Brick Loot Review 2024 — Is It Worth It?

Brick Loot Review 2024 — Is It Worth It?

Are you thinking about growing your LEGO collection with the help of this subscription service? Make sure to check out our Brick Loot review first to get a picture of what you can expect in the box and whether it’s a good value for money.

We review everything from ordering experience and pricing plans all the way to exclusive saving opportunities and more!

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Brick Loot Exclusive Theme

Who doesn’t love building with LEGOs? I sure do, so I recently subscribed to a LEGO subscription box called Brick Loot! Their subscription boxes contain only LEGO products. While the company was created by a nine-year-old, this subscription can be enjoyed by people of all ages! This Brick Loot review will share my experience ordering my first box, finding coupons, and anything else I found essential to share.

First Impressions

Brick Loot Review - Website Impressions

The Brick Loot website is informal and concise. They provide just a few different pages, but you can still find all the information you need. They also have an FAQ section covering a wide variety of questions, which also includes their email if you need to contact them.

In addition to their subscriptions, the Brick Loot store has a huge range of LEGO products you can buy or add to your subscription shipment. Although their boxes are meant to be a surprise, they still provide a list of the possible items you could receive.

After looking through Brick Loot reviews by subscribers, I noticed that this subscription seems to be best for people who already have an established collection of LEGOs to build with. They provide a lot of products that can be added to your collection (such as minifigures and small building kits). However, I’ll be able to expound on this once I receive my first box.

Brick Loot Offer

Brick Loot Review 2018 - Offer

The monthly box contains anywhere between 4-8 items with a retail value of at least $45. As I mentioned earlier, their boxes are meant to be a surprise, but they do provide a list of what might come in your box.

For instance, you might receive custom kits with LEGO bricks, kits by famous LEGO designers, or Brick Loot exclusives that haven’t even hit the market yet! Your box might also come with LEGO accessories, custom LEGO minifigures, or LEGO compatible products. They have a large variety of awesome Brick Loot lights kits in their shop and may include smaller versions of these in their boxes, as well.

They have four subscription plans to choose from. You can opt for a monthly plan at $27.28, a 3-month subscription for $25.98 per month, a 6-month plan at $25.48 a month, or an annual subscription for $24.88 per month. Subscriptions other than the monthly one are paid upfront. Moreover, shipping isn’t free and costs $6 per box for the USA, $13 for Canada, and $15 for international deliveries.

Brick Loot Discount Code & Payment Options

You can pay for your subscription using a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card. They also accept PayPal or even payment through your Amazon account! As for coupons, I’ll be listing the ones I found now and also include all future coupons I’ll come across in my monthly Brick Loot reviews. For this month, however, I was able to find three coupons.

The first granted 10% off your subscription by providing the code “MSA10”. The second was a 12% off deal, and the code to redeem it was “USFAMILY12”. Finally, customers could get $5 off their first box by providing the promo code “KIDCEO”. I tested these in my cart and all of them worked! However, I’m not sure how long these will last, so make sure to use them as soon as you can!

I’ve also been able to find Brick Loot Groupon deals in the past. However, when I checked back at the end of May, the website said the deals were no longer available. This could change in the future, so make sure to check before you order! Groupon always has a great selection of subscription box deals.

Brick Swag vs Brick Loot

As with any subscription box, there’s going to be some competition on the market. Brick Swag is one of the popular LEGO boxes similar to Brick Loot. They have a waitlist at the moment, but they will be reopening their subscriptions on May 29th at 11 AM. If I choose to subscribe to Brick Swag as well, I’ll compare the two in my Brick Loot subscription box review.

They call their monthly subscription boxes The Challenge Box. Each box includes an unmatched variety of 250 LEGO pieces with five new build challenges for the chance to win prizes if you can complete them. It also includes a LEGO minifigure and 10 minifigure accessories. A monthly subscription costs $25.95 per month, a 6-month prepaid subscription costs $22.95 per month, and an annual subscription costs $19.95 per month. Each shipment costs an additional $7.45 for shipping. Someone might prefer this subscription if they want to know what will come in their box in more detail rather than being surprised each month.

Unboxing My First Loot!

