and it’s a wonderful way for you to try different phone cases.

Cheap Clothing Subscription Boxes

Finding clothes you like can be a mission on a good day, so why not take the stress out of it and let a subscription help you? 

11. MeUndies

MeUndies products MeUndies is an underwear subscription for funky and unique undergarments that keep your wardrobe fresh. 

The great thing is that everything is super comfy. You can pick between men’s undies, women’s undies, socks, and bralettes. This is at the top of our cheap subscription boxes for couples since you can also get matching pairs. 

MeUndies lets you choose your style and fit. The entire aim of the membership is to provide you with a rotating selection of underwear that you’ll love. Members also get special discounts and first access to new styles and prints. Also, you can choose the products you want each month to build a collection that meets your needs.

MeUndies introduces new designs, styles, and colors weekly, giving you plenty of options to keep things exciting.

Product Specifics: 

  • Unique prints
  • Carefully selected by the fashion team
  • Inclusive sizing


  • Returns are available
  • Items for men and women
  • Incredibly soft material
  • Affordable


  • The sizing chart might be incorrect.
  • Customer service could improve.

Why we choose this box: MeUndies is the perfect affordable subscription for everyone’s undergarment needs. 

12. Loot Tees

Loot Tee products Loot Tees offers subscription boxes for cheap with tee-shirts for those who enjoy everything geek, pop culture, and gaming. You receive one t-shirt a month with a different theme, so you could get your hands on some awesome wearables that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Previous monthly themes included Jumanji, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Venom. 

The products are available in unisex sizes from S–5XL, making this one of the most inclusive boxes and a great gift option. 

Customers love the different themes and find the quality of the clothing fantastic. So while the subscription may be cheap, you get good value for your money. 

Loot Tees is available internationally, so comfortable and unique t-shirts are just around the corner. 

Product Specifics: 

  • One t-shirt per month
  • Varying themes 
  • S–5 XL
  • Unique products


  • International shipping
  • Diverse monthly themes
  • Terrific value for money


  • You might not enjoy some themes.
  • Shipping can take a bit long.

Why we choose this box: This cheap subscription box is an awesome choice if you’re into pop culture and want a cool new t-shirt each month. 

13. Say It With A Sock

Say it with a sock product and packaging


Say It With a Sock is a monthly subscription for sock lovers. And who doesn’t enjoy a cozy night in with a good pair of comfy socks?

The service is among the cheap month clubs and offers you one or two pairs of socks. They’re all fun, comfortable, and made with quality materials.

While you can’t select the socks you get, there are “sockologists” on-call who pick the best and unique patterns for you to enjoy. Also, you can choose between graphic or patterned socks. Some recent graphic designs included pizza, puppies, and pandas. Popular patterns include polka dots and stripes. 

The sizing fits adults and kids. It works as follows: 

  • Men’s — US 7–13
  • Women’s — US 5–10
  • Kid’s Large — ages 7–10
  • Kid’s Medium — ages 3–6

All items in these cheap subscription boxes for clothes are crew socks, so they come up to your calf.

Product Specifics:

  • One or two pairs per month
  • Choose between patterns or designs
  • Inclusive sizing for adults and kids
  • Crew fit socks


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Unique patterns and designs
  • Available internationally


  • Not customizable
  • Customer service could improve.

Why we choose this box: We love the unique and interesting socks designs that take your wardrobe to the next level. 

Cheap Subscription Boxes for Guys

Here are a few boxes just for the men. 

14. Dollar Shave Club

dollar shave club productsDollar Shave Club is a monthly subscription that makes shaving convenient. No more overpriced items or forgetting to get blades from the shop every month. This guy box subscription includes everything you’ll need for shaving or showering.

The service’s experts will recommend starter packages based on your questionnaire answers. If you like what you see, you can buy full-size products and blades. It’s up to you to receive a box monthly or every few months.

Product Specifics: 

  • Personalized
  • Wide range of products
  • Carefully tested skincare
  • Full-size products available


  • Affordable
  • Shipping included
  • Easy to manage account
  • Frequency is up to you


  • Customer service could improve.
  • Only one available brand

Why we choose this box: These inexpensive gift boxes have excellent tailored goods for your skin’s requirements. They also come at a time that’s convenient for you. Plus, they help you improve your overall skincare routine.

15. Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle BoxThe Mystery Tackle Box subscription is ideal for fishing lovers. You’ll receive products for new and experienced anglers every month. 

Qualified product specialists review each item, guaranteeing that subscribers will get the best from small and large producers. 

Mystery Tackle is among the subscription boxes with the best value because you can choose the species you want to fish for. That includes trout, bass, and catfish. 

The plans have three options — regular, pro, and elite. Also, the elite box comes with more than $40 worth of items. 

Your order has free shipping, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Product Specifics: 

  • Products for different skill levels
  • Three plans
  • Curated by fishing pros
  • Cancel anytime


  • Select the species you’re fishing for
  • Shipping included
  • Experts review all items


  • You can’t choose your products.
  • You can’t purchase outright.

Why we choose this box: We like that you can target the fish species you want. It personalizes the experience and guarantees useful goods.

Cheap Food Subscription Boxes

Are you a foodie on a budget? We have some amazing value boxes for you. 

16. Blue Bottle Coffee 

Blue Bottle Coffee productsBlue Bottle Coffee caters to all coffee enthusiasts. You can test it out with the coffee selection welcome package or sign up for a recurring subscription. You can choose from single blends, espresso, decaf, origins, or blend subscriptions.

These cheap subscription boxes with coffee bring you the finest options weekly or monthly. The beans usually alternate between five varieties. You can also order quantities ranging from half a bag (6 oz) to a quadruple bag (36 oz).



Product Specifics: 

  • Select a frequency that works for you
  • Five bean varieties
  • Quantities range between 6 oz and 36 oz


  • Various blends available
  • Trial version
  • Flexible delivery
  • Shipping is free


  • Expensive for unground coffee
  • You can’t select a specific blend.

Why we choose this box: We love a good subscription directed solely at coffee lovers. You’ll be getting the best of the best from experts that know what to look for.

17. Simple Loose Leaf 

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Review 2019Simple Loose Leaf offers cheap tea subscription boxes. The service is a family-run business with over 200 teas to choose from. 

When you sign up, you take a simple quiz. Based on your answers, the team sends you teas you’ll enjoy. Depending on your needs, you can receive 2, 3, or 4 tea samples per month. 

There are many options, and some customer favorites include Creme Brulee Oolong, Blood Orange Tea, and Blue Lady Grey Tea. If you’re looking for cheap subscription boxes for your mom, this could also be the perfect gift.

Your first order comes with a reusable steeping bag made on a farm in Kansas using 150-year-old sewing machines. It keeps your tea experience authentic. 

Product Specifics: 

  • 200+ teas
  • Based on preferences
  • Three subscriptions
  • Quiz to determine what you enjoy


  • Affordable
  • Authentic teas
  • Personalized
  • Reusable steeping bags


  • Memberships auto-renew
  • You can’t select the teas you want.

Why we choose this box: Simple Loose Leaf is an excellent tea sampler box if you want to test various options from across the globe. 

18. MunchPak 

Munch Pack boxMunchPak offers monthly cheap snack boxes with products from across the globe. It truly opens subscribers to the world of snacking. 

You can select between the mini with 5 or more items, the original with 10 or more products, or the FamilyPak with 20 or more full-size snacks. There’s also an option to add a soda to your order if you’re into trying different drinks with your snacks. 

Each month, you’ll get carefully curated items from a team of snack enthusiasts that know what you’re looking for. 

As an example, the April 2022 box featured items from Bulgaria, Japan, and Poland.

Product Specifics: 

  • 5–20 snacks per month
  • Full-size items
  • Snacks from across the globe
  • Curated by snack experts


  • Large variety of products
  • Snacks from multiple countries every month
  • Full-size items
  • Available internationally


  • You might get items you don’t like.
  • No personalization

Why we choose this box: It’s among the best cheap snack subscription boxes. Each month comes with a range of options from different countries. 

19. RawSpiceBar 

RawSpiceBar products RawSpiceBar is one of the best cheap subscription boxes. It sends you a blend of unique spices from across the globe each month.

The service sources the best the world has to offer, giving you the chance to taste spices you otherwise wouldn’t. Plus, we love that all the growers are ethically sustainable

The blending is done in small batches and by hand, providing a smooth and soft spice consistency that all recipes call for. Also, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you shouldn’t worry. All the spices are suitable for your dietary preferences.

