BootayBag Reviews in 2024 — What Do Customers Say?

BootayBag has been making great waves in the women’s lingerie department, offering a complete line of attractive underwear. The subscription is all the rage these days, but what do BootayBag reviews say? Is it truly worth it? That’s what we’re here to find out.

The service has already been already featured on SharkTank. BootayBag provides greater convenience and affordability when shopping for underwear, and the subscription that offers you 1–4 pairs of trendy and adorable undies every month. 

Let’s learn more about the company, its materials, pricing, and customer feedback.

Bottom Line

BootayBag is an excellent subscription that’s ideal for the modern woman who doesn’t have time to go shopping. This cute and sexy lingerie will have you looking and feeling great. The company has an excellent reputation that will only improve in the coming years as more and more women choose BootayBag.

All About the Company 

Subscription Boxes for Women - BootaybagBootayBag is a lingerie brand that’s among the top-rated monthly subscription boxes. It offers a subscription to women shopping for affordable and convenient underwear and bras. The service receives many positive BootayBag customer reviews. If you want to try it, all you have to do is fill out your underwear preferences and size details and choose what you want to receive. 

For instance, you can choose the thongs option and receive them every month. But you can also mix it up. BootayBag has a wide variety of styles, so you’ll never be short of options, no matter your needs and requirements. 

You can check out the service’s Instagram page for the latest styles and trending underwear, and you can also skip a month if you don’t like the styles. 

Overview and Highlights 

BootayBag ships you new underwear every month, and you can choose to get one or two pairs along with a bralette. There are numerous styles, including cheeky undies, cute thongs, or a mix. 

Ellyette Ghetto, BootayBag’s founder, is an entrepreneur who was tired of all the boring lingerie selections on the market. That’s how she came up with a subscription model of her own that would offer BootayBag quality underwear for women at affordable costs.

BootayBag is run by women for women. The idea behind the brand is to create a safe space where you can shop without feeling pressured or judged. The company’s mission is to give you flattering and sexy lingerie that makes you feel like a queen.

BootayBag Is Best For

BootayBag is for every woman who is sick and tired of the lingerie selection on the market. The best part is that its sexy underwear comes at affordable costs.

BootayBag Is Not Good For

Whether you’re a size zero or plus-sized, BootayBag has you covered. But if you’re not interested in a monthly subscription, this won’t be the best option for you.

What Does BootayBag Offer?

Although the company headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, BootayBag reviews reveal that the underwear is made in China. The service claims that all its vendors follow fair labor practices, and it only works with Fair Trade-certified factories. 

Are There Different Options? 

bootaybag optionsBootayBag offers you a new pair of underwear every month. There are two monthly subscriptions with free shipping throughout the US.

The first option is one pair of underwear per month, and you choose between “Never Thong and “Always Thong.” The subscription cost is $15 per month, and it’s ideal for women who want new lingerie regularly. 

The second option gets you two pairs of underwear, and it’s best for ladies who want more variety. You can choose between the same options or mix them up for $18 per month


You can choose the underwear option you want, which more than one BootayBag review mentions as one of the best things about the subscription. Whether you’re plus-sized or a size zero, you’ll always get underwear that fits you. 

You have complete freedom to select different options or order a mix of everything. BootayBag offers you a complete shopping experience for underwear. 

BootayBag Add-Ons

You can add a bralette to your underwear. Also, you don’t have to pick the same size for your bra and your underwear. After all, most women carry different top and bottom sizes. 

How Does BootayBag Work?

If you want to subscribe, click on the “Subscribe” button on the website’s homepage, and that will bring you to the signup process. 

You’ll have to state what size of underwear you prefer and pick your favorite styles. Then, you’ll have to choose one of the two subscription options and whether you want an additional bra with your underwear. 

Website Experience 

bootaybag website orderBootayBag website reviews confirm that the page is fast and highly user-friendly. You’ll find what you’re looking for in no time. The navigation is simple, and you won’t have any trouble choosing what you want.

Ordering Process

The subscription process is simple, and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Once you’ve filled in all the required information, you can head over to the checkout to review your order in detail. Also, look around the homepage to find a BootayBag discount code for first orders. 

Managing Your Subscription

You can’t return your subscription box as the company offers no refunds. But you can make changes and pause your subscription any time you want. You can also skip a delivery if you don’t like the underwear styles for next month.

Canceling your subscription is super-easy and straightforward. All you need to do is head over to the home page and select “Cancel Subscription.”

BootayBags Pricing, Discounts, & Options 

The BootayBag subscription box is affordably priced compared to similar services. Paying $15 for super comfortable, modern underwear isn’t much, and opting to get two undies every month brings down the cost even more. 

You can cancel your subscription easily or skip a box if you don’t like the current styles. Not many boxes offer this flexibility. Plus, BootayBag offers free shipping for all orders in the US, and the packaging is of top-notch quality.

Overall, the service ranks among the cheapest and most popular adult subscriptions.

Saving Opportunities 

The service has a rewards program where you earn points and use them to get further discounts on the BootayBag cost of new underwear. That happens via coupon codes, which have different tiers based on how many dollars you spent on them. They are as follows:

  • Best Babe: $0 to $50 
  • Boss Babe: $50 to $150
  • Total Babe: $150 and more 

You can use your account to track your points and redeem them. All you need to do is go to the “Spend My Points” option on the customer portal. A window will open, showing you everything you can spend your points on. 

BootayBag Customer Service 

The BootayBag customer support is excellent, and you can reach out to the team through text message by typing BBHELP to 51816. You can also call the customer support helpline or send an email

The reviews on Bootaybag’s customer service are generally positive. Still, there are some complaints. Some customers were disappointed that the underwear didn’t fit them, and they couldn’t get a refund.

BootayBags Reputation and Customer Satisfaction 

Cheap Subscription Boxes - BootayBagWe did our digging and found out that the company generally has positive reviews online. It receives an average of 4 stars out of 5 on Influenster from 56 customer ratings.

The positive reviews of BootayBag mention that the underwear fits perfectly. They also say that the special styles and excellent customer service are a huge plus point. Interestingly, the negative feedback highlighted the opposite. Some customers were disgruntled about the bad service, underwear quality, and poor fit. Still, these reviews amounted to only 1% of all found online. 

Wrap Up: Is BootayBag Worth It?

BootayBag has done an excellent job of providing affordable underwear for women and delivers excellent customer service. Plus, most BootayBag reviews are positive. So, if you’re tired of searching for quality lingerie, the subscription is definitely worth it. But if you don’t feel convinced, you can also check our breakdown of MeUndies — one of the BootayBag’s biggest competitors. 


  • New pair of underwear every month
  • Discount for first orders
  • Sexy and cute underwear styles
  • You won’t have to go shopping for lingerie again.


  • No refunds
  • Damaged items will only be exchanged if they’re in stock.
  • Size issues are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


When will I receive my first bag?

Generally, it takes around 7–10 days for a BootayBag box to be shipped. 

How can I customize my subscription?

You can customize your monthly subscription based on your preferences from your online profile. But you can also skip a month if there’s nothing you like.

What about returns and exchanges?

The company has a strict no refund policy, but it offers a Happiness Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your subscription box, you can contact the customer care team. 

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