Birchbox Reviews 2021

Birchbox Reviews 2021
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Widely acknowledged as the beauty box that started it all, Birchbox delivers personalized samples of both emerging names and established brands. You can expect a mix of skincare, makeup, hair care, and body products which will upgrade your everyday routine.

Read our Birchbox reviews featuring monthly unboxings to see what we got in the past boxes. You’ll also find out everything about their offers, new products, coupons and saving opportunities, and much more.

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I recently decided to add Birchbox to my collection (or should I say obsession) of monthly subscription boxes. They’re one of the most popular options on the market, so it only makes sense for me to try it out. This post will outline my initial ordering experience and share what I received in my first Birchbox! I’ll also be posting regular monthly Birchbox reviews that will show the unboxing, all the products inside, and my opinions about it.

First Impressions

Birchbox Reviews 2018 - Website

The official Birchbox website is very simple to navigate, and you can easily find all the information you’d need. I also love that they have the option to fill out a profile with information about makeup preferences, skin type, hair type, and more to ensure you get products best tailored for you.

If you want some control over what comes in your box, I found that you can go to the tab that says ‘your boxes’ where you’re able to customize your Birchbox subscription. You can choose a sample that comes in it or you can opt to receive one of their entirely curated boxes. I’ll probably choose a sample, but I’d like the rest of it to be a surprise. I was also very impressed with the deals and promotions they offered as well, which I’ll go into more detail about later.

Before purchasing, I made sure to do a little research on Birchbox ratings to see how other people are liking the box. The reviews are generally positive, and most people recommend the box which makes me feel confident in my decision to purchase it. When on the lookout for Birchbox reviews, Yelp, Reddit, and blogs were my go-to resources, and the majority of people there said that subscribing to receive this makeup box is a good decision to make. I can be a little obsessive sometimes, so I even went all the way back to reviews from last year and looked at all the different products that came inside each monthly box.

Birchbox Reviews - Featured Image

Birchbox Review – 2021

As for their box options, they have a couple of subscription plans to choose from. I opted for the monthly plan for $10 per month, but they also offer $110 per year and a 3-month plan for $30. They also have a 6-month plan for $50, which I think is a limited edition deal because I didn’t see it advertised until a few days after I subscribed. Shipping is free too. This is similar to what other makeup subscription boxes have to offer, as I’ve noticed in many Ipsy reviews.

I decided to go with the monthly option since I’m not sure how I’ll like it or if I’ll want to keep it long-term. Monthly subscriptions are great with Birchbox because you can cancel anytime! They ship out your first box within ten business days of subscribing, and after that, you will receive your boxes by the 10th of each month. They’ll send tracking information to your email once your box has shipped to make sure it gets to the right place.

If you’re a guy and want a subscription box but are unsure about which to get, I would look up a Birchbox man review and reviews for other boxes to see which you might enjoy the best. Not only does Birchbox offer a subscription box tailored to products for women, but they also offer a men’s version of the box. This is great because it seems like a majority of subscription boxes are made for women.

Birchbox New Box Choices

Something else I discovered when browsing through reviews is that they offer a few limited edition boxes! With these boxes, they advertise all the products that are inside. One of these boxes that stood out to me is a Vogue collaboration box they currently have. It costs $68 but offers a great number of high-value products (the actual value is $265). Inside, there are four full-sized products, one each from Milk Makeup, MAC, YSL Beauty, and Huxley. There’s also a hair treatment and a face mask.

These boxes are great because you can decide (before you buy) if you’ll like them and if it’s worth the price for you, while still getting a good value of products inside. They currently offer five other limited edition boxes like this, ranging from $46 to $68. I’ve bought similar boxes before, and they were always an amazing value for money. They work great as gifts too! However, this is not Birchbox-exclusive, as many other beauty subscriptions have the same offer. You could check out my Glossybox reviews to see what I mean.

Payment Options and Saving Opportunities

Birchbox accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover cards as a payment method. As for saving money, I discovered that Birchbox had a few promotions for newbies because they provided a promo code for a free mini lipstick gift in my first box. With further research, I discovered they have an entire page on their website dedicated to promo codes! These are highly valued in various Birchbox reviews, and I found three different codes for free products when you subscribe to Birchbox and another for joining Birchbox man. They also offered various coupons for saving money in the Birchbox Shop.

I found a few other coupons on RetailMeNot and similar websites (they often don’t work, but it’s still great to test them out). I didn’t use any of these coupons except for the free mini lipstick since I didn’t discover them until after I placed my order. I’ll be sharing limited time coupons in my monthly reviews since there are always new ones coming out. Another way to receive even more coupons and offers is to sign up for their email list. I got a coupon for 15% off my first purchase when signing up. During my research, I also found that the Birchbox cyber Monday deals were amazing last year (just for a future reminder).

More Saving Opportunities

They also have a loyalty program that rewards you in points that you can spend in their shop, which has a ton of full-sized beauty products. You can get points by referring friends, buying items from the shop, or purchasing Birchbox gift subscriptions. 10 points are equal to $1. Plus, you don’t even need to be subscribed to their monthly boxes to earn loyalty points. A final way to save a bit more money is to opt for the half-yearly or the yearly subscription, which will save you $10.