You won’t only get spices in these cheap and healthy subscription boxes. Each month, you’ll receive a recipe with your 2 oz spice blend for inspiration. 

Previous items included a Greek Blend, Creole Blend, Xinjiang Blend, and Adobo Blend.

Product Specifics: 

  • 2 oz spice blend each month
  • Hand-blended in the US
  • Vegan
  • Eco-friendly packaging


  • Shipping included
  • Affordable
  • Recipe included


  • Only one spice per month
  • Customer service could improve.

Why we choose this box: This subscription is an excellent way to try various spices that you wouldn’t usually find at your grocery store. It opens you up to new tastes and blends.

Miscellaneous Subscription Boxes You Should Try

Here are a few services that made our list of must-try cheap subscription boxes.  

20. Mighty Fix 

MightyFix products and boxMighty Fix is an eco-friendly monthly subscription that sends you one full-size green product. All items are made with real materials that are tested, durable, and safe to use, even with kiddos running around. 

The service uses no BPA, which is always a tick in our book. Some product categories include cleaning, kitchen, pets, and wellness. 

The whole point of these interesting and cheap subscription boxes is to encourage your use of earth-friendly items. Also, all products come in eco-conscious packaging. 

Greener choices are always better for you and our planet, so we’ll always support such services. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Receive one full-size product per month
  • All items are tested and made with natural materials
  • Eco-conscious packaging
  • Safe for homes with kids and pets


  • Eco-friendly products and packaging
  • Specially selected items
  • BPA-free
  • Shipping included


  • You don’t select your products.
  • Some feel the products aren’t worth the money.

Why we choose this box: Mighty Fix is one of the best cheap lifestyle subscription boxes. We love earth-friendly products, whether they’re for wellness or the house. They offer innovative ways to make your home an eco-conscious space. 

21. Vellabox 

Vellabox products and boxVellabox is a monthly subscription that sends you specialized artisan candles from the US. When you sign up, you put together your scent profile to receive the best for your taste. 

You can choose between three sizes, so you can tailor them to your space. All the candles are natural and made with only the best ingredients, a much better alternative to most commercial candles that contain toxins. 

Curators at Vellabox stick to strict guidelines to select products that are all-natural while looking and smelling great. If you want more information on the included small and artisanal businesses, you can check the partners page on the Vellabox website. 

You get one surprise eco-friendly item in your box, too.

There are monthly subscriptions or every 3, 6, or 12 months. If you want to take a break, you can do so for up to six months at a time.

Product Specifics: 

  • One candle per month
  • Supports small businesses
  • Curated by experts
  • Based on your preferences


  • Natural ingredients
  • Interesting scents
  • Made by artisans


  • You don’t select your items
  • Only available in the US

Why we choose this box: We love that Vellabox is all-natural and makes your home smell great. 

22. Book of the Month 

Book of the Month Club boxThese book boxes for cheap bring you 5–7 of the hottest reads for the month. The club selects a few titles from awesome new authors and various genres. Then, check the list and pick the book you want to receive. 

You can also add up to two additional books. And if you’re running a bit behind on your reading, your credits will simply roll over to the next month. 

The service is available in the US, and you can link up virtually with others who’ve read the same book. A book club has never been this simple, and this is the cheapest book subscription

The Book of the Month Club has all the new releases and costs a lot less than buying the books in-store. 

Product Specifics: 

  • 5–7 books to choose from each month
  • Virtual book club
  • Option to add two extra books


  • Great hand-selected books
  • New releases
  • Cheaper than buying books in store
  • Free shipping


  • Book options aren’t very extensive.
  • No international shipping

Why we choose this box: The Book of the Month Club is a fabulous way to read some new releases and may open you up to a range of titles you wouldn’t otherwise get. 

23. Succulents Box

Succulents box and productsSucculents Box offers really cheap subscription boxes for plant enthusiasts. It ships succulents and air plants all over the US and has a huge selection. If you acquire one of each, your entire house will be overrun with greenery.

There are six subscriptions — 1–4 succulents, 1 air plant, or 1 air plant with 1 succulent. Over 300 varieties are available, all of which are naturally grown in sunny California.

Some interesting variations include Variegated Bear Paw Succulent, Variegated Ghost Plant, and Moonstones Pachyphytum.

