The Best Bespoke Post Review of 2021

The Best Bespoke Post Review of 2021
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Is Bespoke Post worth the price? Check out the following reviews to see what’s inside past boxes, get cost and shipping policies, find exclusive coupons, and see how we rate this box.

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Themed Subscription Box

  • Plenty of different box themes
  • Complete control of the box you’ll receive
  • You can add on products from their shop
  • Many of their boxes can be enjoyed by women as well
  • Skip a month or cancel anytime charge-free
  • Free shipping

  • Only one price option
  • Extra $10 fee for non-members

With so many female-targeted subscription boxes, it might seem like those for men are lagging behind. However, Bespoke Post is here to change that! It’s one of the rare subscription boxes for men that offers plenty of different box options such as clothing, items for the home, accessories, and more.

I recently subscribed to my first month and will be posting regular Bespoke Post reviews, starting with this article to share my first ordering experience. I’ll also share detailed information about the subscription, coupons, and more. My future monthly reviews will be all about the monthly boxes I receive to share my opinion on each of them.

Website Experience

Bespoke post box website landing page

To start off this Bespoke Post review, I’ll share a bit about the Bespoke Post website. Their homepage describes how the subscription works and showcases their recently released boxes as well as pricing. They also have an online shop that contains a wide variety of items you can purchase or add-on to the monthly box.  

Unlike many similar websites, one thing they don’t include is a page for Bespoke Post reviews by customers. This is an excellent way for businesses to show how their current subscribers feel about the services unless they have a bunch of negative feedback. So, I decided to refer to third-party sources for this information.



When on the lookout to find a negative Bespoke Post review, Reddit users have left several of them. However, after browsing through more reviews, I found that the majority of them are pretty positive. Nevertheless, the only guaranteed way to find out if it’d be a good subscription for you is to try it yourself!

How It Works

When signing up, Bespoke Post asks a few questions about the products you’d like to receive so they can give box recommendations tailored towards your interests. After this, you’ll create your Bespoke Post login information. As for the quiz, you’re not limited to the box they recommend and can choose whichever one you like from their selections.

The only catch is that you need to sign in between the 1st – 5th of each month to select your box because this is when they’re released. As long as you check online, there are no surprises when it comes to what you’ll receive. If you do want to make your Bespoke Post unboxing a surprise, all you have to do is resist choosing a box during the dates mentioned above. In that case, you will receive a box tailored towards the preferences that you answered when joining.

Finally, you are not limited to receiving only one box per month – you can order as many as you want! On the other hand, if you’re not interested in any of them for that month, you can simply skip that month’s shipment without being charged for it whatsoever.

Bespoke Post Returns

With a slightly higher price point, you might be curious about their return policy in case you don’t like a box. Unlike many other subscription boxes, they offer returns up to 60 days from the purchase date! You don’t have to pay for return shipping if you opt for store credit or a box exchange, but you’ll need to pay $6 if you want a return to your credit card.

Bespoke Post Reviews 2018 - OfferBespoke Post Box Options & Pricing

For members, all boxes cost $45 each, with free shipping to the United States. If you don’t want to sign up for a recurring subscription, the price per box for non-members is at $55. If you need your box shipped anywhere outside of the lower 48 states, you will be charged a delivery fee of $10. Any sales tax will apply as well. They have a great selection of boxes each month, and you can look through Bespoke box examples to see what they’re currently offering or have offered in the past.

Bespoke Post boxes are always shipped with products worth over $70. There are several different boxes available every month and they’re always adding more. There were nine box options when I subscribed! I chose the box with a weekender bag, which I’ll be sharing in a couple of paragraphs below.

Finally, I should also mention in these Bespoke Post box reviews that – while this subscription is mostly targeted towards men – many of their selections can be enjoyed by women! There are plenty of boxes with kitchen supplies, hobbyist products, and home decor. They also occasionally offer limited-edition women’s boxes as well. For example, they offered a relaxation box for women during May for mother’s day.