I subscribed to Brick Loot at the end of April and received my first box in May. I felt like a little kid again when I found my shipment in the mailbox! It was shipped in a light blue and white box with some cute LEGO designs.

Brick loot review - Brick Loot Unboxing

Their contest to win the ‘mega brick’ by doing an unboxing video on YouTube was advertised on one side of the box.

Brick Loot Review - Unboxing

As mentioned earlier in this Brick Loot review, each box they ship has a theme the products are centered around. This month’s was focused on insects!

Brick Loot Review 2018 - Unboxing

I’ll be sharing each LEGO product I received in the next section.

Magic Butterfly

This set required the most building, so obviously it was my favorite item in this Brick loot review. It’s completely exclusive to Brick Loot, so you won’t be able to find it anywhere else! It has 88 pieces in total. The package includes easy-to-follow instructions on how to build the butterfly and some information about the designer. It’s pretty simple to build and looks very pretty when finished.

Brick Loot Review - Magic Butterfly Set

Plus, the bag it comes in is resealable for easy storage if you don’t want to get them mixed up with other pieces you have.

Mini Brick Collection Sets – Insects

Brick Loot Review - Ladybug

These LEGO insects make a perfect addition to the box! The set comes with four different insects that seem fairly simple to put together. Each set has 30-40 pieces. There’s a housefly (31 pieces), a dragonfly (40 pieces), a lady bug (39 pieces), and an ant (40 pieces). Each of these comes in a separate box with instructions.  

Brick Loot Review - Housefly

Remember the beginning of this month’s Brick Loot review when I mentioned I liked this set best because it required most building? As it turned out, they’re not all super easy to put together like I imagined. Some of the pieces are so tiny and easy to lose. Because of this, I’m not sure if these sets would be the best for younger kids. A couple of the boxes included a couple extra lego pieces (not sure if this was an accident or on purpose because it was just one or two random pieces).

 Brick Loot Review - Dragonfly

The ant was the most difficult for me since all the pieces are black and it’s hard to tell how the instructions go.

Brick Loot Review - Ant

However, I appreciate a bit of difficulty so I was satisfied when I finished them all! The dragonfly was the cutest. The only complaint I had is that it was extremely difficult to get the little antenna pieces in on the ant and ladybug.

RGB Flashing LED Brick

Even with my obsession with LEGOs as a kid, I had never seen light up bricks before but I’ve read about them in many Brick loot reviews! These are awesome and flash different colors when turned on, and can be used to bring attention to a certain part of your city. Brick Loot has a large variety of light-up LEGO items in their online shop (such as minifigures, bricks, building kits, and so on). Some of these are pretty spendy.

These are also exclusive to Brick Loot (which explains why I’ve never seen them before). I was a bit curious about the batteries for these because the packaging didn’t say anything about this. However, I found a pack of 10 on their website for $3, so they’re pretty inexpensive.

The Exterminator – Custom Pad Printed 100% LEGO Minifigure

This minifigure is the perfect finale to exterminate the insects you just added to your LEGO city! It’s another item that’s Brick Loot exclusive so, odds are, you’ll be the only one you know that has this minifigure (unless you hang out with fellow Brick Loot subscribers).  

 Brick Loot Review Minifigure


That sums up everything I had to say for this month’s Brick Loot review! Although it didn’t look like much at first, it ended up being a pretty good haul! In total I got 239 LEGO pieces and a minifigure. It took me a couple hours to build everything. While this box was pretty exciting, I think larger versions of it would be even better!

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Brick Loot Review Summary
All in all, I’ve enjoyed my first experience with Brick Loot. It’d make a great subscription for anyone to add a few exclusive items to their LEGOs collection each month. If you’re unsure which subscription to choose, I would search through our subscription box reviews for Brick Loot and other LEGO boxes. As for a more detailed insight into what you might receive in the box, make sure to check out my next Brick Loot review for July!
  • Box value is worth more than what you pay
  • You can cancel anytime
  • Longer subscriptions will save you money
  • Fun monthly themes
  • You can purchase previous boxes you may have missed out on
  • Exclusive items you can’t get anywhere else

  • Shipping isn’t free
  • It’s a little spendy
  • Only one size box
  • Everyone gets the same box (no customization)

8 Total Score

Customer Service
Retail Value
Quality of Products
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