Butcher Box Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

Butcher Box Review: Is It Worth the Investment?
9.7 Total Score

Whenever you pass the meat aisle in the supermarket, you might think about the carbon footprint that a kilo of meat produces. Looking for sustainable, eco-friendly meat sources is becoming more vital for consumers.

Butcher Box is the perfect solution if you’re looking for clean eating. It provides heritage pork, grass-fed and grass-finished beef, organic, free-range chicken, and wild-caught seafood. Butcher Box reviews confirm that the meat is free from harmful chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones, so it’s healthier and richer in taste.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of this meat subscription service. Butcher Box is the largest certified B Corp meat firm that focuses on responsibly raising its cattle. Its high standard for environmental impact and animal welfare is perfect for anyone seeking eco-friendly options delivered straight to their door.

We’ll explore the Butcher Box reviews for 2022 to find out if it’s worth the investment.

All About Butcher BoxA knife cutting a Butcher Box meat product

Butcher Box specializes in regenerative and organic farming that prevents pollution, animal abuse and doesn’t impact the world negatively. When done right, all that helps regenerate the soil and actively works on reducing CO2 emissions. And monthly food boxes can be a convenient and easy way to reduce your waste.

Overview and Highlights

What is Butcher Box? The company provides sustainable meat deliveries and ensures access to ethically and responsibly raised meat. Everything is sourced from eco-friendly cattle farms in the US, Australia, and Canada. Plus, you’ll receive your customized and curated boxes at your door in no time.

The best part is that it’s a reliable service. Butcher Box is a certified B Corp, meaning it adheres to the highest standards in terms of workers’ rights, animal welfare, and environmental impact. The company represents responsible and organic ranch owners, sustainable meat intermediaries, and responsible packaging practices.

What Does Butcher Box Offer?

Butcher Box offers several plans you can subscribe to based on your preferences. First, you can customize the box with the different kinds and amounts of meat. You can even toggle with the frequency of the subscription before placing the order.

You’ll receive the high-quality, freshly-frozen meat at your door in 3–7 days upon ordering. You only need to thaw the meat before cooking your delicious meals. ButcherBox.com reviews confirm that whether it’s broiling, searing, grilling, barbecuing, browning, or roasting, you’ll have a great time working with these cuts.

You can customize each box as you like before the billing date. You can choose between plenty of yummy items, like wild salmon or turkey. Customers can freely change boxes or make them bigger or smaller. Also, you have options to push the box by a week or skip a month. And there are no extra costs for changing the subscription.

Butcher Box offers two types of boxes: custom and curated. Both come in a Big or Classic size. You need to gauge how often you eat meat, how many people you’ll serve, the box frequency, freezer space, and what type of meat you like. Let’s take a closer look at what comes in a Butcher Box.Butcher Box plans

Curated Box

Curated Boxes contain a mixture of pre-selected meat cuts. But the box is curated each time, meaning that you don’t know what meat cuts you’ll receive. It’s a wonderful way to try out new cuts and recipes and make your subscription way more exciting. Plus, you can add more if you wish. Here’s what you can expect:


  • Price: $137
  • Amount of Meat: 8–11 lbsButcher Box cooked meat
  • Number of Meals: 24


  • Price: $253
  • Amount of Meat: 16–22 lbs
  • Number of Meals: 48

You can choose from four main options:

  • Mixed box with Beef, Chicken, and Pork
  • Beef and Chicken
  • Beef and Pork
  • All Beef

We recommend the Classic size for small families, people with less freezer space, or individuals. Butcher Box reviews mention that the Big Box is perfect for people with deep freezers, bigger families, or those who want meat in every meal.

Custom Box

Custom Boxes are larger than curated boxes and come with around 20% more. That’s why they’re also slightly more expensive. Also, you can select the kind of cuts and meats you want.

It’s very convenient and easy to design the perfect meat box, with a choice of around 25 premium cuts like chicken breast, ground beef, bacon, tenderloin, and filet mignon. You can select wild seafood, heritage-bred pork, organic free-range chicken, and 100% grass-fed beef. Even experienced chefs will find premium cuts for their top-notch dishes.


