20+ Cheap Subscription Boxes — Presents for Every Budget

20+ Cheap Subscription Boxes — Presents for Every Budget

Who doesn’t love getting a great value of items for a low price? We know we do, especially when it comes to subscription boxes. If you’re searching for boxes that hold these qualities, then look no further!

We’ve gone the extra mile to create the following list of the top twenty cheap subscription boxes. These have been carefully selected based on the cheapest prices, the quality of items, the value of items, the deals they offer, the type of box, our personal experiences with them, and customer reviews.

Below these tables, we share a few paragraphs about the various types of cheap boxes you’ll run across because we couldn’t show every type in our list of twenty. That’s a good thing though—there are more inexpensive boxes than you’d think!

Best Cheap Subscription Boxes 2020–2021

Subscription Boxes - 10 Dollars and Under

Subscription Box PricingReview Score Visit Site
GlobeIn Reviews — Pros and Cons of Subscribing
$10/month for Essential Artisan Box Membership $25/month for Deluxe Artisan Box Membership
2 Birchbox Reviews 2022 — Yay Or Nay?
$15 / month
3 The Best Simple Loose Leaf Reviews of 2021
$9 / month
33% Off First Box! $11.99 / month GET IT NOW
4 Bootaybag
$9–$13 / month (depends on choice of one or two pairs)
50% Off First Month TRY BOOTAYBAG
5 Ipsy Reviews in 2022 — Pros and Cons of Subscribing
$13 / month
6 Dollar Shave Club Reviews 2022 — Pros and Cons
Starting at $3 / month for replacement razors

Over 10 Dollar Monthly Subscription Boxes

Subscription Box DescriptionPricingReview Score Visit Site

One of the only gaming subscription boxes for teens, kids, and adults that allows you to rent video games!

$15.95–$22.95 / month
Free Month Trial! GET IT NOW
2 The Definitive Graze Box Review 2021

Inexpensive snack subscription box that provides portioned-out snack packs and offers new subscribers free sample boxes (free shipping isn’t included though).

$13.99 / month
Free First Box GET IT NOW
3 ScentBox Reviews [Must Read Before Signing Up in 2022]

ScentBox is a monthly subscription service that sends you enough fragrance for a month to give you a better idea of whether it’s right for you.

$14.85 - $32.95 / month

Types of Cheap Subscription Boxes

Clothing + Accessories

You might not think that there would be many options for cheap clothing subscription boxes, but there happen to be a few! Most of these are for accessories such as jewelry or small articles of clothing like socks, underwear, T-shirts, and so on. With these subscriptions, you’re likely to get just one or two items. You’ll never get samples.

For example, EarFleek is a cheap box that provides a monthly pair of earrings. It’s one of the only subscription boxes under $5! There are a variety of other high-quality jewelry subscription boxes that cost under $20. Other cheap boxes for clothing or accessories include Say It with a Sock, Pura Vida Bracelets, Loot Wear, and so on.

Beauty + Skincare

Odds are, you already know about this category of subscription boxes if you’ve been searching for cheap options. We’ve noticed that the beauty and skincare industry seems to have the highest number of inexpensive boxes. This isn’t surprising though—beauty and skincare products are also some of the most common items to sample.

There are four budget-friendly beauty boxes on our list, but many more out there. With cheap makeup subscription boxes, expect to receive mostly sample products (although some occasionally throw in a full-size or deluxe-size item). There are also some boxes that offer one or two full-size items rather than a few samples.

This is a very versatile category of subscription boxes—you can find options within your budget for nearly any beauty-related product you’d like! There are boxes dedicated to face masks, just makeup, specific types of products, skincare, Korean beauty, natural beauty, soaps, bath bombs, and so on. You can see why this category has some of the best subscription boxes of 2019. If you want to see more of the best options, check out our list of beauty subscription boxes!

Food, Snacks, and Drinks

This is one of our favorite types, and luckily there are plenty of inexpensive options for snacks and drink subscription boxes! We included a few on our list, such as Love with Food, Graze, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Simple Loose Leaf. Unlike beauty boxes, you’re much more likely to receive full-size items in these boxes, since most food isn’t as pricey as beauty products.

Although we included food in the title, snack and drink boxes are more likely to have cheap options. Lots of snack boxes, such as Graze, offer a free snack box trial or a coupon for your first order to save extra money. For drinks, you can find inexpensive tea subscriptions and even some cheap options for coffee beans (like Blue Bottle Coffee).

Because they tend to be much higher priced, there aren’t many cheap food subscription boxes for meal kit deliveries. Some can run as high as $70 weekly. On the other hand, most of them offer generous coupons to try out a couple meals for an amazing price compared to what you’d normally pay. We didn’t include any of them here since they’re not the cheapest, but you can check them out in our list of food subscription boxes!

Geek Boxes

If you’re a fan of nerdy themed subscription boxes, you’ll be glad to hear that there are a couple of cheap geek subscription boxes! Loot Crate, for example, offers plenty. Their cheapest options are their clothing boxes. They have a box with socks, underwear, shirts, wearables, and even an option specifically for girls. These range from $9.99–$19.99 per month.  

Clothes aren’t the only type of item you can receive! There are some geek boxes that provide collectibles and other fun items as well. For example, Pop in a Box provides a collectible, vinyl Pop toy every month for just below $10. Loot Crate also offers the Loot Remix box that costs under $15.