Product Specifics: 

  • Six subscriptions
  • Over 300 varieties
  • Succulents and air plants
  • Naturally grown in California


  • Rare and distinctive plants
  • Small business owners
  • Plant care instructions included


  • No set shipping costs
  • You can’t select what you want to receive.

Why we choose this box: It’s brilliant that you can get just over ten dollar subscription boxes from a small business. The service makes a real difference in the lives of plant lovers across the US. 

Buyer’s Guide

Here’s what you should consider before heading out to find cheap subscription boxes that work for you.

How to Choose

Note the following before you commit to a service: 

Determine Your Needs

Figure out your needs before looking into subscriptions. With so many on the market, you could easily get lost in the sea of options. 

Commitment and Frequency

Select low-cost subscription boxes that offer flexible delivery. If you don’t need a lifestyle box every month, look for quarterly options.


Sticking to your budget is a must. Plus, getting a box that’s too expensive will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Check Your Location

Most cheap monthly boxes are available across the US. Some even ship internationally, but it’s always good to check for your specific location if you want to avoid disappointment.

Test Different Boxes

As the saying goes, “you won’t know unless you try.” We recommend testing boxes from different categories to find the ones that fit your needs and wants. 

If you didn’t pick a favorite from the list above, consider checking other good subscription boxes

Affordable Subscription Boxes and Why You Need Them

There are quite a few benefits to getting subscription boxes that are worth it. Here are just a few:

  • Novelty: Many services send unique items of high value. 
  • Convenience: Subscriptions make things easier. For example, getting weekly food deliveries will save you a lot of time. 
  • Potential savings: Signing up for a subscription is often cheaper than buying the products outright.
  • Get out of your comfort zone: This is probably the biggest plus. Trying different subscriptions opens you up to products that you might not otherwise try. 
  • Variety: The best cheap subscription boxes often come with a range of items. For example,  subscriptions geared towards men may contain skincare, shaving essentials, and lifestyle products. 
  • Reduce waste: Most subscriptions have eco-friendly packaging. You may even get some sample sizes that avoid waste if you don’t like the product. 
  • First to try products: Many monthly subscriptions include new products to up the hype and get the brands out there. And you’ll be first in line to try them. 

Drawbacks of Using Cheap Box Subscriptions

There are some cons to signing up for a subscription, and we need to give you both sides of the story. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Overbuying: It’s easy to get a bit carried away with fun subscriptions. Signing up for too many may leave you with an overload of stuff you won’t use. 
  • Unclear value: Most of the time, we don’t get a breakdown of the item prices in subscriptions. So, you might not know how much the items are actually worth. 
  • Auto-Renewals: Many inexpensive subscription boxes renew automatically. While you can usually cancel when you wish, going through the whole process is frustrating when you simply want to sign up for a month.
  • Return problems: If you don’t enjoy a product, it’s not as easy as visiting the store and making an exchange or getting your money back. While there are ways to return items, they take quite a bit of time.
  • Little personalization: Some services ask for details about you so they can tailor the products to your taste. But many don’t, so they can leave you with items you don’t like. 

At a Glance — Summary of the Top Picks 

Birchbox — Best economical beauty subscription

IPSY — Best cheap makeup box

FaceTory — Best low-cost skincare

Athena Club — Best shaving club for women

Quip — Best oral hygiene subscription

LOLA — Best women’s sexual wellness box

Scentbird — Best affordable fragrance subscription

Scent Box — Best low-price perfume subscription

Pura Vida Bracelets — Best jewelry subscription

Casely — Best cheap phone accessory subscription

MeUndies — Best undergarment subscription for a tight budget

Loot Tees — Best subscription for geeks and gamers

Say It With a Sock — Best socks subscription

Dollar Shave Club — Best shaving club for men

Mystery Tackle Box — Best fishing box for men

Blue Bottle Coffee — Best cheap coffee subscription

Simple Loose Leaf — Best affordable tea subscription

MunchPak — Best cheap snack subscription

RawSpiceBar — Best low-priced food subscription

Mighty Fix — Best eco-friendly subscription

Vellabox — Best candle subscription

Book of the Month — Best cheap book subscription boxes

Succulents Box — Best low-cost plant subscription 

Types of Cheap Subscription Boxes

Clothing + Accessories

You might not think that there would be many options for cheap clothing subscription boxes, but there happen to be a few! Most of these are for accessories such as jewelry or small articles of clothing like socks, underwear, T-shirts, and so on. With these subscriptions, you’re likely to get just one or two items. You’ll never get samples.