  • Price: $159Butcher Box cooked meal
  • Amount of Meat: 9–14 lbs
  • Number of Meals: 30


  • Price: $288
  • Amount of Meat: 18–26 lbs
  • Number of Meals: 60

We recommend mixing up your order each time to get cuts that are worth the money. Authentic reviews show Butcher Box meats like drumsticks and plain ground beef may not be the best way to receive the most value from the Custom Box.

Butcher Box Add-Ons

The best thing about Butcher Box is that you can always add cuts and selections you’ve been craving. Even if you’re going for the curated box with pre-selected cuts, you can include the ones you want to try, too.

Butcher Box plans are flexible in changing the size and type of box you order with no extra charges. You can switch your Butcher Box subscription frequency to every two, four, six, or eight weeks. Also, you can change the delivery and billing date to suit your needs. 

If you find that the box is too much or too little, you can adjust the amount of meat you receive. Independent reviews of Butcher Box show that customers love tailoring the packages to their taste buds, needs, budget, and schedules.

Butcher Box Pricing, Discounts & Options

The ButcherBox price is definitely worth the high-quality and organic meat you’re receiving. When you consider the free shipping and no hidden charges, and the quality of the meat, the pricing plan is undoubtedly cost-effective. The convenience of receiving everything at home cuts out the time and money you have to otherwise put in to go out and purchase it every time.Butcher Box box and products

We recommend selecting some of the premium cuts each time to get the most value for your buck. While extras like salmon, bacon, sausage and more beef come with additional fees, you can rest assured that they’re sourced sustainably. Plus, regardless of the plan you go for, you don’t have to pay for shipping.


Saving Opportunities

Butcher Box reviews your subscription, and if you get a membership, you’ll receive two pounds of 100% grass-fed ground beef for free with each order. Plus, the service offers free shipping, so you get to save more cash.

Since Butcher Box delivers meat all over the US, Canada, and Australia, it’s harder to calculate how much you’ll be saving as the cost varies for each location. Generally, we noticed that the prices for Butcher Box are the same as those you see in farmers’ markets and high-end stores for any free-range chicken, heritage pork, or grass-fed beef. You get the same quality for the same price but with the added flexibility and convenience of online shopping and deliveries. 

So is Butcher Box a good deal? For people living in regions where it’s harder and more expensive to find eco-friendly and sustainable meat products, it’s even more cost-effective to order from Butcher Box.

Website Experience

Upon entering the website, you’ll find offers for free ground beef that’s 100% grass-fed and grass-finished if you subscribe for a lifetime. The website is easy to use and quite straightforward.

You can sign for the Butcher Box plans with an email ID and select the box you like. You can choose from 25 cuts of meat if you get the Custom Box. Besides, you’ll find pictures of all the seafood and meat types on the website so that you can see what you’re getting. There are even suggestions on cooking the ingredients, with descriptions and quantities you can refer to.

After you’ve explored the page, you can pick the meaty options you find interesting. We recommend trying out unique cuts that you may not have had before, as they can lead to surprisingly delicious results. 

It was challenging to find complaints of Butcher Box or negative reviews. Customers find it quite fun to confirm details for their order and get surprised with free bacon from Butcher Box. Overall, you can get high-quality, sustainable meat quickly, efficiently, and easily without having to leave your home.Butcher Box—How it works

Ordering Process

The sign-up process is pretty straightforward. All you need to start is an email, and the website will offer you different meat cuts to choose from. When ordering, you’ll need to fill in basic details like your name, address, and postal code. The payment process is quick, with different methods available depending on your preferences.

Managing Your Subscription

You can make changes to your delivery dates, boxes, and billing dates. Butcher Box reviews and approves your preferences at no extra cost. Also, you can postpone or skip deliveries

Canceling your subscription is possible via the website, email, or customer service. Since Butcher Box delivers perishable items, it’s not possible to return them. But why would you want to when you’re receiving these delicious products right to your door?