Payment & Bespoke Post Coupon Opportunities

The checkout process is simple and I was able to pay with any major credit or debit card. As for coupons, I was able to get 30% off my first box, so it came to $33.75. Unfortunately, all of the Bespoke Post free box coupons I found were no longer valid. However, the 30% off is still a great deal for the value of products that come inside whichever box you choose. They also have occasional sales and deals in their online store.

Another deal I stumbled upon isn’t offered until Black Friday, but it’s such a great deal so I feel like I have to mention it. I stumbled upon a Bespoke Post black box review that made me wonder what that black box is, so I did some research. I found that it’s a box that’s been offered during Black Friday for the past couple of years. Essentially, this box was given away with any purchase over $45 and there was also a premium option for purchases over $90 or more.

From what I saw, it came with a bunch of quality items inside, which is awesome because free gifts that come with purchases can often be lame. I also found a Bespoke Post mystery box review which turned out to be just another name people call the black box. Even though Black Friday is months away, I will most certainly not miss this opportunity!

Gift Options

If you have no clue what to get someone for a holiday, this subscription makes a thoughtful gift! You can gift Bespoke Post boxes in a few different ways. They offer gift cards, a specific gift box, or a combination of both. Or, if you’re already a member for yourself, you could simply add another box into your monthly order so you can pay for the $45 price, thus evading the extra $10 if you purchased as a non-member.

FYI: A Bespoke Post promo code can be applied to gifts as well!

More Men’s Subscription Boxes

Bespoke Post isn’t the only option – there are plenty of other great choices to be found on our list of subscription boxes for men! You might want to give it a glance in case there’s a box that you’d prefer. I’ll also compare a couple of others that we’ve tried out.

Sprezzabox + Gentleman’s Box

If the monthly Bespoke Post cost is too high for you, you might prefer Sprezzabox or Gentleman’s box! They both cost $28–$29 per month and provide a great value of men’s lifestyle products. These include ties, pocket squares, grooming products, and more. Although you won’t find as much variety as Bespoke Post, they have some great quality items.

Bespoke Post Weekender Review

My weekender bag came in a long, thin brown box with Bespoke Post branding on it.

Bespoke Post Reviews - Unboxing

It was shipped early in the month as they promised, and I received my box within a few days. I opened the box to find the weekender bag folded down to fit inside. It folds tightly for easy storage.

Bespoke Post Reviews - Weekender Unboxing Review

There was also a little surprise bag that contained two Kind granola bars! I Although I’ve read about it in Bespoke post reviews, I was surprised by this nice bonus.

Bespoke Post Reviews - The Weekender Unboxing

As for the bag, it’s great quality. I can tell that it will last a long time. It’s huge and will be perfect for my near-future travels since I try to pack light. Plus, I liked that there are pockets inside to organize my things. It’s probably not big enough to replace checked luggage, but it is perfect if you travel light.

Bespoke Post Reviews - Weekender Bag

I chose black, but they have three other shades available. You can choose from olive, gray, or navy as well. It costs $45 for members (like all of their monthly boxes do) and is mostly made of canvas material. The handles and buckles are made of quality leather. There’s also a completely leather option that costs $144 if you feel like spending big.

This bag looks much more expensive than it is. Nice quality bags like this are normally much spendier. Overall, I’m satisfied that I chose this for my first Bespoke Post shipment, and I’ll certainly use this bag!

Bespoke Post Reviews - Weekender 2018[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

Bespoke Post Review Summary
After seeing the great quality of my first box, I’m looking forward to what I’ll receive next month. This box is an excellent option for anybody who wants to try out new products every month and the price is great for the value of products that come inside. Since they offer such a great variety of boxes, Bespoke Post would make a great gift when you have no idea what to get your dad, brother, boyfriend, friend, or whoever else you need a gift for. Make sure to check out my upcoming Bespoke Post reviews for more insight into their service, the quality of the products, and whether they’re worth subscribing!

9 Total Score

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