Ipsy vs. Birchbox

Birchbox Reviews 2018 Featured

Birchbox is commonly compared to Ipsy since they’re very similar in price and products. They’re both $10 per month with free shipping, and they provide five beauty products in each box. I’ve received Ipsy before so I’ll be able to compare the two in Ipsy vs. Birchbox reviews and see which one I like best. Another subscription service very similar to Birchbox and Ipsy that I will definitely be trying out soon is Sephora Play. It’s the same price as Ipsy or Birchbox and offers five products as well.

I will be posting Sephora Play reviews as well once I start receiving that subscription! If you’re feeling torn between Ipsy and Birchbox, there are many reviews that you can find to compare all of the differences between the two. However, in my opinion, it makes sense to try out both (or all three!) since they’re so reasonably priced.

My First Birchbox

Now for the best part – what I received in this month’s Birchbox!

 Birchbox - Box

Inside was my actual Birchbox! This box had a cute floral print. 

Birchbox Unboxing

Birchbox Review - Unboxing

I was pretty impressed with the products I got. None of them are full-sized, but most of them will last me a good amount of time. I received a natural deodorant, an eyeliner, a setting spray, and two lip products. Birchbox did a great job pairing my preferences with products. As mentioned earlier in this Birchbox review, I specified that I prefer to receive a variation of products, and that’s exactly what I got. Plus, I genuinely liked four out of five products and will be using them daily.

Birchbox Review 2018 - Products

Schmidt’s Lavender + Sage Deodorant

Birchbox Reviews - Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Review

I know you’re supposed to save the best for last, but I couldn’t wait! My favorite product of the ones I received is a 2.65 oz. Schmidt’s natural deodorant in the Lavender + Sage scent. The full-size is 3.25 oz, so Birchbox provided a very generous sample. I was looking forward to trying this product because I already use this deodorant in the Rose scent every day and I adore it! 

It’s a 100% natural deodorant that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals but still works as well as a regular deodorant (at least for me). They use essential oils for scent rather than fragrance, and it smells amazing. They also use ingredients such as arrowroot powder and baking soda to soak up the sweat.

If you do a little research besides reading this Birchbox review, you’ll learn that the popular brands of deodorant have a ton of harmful chemicals; some have even been connected to various types of cancer. I immediately switched over to natural products that don’t have these ingredients when I learned about this. I’ve tried a few different natural deodorants, but I’d say this brand is the best out of all of them. This generous size will last quite awhile.

Full-size retail price: $8.99

Eyeko Felt Tip Eyeliner (Black)

The following product I received is found in many Birchbox reviews. It is a mini Eyeko felt tip eyeliner in black. Coincidentally, I use felt-tip eyeliner most often. I’ve used this eyeliner before and was really satisfied with how easy it is to draw lines with it. Plus, it doesn’t rub off easily, and it doesn’t dry out super-fast like a lot of felt tip eyeliners do.

 Birchbox Reviews - Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner Review

The price for a full-size one is a little spendy for an eyeliner as it costs $22. So I’m guessing this mini size is at least $10 worth of product.

Full-size retail price: $22

Coola Setting Spray + SPF 30

Another product I got in this month’s Birchbox was a sample size setting spray from Coola.

Birchbox Reviews - Coola Setting Spray Review

This product is organic and includes SPF 30 to protect your skin throughout the day. I haven’t had a setting spray for a while so I’m looking forward to using this after I do my makeup. What’s more, I’ve never seen a setting spray that has SPF included, which is awesome because I always forget to put sun protection on my face. It will be super helpful to have a two-in-one product like this.

Birchbox Reviews - Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm Review

Full-size retail price: $36

Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm

The next product up is the Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm! It’s another 100% natural product that rehydrates skin and lips. I was surprised by how well this works! My lips felt super-soft after using it.

It doesn’t feel gross like most chapsticks either! It feels more like an oil, and it’s quickly absorbed after you put in on your lips. Also, it moisturizes skin nicely. Items like this one make the Birchbox subscription well-worth the invested money.

Full-size retail price: $16.50

Birchbox Reviews - Adesse Butter Lip Balm Review

Adesse Butter Lip Balm

The final product I received was a sample-size of the Adesse Butter Lip Balm. It’s a cute color, but I’ll probably be giving this away to a friend since I don’t really use tinted lip balms. However, I’ll be using all the other products that came in my box!

Full-size retail price: $24

Is Birchbox worth it?
In all, I had a fantastic experience ordering my first Birchbox and I was very happy with my first box! I definitely think it’s worth the inexpensive price. It’s a great subscription for any beauty lover who wants to try out different products before buying the full-size. If you decide to buy a product after trying it out in the box, their loyalty points system will save you money when you buy it in their shop. Moreover, getting a Birchbox  is a great idea for your fellow beauty lovers and will even get you some extra loyalty points.

Stay tuned for regular monthly Birchbox reviews! I’ll be showing what comes in this month’s box as soon as I receive it to let everyone know what I think about it. I’ll also be posting reviews for various other boxes I subscribe to as well, so you can see the differences and similarities between each.

  • Usually a good value of products
  • Customized boxes
  • Inexpensive monthly price
  • Try all kinds of new products
  • Save money and get rewards with the loyalty program
  • Free shipping
  • You can cancel anytime

  • Some of the samples are too small

8.2 Total Score

Box Value
Product Quality
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