Book Clubs

Book clubs are another fun type of cheap monthly subscription boxes! They’re a great way to get yourself (or your kids) to read more. Since they can take a while to read, you may end up reading it over the entire month! This definitely makes it worth your money. We love Book of the Month, but there are a few other popular options that are similarly priced.

There are book clubs for adults, teens, and even kids! Some leave it a surprise, and some allow you to choose the category or even the book itself!

Health and Wellness

This category includes some of the most useful cheap subscription boxes for women (and some for men as well). For example, these include time-of-the-month boxes, boxes that provide supplements or vitamins, fitness boxes, sexual wellness, and other similar ones that promote your health.

In a health-focused box, the type of items you receive can vary greatly depending on the box. Time-of-the-month boxes, for example, typically provide tampons or pads. Some also provide products that girls love to have while on their periods (tea, products to reduce cramps, chocolate, candy).

There are also cheap subscription boxes that provide monthly supplies of condoms, lube, and other sexual wellness products. Additionally, fitness subscription boxes offer products to help you get the best results in the gym! Bulu Box, for example, provides samples of supplements, vitamins, healthy snacks like protein bars, and more.

Cheap Subscription Boxes for Kids

After seeing their parents opening exciting subscription boxes every month, kids are bound to want their own. It’s like getting a gift every month—what kid wouldn’t want that? Luckily, there are a variety of inexpensive boxes for kids. For example, Little Passports and KiwiCo provide fun, educational activities for children of all ages to engage in. They both cost under $20 per month.

In addition to educational subscription boxes, you can also find options for toys, books, legos, games, and more! Our best subscription boxes for kids list has a great number of inexpensive options—many of these cost under $25 per month.

Cheap Subscription Boxes for Men

Men want to save money too! Many options of budget-friendly boxes for men will include grooming supplies. One example is Dollar Shave Club, which provides monthly shipments of razors. There’s also Birchbox Man, which provides grooming and lifestyle samples.

However, there are a few inexpensive options beyond grooming! You can see in our list of best subscription boxes for men that there are subscriptions for golfing, fishing, accessories, underwear, and more that offer cheap options under $20. Out of all the options, you’re bound to find some cool, cheap subscription boxes that you’ll fall in love with.


This final category is for unique boxes that don’t have a particular category. These could include items for the home, phone cases, gardening, and anything else that doesn’t seem to fit in. The good news is that most boxes like these include full-size items!

With all these different options, there’s bound to be a subscription box within your budget for whatever product you’re looking for.

Cheap Monthly Subscription Boxes vs. Expensive Subscription Boxes

A lot of people wonder about the differences between inexpensive boxes compared to options that cost more money. Is it worth it? Will they get a good value of products?

If you’re focused on the value, more expensive boxes are almost always better. Even boxes that cost slightly more than the options on this list tend to be of greater value. For example, Boxycharm costs $21 monthly and provides 4–5 full-size makeup items that are worth $100+ in total. Compared to a cheap monthly subscription box for beauty such as Birchbox or Ipsy, this is a much better deal for only $11 more each month.

Cheap subscription boxes are much more likely to include sample products (like in beauty or snack boxes). However, these boxes are a great way to try a bunch of new items that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise—you might find your next holy grail product! There are also boxes that provide full-size items, but you’ll only receive one or two things in these.

Overall, the best fit for you depends on what size of products you’d prefer, your price range, and the type of products you’re looking for.

Bottom Line

That just about sums up our favorite cheap subscription boxes! As you can see, you have plenty of options. We hope this list helped you discover the kind of boxes you were looking for. Even though they’re already inexpensive, many of these boxes also offer savings opportunities and coupons, so make sure to check out our reviews to find the more exclusive deals we share. Before we wrap up, check out our FAQs to answer any questions you may have!


Are there any free subscription boxes?

Unfortunately, we have yet to find a completely free subscription box. However, there are plenty of boxes that offer free trials, the first month for free, free products for new subscribers, and more! We’ve listed these deals in the right column of the table above. If they require a coupon code, it will show up below the red button.  

Also, there are more boxes that offer free stuff that we haven’t included in this list because they don’t have the cheapest monthly pricing. For example, there are many free beauty box samples or even entire boxes for free when you subscribe to certain beauty subscriptions. Julep, for example, offers your first customized box for free (you just have to pay the small shipping fee).

Since there are numerous deals like this, we have another article sharing the boxes that offer free bonus products or free trials!

What types of subscription boxes have the most budget-friendly options?

Although you can find cheap options for most types of boxes, there are more cheap beauty subscription boxes than others. This is because makeup and skincare products are some of the most common items to sample! You can find numerous options to choose from. There are also many snacks or drink subscription boxes that offer inexpensive boxes.

What are the most significant benefits of cheap subscription boxes?

As you might imagine, the largest benefit is obviously saving money. However, there are other benefits as well! For example, many of these cheap boxes provide sample-size products that allow you to test them out without having to purchase a full size for full price. These boxes also introduce you to new products that you might fall in love with, which you probably wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

In addition, inexpensive boxes almost always have a higher value than what you pay.

Can you customize a cheap subscription box?

This depends on the box! Many beauty boxes, such as Ipsy and Birchbox, provide the option to customize your items to fit your preferences. Many other boxes do as well—you just need to check out their website and see what they advertise.

Can I cancel my subscription before my free trial ends?

Yes! We’ve never seen a subscription that doesn’t allow you to cancel whenever you’d like if you have a monthly plan—even before your free trial ends. The only circumstance where you can’t cancel is when you prepay for a certain length of time (such as an annual plan).

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