For example, EarFleek is a cheap box that provides a monthly pair of earrings. It’s one of the only subscription boxes under $5! There are a variety of other high-quality jewelry subscription boxes that cost under $20. Other cheap boxes for clothing or accessories include Say It with a Sock, Pura Vida Bracelets, Loot Wear, and so on.

Beauty + Skincare

Odds are, you already know about this category of subscription boxes if you’ve been searching for cheap options. We’ve noticed that the beauty and skincare industry seems to have the highest number of inexpensive boxes. This isn’t surprising though—beauty and skincare products are also some of the most common items to sample.

There are four budget-friendly beauty boxes on our list, but many more out there. With cheap makeup subscription boxes, expect to receive mostly sample products (although some occasionally throw in a full-size or deluxe-size item). There are also some boxes that offer one or two full-size items rather than a few samples.

This is a very versatile category of subscription boxes—you can find options within your budget for nearly any beauty-related product you’d like! There are boxes dedicated to face masks, just makeup, specific types of products, skincare, Korean beauty, natural beauty, soaps, bath bombs, and so on. You can see why this category has some of the best subscription boxes of 2022. If you want to see more of the best options, check out our list of beauty subscription boxes!

Food, Snacks, and Drinks

This is one of our favorite types, and luckily there are plenty of inexpensive options for snacks and drink subscription boxes! We included a few on our list, such as Blue Bottle Coffee and Simple Loose Leaf. Unlike beauty boxes, you’re much more likely to receive full-size items in these boxes, since most food isn’t as pricey as beauty products.

Although we included food in the title, snack and drink boxes are more likely to have cheap options. Lots of snack boxes, such as Graze, offer a free snack box trial or a coupon for your first order to save extra money. For drinks, you can find inexpensive tea subscriptions and even some cheap options for coffee beans (like Blue Bottle Coffee).

Because they tend to be much higher priced, there aren’t many cheap food subscription boxes for meal kit deliveries. Some can run as high as $70 weekly. On the other hand, most of them offer generous coupons to try out a couple of meals for an amazing price compared to what you’d normally pay. We didn’t include any of them here since they’re not the cheapest, but you can check them out in our list of food subscription boxes!

Geek Boxes

If you’re a fan of nerdy-themed subscription boxes, you’ll be glad to hear that there are a couple of cheap geek subscription boxes! Loot Crate, for example, offers plenty. Their cheapest options are their clothing boxes. They have a box with socks, underwear, shirts, wearables, and even an option specifically for girls. These range from $9.99–$19.99 per month.  

Clothes aren’t the only type of item you can receive! There are some geek boxes that provide collectibles and other fun items as well. For example, Pop in a Box provides a collectible, vinyl Pop toy every month for just below $10. Loot Crate also offers the Loot Remix box that costs under $15.

Book Clubs

Book clubs are another fun type of cheap monthly subscription boxes! They’re a great way to get yourself (or your kids) to read more. Since they can take a while to read, you may end up reading them over the entire month! This definitely makes it worth your money. We love Book of the Month, but there are a few other popular options that are similarly priced.

There are book clubs for adults, teens, and even kids! Some leave it a surprise, and some allow you to choose the category or even the book itself!

Health and Wellness

This category includes some of the most useful cheap subscription boxes for women (and some for men as well). For example, these include time-of-the-month boxes, boxes that provide supplements or vitamins, fitness boxes, sexual wellness, and other similar ones that promote your health.

In a health-focused box, the type of items you receive can vary greatly depending on the box. Time-of-the-month boxes, for example, typically provide tampons or pads. Some also provide products that girls love to have while on their periods (tea, products to reduce cramps, chocolate, candy).

There are also cheap subscription boxes that provide monthly supplies of condoms, lube, and other sexual wellness products. Additionally, fitness subscription boxes offer products to help you get the best results in the gym! Bulu Box, for example, provides samples of supplements, vitamins, healthy snacks like protein bars, and more.