Shipping & PackagingButcher Box packaging

When you sign up for a box, you’ll receive confirmation emails and an invitation to join the member-only, exclusive Butcher Box community. You’ll get your order between 3 to 7 business days, and you can track it through your email. The company will send a confirmation when it ships your box. Also, you’ll get extra Butcher Box subscription details about the delivery, some resources on how to handle the dry ice and frozen meat, and a helpful FAQ section.

Since the goal of Butcher Box is to minimize waste and promote sustainability, you can expect eco-friendly packaging, too. The boxes are made of recyclable materials. The company even uses in-built insulation instead of insulated bags to ensure the meat stays at the right temperature during shipping.

Customer Service

ButcherBox customer reviews show that the support team is incredibly helpful. You can use the Live Chat on the website for any queries you may have, or the Help Center, where you can report an issue, explore the extensive FAQ library and contact customer representatives. They also respond quickly to any emails you send to the support email.

Butcher Box Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

The certified B Corp company has an A+ BBB rating, and even all the Butcher Box bad reviews have been properly addressed. Plus, Winc wine subscription reviews show that Butcher Box is a reputable brand, and the meat combines perfectly with a bottle of red or white. 

Customer receiving their Butcher BoxIn full disclosure, there were some initial negative customer reviews about account settings or delivery. But since then, the service has improved a great deal, and with it, the ButcherBox customer reviews have become more positive. 

You can rest assured that you’ll have a good experience with Butcher Box. Still, if you’re considering a full meal subscription, you can check the feedback on Home Chef.

Butcher Box meat reviews also show that customers love the quality they receive. We couldn’t find any issues with the shipping or packaging.

Butcher Box Alternatives – How Does It Compare?

There are many subscription services beside the Butcher Box. So let’s take a closer look at how it compares to other popular brands.

Butcher Box vs Omaha SteaksOmaha Steaks packaging

While both companies provide high-quality meat, Butcher Box ensures clean eating. Omaha Steak on the other hand offers gift options, as well as regular holiday special offers. Aside from free-range, organic, heritage, or grass-fed products, you also receive chemical-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free meat from Butcher Box. Since the meat is beyond lean, you get a richer and meatier flavor with every meal. 

Butcher Box vs Crowd CowCrowd Cow box

Crowd Cow only offers ala carte options, while Butcher Box is a subscription service. The former also doesn’t offer free shipping until you make purchases over $99. But it provides full transparency over the meat source, while Butcher Box has some overreaching guidelines.

Wrap Up — Is Butcher Box Worth It?

Butcher Box is the best option if you want sustainable and eco-friendly meat sources

Most agricultural practices are too damaging to the planet, and it’s crucial to find better alternatives. Butcher Box makes it convenient and simple for users to find grass-fed and grass-finished beef, heritage pork, wild-caught seafood, and organic, free-range chicken.

The service is also excellent for consumers who live in areas where getting eco-friendly and sustainable meat remains challenging. You can get your meat right to the door in recyclable packing and resources on using it. You’ll receive produce that’s truly worth the cost in quality and results in delicious meals.

We hope our Butcher Box review shows you that it’s worth the investment if you prize sustainability, clean eating, and environmental impact above all.


Can I return my Butcher Box?

No. The company ships perishable items, so it can’t accept returns.

What cuts does Butcher Box offer?

You can get a variety of beef, chicken, and pork cuts. When it comes to seafood, the service offers scallops and salmon. Butcher Box also introduces new cuts and products (like bison) constantly. But they’re only available for members.

Can I change my box?

You’re free to switch your box whenever you like from the website.

Can I choose what I receive in my box?

With the custom boxes, you can choose the meat selections. Butcher Box reviews confirm that you’re also free to add anything you want in the curated or custom boxes.

  • On-time delivery
  • Free shipping
  • Guaranteed sustainable and organic meat
  • High-quality standards
  • Huge variety of meat selections
  • Comes with recipes and tips on how to use meat
  • Excellent pricing plan
  • Flexible and customizable

  • Customers need to get the food at least eight hours after delivery.
  • Possible holes in the packaging that may leak during thawing
  • Might need to plan ahead to order

9.7 Total Score

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