Bespoke Post Roast Review + Unboxing

Bespoke Post Roast Review + Unboxing
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Many subscription boxes are tailored towards one type of product, such as beauty, food, or items for specific hobbies. Although these are great, they can be inconvenient when you have a variety of interests and don’t want the same type of products every month. Bespoke Post is a breath of fresh air—this unique subscription box for men has plenty of boxes and product types!

Their monthly boxes include items for the home, grooming products, accessories or clothing, items for specific hobbies (such as drawing), and other options. They offer new selections each month, plus you’re able to select which box you’d like. Each one has a thoughtfully curated theme.

This month’s Bespoke review shares the box I received, how to save money on your first box, other subscription boxes you might like, and my overall thoughts on the subscription.

Shipping + Unboxing

My October box arrived in a medium-sized Bespoke Post branded box. Although you’re able to choose what box you want for the month, I usually leave it a surprise. In the past, they’ve done a great job at selecting boxes for me, and it’s much more exciting to open when you don’t know what’s inside.

This month, I got the Roast box. As you might be able to guess from the name, this was focused around coffee—my favorite! It came with three products: a coffee grinder, a coffee maker, and coffee beans. On top, there was an information sheet as well as a Home Chef coupon.

I’ll be sharing each item below!

Product Reviews

Bobble Presse Coffee Maker

At first glance, I thought this was just a coffee mug. However, it’s actually a portable coffee maker! Not only can you make 13 ounces of coffee in it, but you can take it on the go and drink out of it. It keeps your coffee hot for hours with triple insulation, which also keeps the outside from getting too hot and burning your fingers.

Bespoke Post Reviews - Bobble Presse

The design is genius! It has two parts – the outer cup and the filter. To make coffee, you put the recommended amount of grounds in the outer cup and then add hot water. Once it’s brewed for about three minutes, you take the filter (the silver part) and press it into the outer cup. This restricts the coffee grounds to the bottom of the cup. The grounds stay underneath your coffee! This stops the brewing process and you won’t get any grounds in your teeth. You can just leave the grounds in the cup until you’re finished and ready to wash it out! 

To be honest, these claims seemed too good to be true. I was so surprised when I made my first batch. The coffee was brewed perfectly, and it lived up to every claim. It’s so convenient, there’s no mess or difficult cleanup. I use this every day now, and it makes the mornings much easier. I can’t believe I didn’t discover this sooner. Now, coffee is just as easy to make as tea!

Retail value: $24.99 at Amazon and Target

Meridian Provisions Ceramic Burr Grinder

This coffee grinder is great! Although it’s more difficult to use than an automatic one since you have to crank it yourself, it’s well worth it. It grinds all coffee beans perfectly. I’ve learned that the grind is more consistent when it’s performed with a manual grinder because it goes slower. Plus, you can change the coarseness depending on how you plan to brew the coffee.

Bespoke Post Review - Burr Grinder

Bespoke Post also has a version of the Roast box that provides an electric Burr grinder, but this option costs $75.

Retail value: $40

Bespoke Post Reviews - Coffee

Humblemaker Whole Bean Coffee (4 oz bag)

Although I get plenty of coffee from subscription boxes like Bean Box, more is always welcome! This one is from Humblemaker and is a light blend. Plus, their beans are all fair-trade and organic. I really enjoyed this coffee; it was delicious with a splash of creamer and sugar. I typically prefer medium roast coffees, but this blend is perfect for those days when I want something different. It’s also great for cold brew! 

Retail value: $22 for a 12 oz bag

Savings Opportunities

If you’re hesitant to spend nearly $50 on your first Bespoke Post box, you’ll be happy to hear that they offer coupons! They almost always have a 30% off your first box coupon, and the code for this at the moment is RESCUE.

As a member, you also receive discounts in their shop. They also have occasional sales that save even more than the member discounts! For example, you can currently save 20% off any shop order with the code CYAOCT.

Bespoke Post Reviews - Shop

Subscription Boxes for Men

We have yet to find another subscription box like Bespoke Post that successfully provides numerous different box types. However, there are plenty of other subscription boxes for men if you’re interested in more. There are options for clothes, accessories, grooming, cologne, fitness, watches, underwear, hobbies like golf or fishing, and more! You can discover the best selections on our list of subscription boxes for men.

Bottom Line
All in all, I was very happy with my Bespoke Post box this month! I’ll be putting every item to daily use, and the value was great. It was worth a little over $70. Because of the great value and high-quality products, I’d definitely say this subscription is worth the price. Plus, their themes are always creative and thoughtful. I’m looking forward to next month’s box selections!
9.2 Total Score

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