Cheap Subscription Boxes for Kids

After seeing their parents opening exciting subscription boxes every month, kids are bound to want their own. It’s like getting a gift every month—what kid wouldn’t want that? Luckily, there are a variety of inexpensive boxes for kids. For example, Little Passports and KiwiCo provide fun, educational activities for children of all ages to engage in. They both cost under $20 per month.

In addition to educational subscription boxes, you can also find options for toys, books, legos, games, and more! Our best subscription boxes for kids list has a great number of inexpensive options — many of these cost under $25 per month.

Cheap Subscription Boxes for Men

Men want to save money too! Many options of budget-friendly boxes for men will include grooming supplies. One example is Dollar Shave Club, which provides monthly shipments of razors. There’s also Birchbox Man, which provides grooming and lifestyle samples.

However, there are a few inexpensive options beyond grooming! You can see in our list of best subscription boxes for men that there are subscriptions for golfing, fishing, accessories, underwear, and more that offer cheap options under $20. Out of all the options, you’re bound to find some cool, cheap subscription boxes that you’ll fall in love with.


This final category is for unique boxes that don’t have a particular category. These could include items for the home, phone cases, gardening, and anything else that doesn’t seem to fit in. The good news is that most boxes like these include full-size items!

With all these different options, there’s bound to be a subscription box within your budget for whatever product you’re looking for.

Cheap Monthly Subscription Boxes vs Expensive Subscription Boxes

A lot of people wonder about the differences between inexpensive boxes compared to options that cost more money. Is it worth it? Will they get a good value of products?

If you’re focused on the value, more expensive boxes are almost always better. Even boxes that cost slightly more than the options on this list tend to be of greater value. For example, Boxycharm costs $21 monthly and provides 4–5 full-size makeup items that are worth $100+ in total. Compared to a cheap monthly subscription box for beauty such as Birchbox or Ipsy, this is a much better deal for only $11 more each month.

Cheap subscription boxes are much more likely to include sample products (like in beauty or snack boxes). However, these boxes are a great way to try a bunch of new items that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise—you might find your next holy grail product! There are also boxes that provide full-size items, but you’ll only receive one or two things in these.

Overall, the best fit for you depends on what size of products you’d prefer, your price range, and the type of products you’re looking for.

Bottom Line

That just about sums up our favorite cheap subscription boxes! As you can see, you have plenty of options. We hope this list helped you discover the kind of boxes you were looking for. Even though they’re already inexpensive, many of these boxes also offer savings opportunities and coupons, so make sure to check out our reviews to find the more exclusive deals we share. Before we wrap up, check out our FAQs to answer any questions you may have!


Are there any free subscription boxes?

Unfortunately, we have yet to find a completely free subscription box. However, there are plenty of boxes that offer free trials, the first month for free, free products for new subscribers, and more! We’ve listed these deals in the right column of the table above. If they require a coupon code, it will show up below the red button.  

Also, there are more boxes that offer free stuff that we haven’t included in this list because they don’t have the cheapest monthly pricing. For example, there are many free beauty box samples or even entire boxes for free when you subscribe to certain beauty subscriptions. Julep, for example, offers your first customized box for free (you just have to pay the small shipping fee).

Since there are numerous deals like this, we have another article sharing the boxes that offer free bonus products or free trials!

What types of subscription boxes have the most budget-friendly options?

Although you can find cheap options for most types of boxes, there are more cheap beauty subscription boxes than others. This is because makeup and skincare products are some of the most common items to sample! You can find numerous options to choose from. There are also many snacks or drink subscription boxes that offer inexpensive boxes.

What are the most significant benefits of cheap subscription boxes?

As you might imagine, the largest benefit is obviously saving money. However, there are other benefits as well! For example, many of these cheap boxes provide sample-size products that allow you to test them out without having to purchase a full size for full price. These boxes also introduce you to new products that you might fall in love with, which you probably wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

In addition, inexpensive boxes almost always have a higher value than what you pay.

Can you customize a cheap subscription box?

This depends on the box! Many beauty boxes, such as Ipsy and Birchbox, provide the option to customize your items to fit your preferences. Many other boxes do as well—you just need to check out their website and see what they advertise.

Can I cancel my subscription before my free trial ends?

Yes! We’ve never seen a subscription that doesn’t allow you to cancel whenever you’d like if you have a monthly plan — even before your free trial ends. The only circumstance where you can’t cancel is when you prepay for a certain length of time (such as an annual plan).

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