Find Out the Greatest Beauty Subscription Boxes of 2021

The Greatest Beauty Subscription Boxes of 2021

If you’re familiar with the world of subscription boxes, you probably know how common beauty subscription boxes are. Even though it’s quite a particular category, there are still so many to choose from! There are boxes that provide different product sizes, different price points, even different types of beauty products. How do we choose?

To help you make the right choice, we’ve searched high and low to bring you over twenty of the best beauty subscription boxes. We’ve selected these based on overall box values, customer reviews, our own experiences with them, pricing, the types of products, and other important qualities. Below this list, we also detail the various categories a beauty subscription box might fall into and who might prefer each.

Best Beauty Subscription Boxes 2020–2021

Types of Subscription Boxes: Beauty

Sample Product Boxes

Although sample boxes all come with smaller products, they’re a great way to try out new beauty products without breaking the bank. Because of this, they tend to be the cheapest options. A few examples of the more popular sample beauty boxes are Ipsy and Birchbox, not to mention Sephora’s beauty box, and so on.

If you don’t want to receive smaller products, many of these same services also provide the occasional deluxe sample or larger size! I’ve also received numerous makeup brushes from Ipsy. In addition, there are boxes like Glossybox that provide a combination of samples and full-sized products. As you might expect, these subscriptions tend to be a little on the spendier side.

Full-Size Beauty Subscription Boxes

Although sample beauty boxes are a great choice for some people, our favorite type of boxes definitely come with full-size products! These are great—even if you’re just looking to try out new products. Full sizes last much longer, which means you’re able to really get a feel for how each product performs. Additionally, they’re a much greater value than the sample boxes.

A few of our favorite full-size boxes include Allure Beauty Box, Boxycharm, Julep, Deck of Scarlet, PinkSeoul, Lip Monthly, LiveGlam, and so on. There is actually a surprising number of full-size product boxes that are really quite reasonably priced! We love them because they give us the opportunity to add staples to our beauty collection while we’re still getting a great deal.

Korean Beauty Boxes

These boxes are exactly what you expect them to be. Korean beauty subscription boxes only contain skincare and beauty products made in Korea! Korea is known for creating amazing skincare products, which is why these are one of our favorite types of beauty box.

There are Korean beauty boxes for both samples and full-size products. Bomibox, for example, offers two box options: a sample box and a full-size box. In addition, PinkSeoul provides full-size products. Like our other best beauty subscription boxes, these ones provide a variety of products, but there are also more specific ones—such as the face mask subscription box from Facetory.

The majority of Korean beauty box options are pretty budget-friendly, and they are definitely worth the value. If you aren’t already familiar with Korean beauty products and how they treat your skin, we’d recommend starting with a sampler box before going all in!

Natural, Organic, and/or Cruelty-Free Beauty Boxes

Another popular type of the best beauty boxes of 2019 provides organic, natural, cruelty-free products. Some boxes only offer one or two of these traits, but many combine all three of them. These are great for people who have sensitive skin! You might be apprehensive about the more popular boxes on the market because you don’t know exactly what you’ll be getting. With natural boxes, you can still indulge in a subscription box and discover new products that are perfect for your skin.

Thankfully, you can even find some cheap beauty subscription boxes in this category. A couple of our favorite boxes in this category are Petit Vour, Love Goodly, and Nourish Beauty Box. These are fairly inexpensive, only contain natural products, and have a great value of products in each box. The Detox Box is another great option—even though it’s a little pricier, it is definitely worth the investment.   

Product-Specific Beauty Boxes

As you may have noticed from taking a peek at our list above, a few of the best beauty subscription boxes are tailored towards one particular type of product. Typically, boxes like this provide full-size products and are a great deal. A couple good examples would be Lip Monthly, which specifically provides lip products, and Facetory, which we already know is dedicated to face masks.

These kinds of boxes are great for people who know what they want but still want to get a good value and discover new brands! However, you probably won’t subscribe to these for more than a couple months—after all, unlike the beauty subscription boxes that provide a greater variety, you can only have so many of one kind of product. They also make a fantastic gift for someone who wants a particular type of beauty product.

Beauty Gift Boxes

Although these aren’t necessarily subscription boxes, I figured it’d be a good idea to mention them for those who are wary about committing to a subscription or looking for holiday gifts. There are many regular beauty gift boxes you can find that are just as good of a deal as subscription boxes!

For example, an Ulta beauty box gift set typically contains a great value of products compared to what you pay. There are also similar options at Sephora. They don’t even have to be gifts—you can buy them for yourself like we do! They may contain sample-sized, deluxe-sized, or even full-sized products. These boxes are great for those who want to try a new brand or type of product for a good deal. The only downside to these is that it won’t be a surprise (unless you’re gifting it), and you won’t have that monthly box to look forward to.

Additionally, some subscription boxes offer one-time boxes. These are also great for gifts or are perfect for trying out a box before committing to their subscription.

Why Beauty Subscription Boxes?

Beauty boxes are one of the most popular types of subscription boxes for many reasons! You usually receive a great value of products, there are options for any budget, you get to try new brands/products, it’s exciting to open boxes full of products you love every month, and so on. They’re a must-have for beauty lover.

Whether you choose a box with samples, full sizes, natural beauty, Korean beauty, or even just gift beauty boxes, subscription boxes are a fantastic investment. With multiple box options in all of these categories, there’s more than likely an option for anybody. They’re a wonderful gift idea as well.

Interested in other types of subscription boxes that you might like? Check out our lists of the best subscription boxes for women as well as the top clothing subscription boxes!


Are there any free beauty subscription boxes to try out?

Yes! With beauty subscription boxes, free trials can occasionally be found. For example, Julep commonly offers your first box for free (you do have to pay the $3.99 shipping charge, though). Sometimes this deal is unavailable, but it’s a fantastic way to try out their subscription risk-free when it is available.

Free bonus gifts are more common for beauty boxes. For example, Birchbox almost always offers a bonus gift with new subscriptions! Julep also offers free large gift sets with new subscriptions (if they don’t have the free trial box available).

Which monthly subscription boxes for beauty make the best gifts?

This depends on your budget. There are plenty of gift boxes or one-time subscription boxes that can be lovely gifts. If you want to spend more, you could gift someone with a recurring subscription that lasts a certain amount of time (such as three months or longer). This treats them every month—it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Nearly every beauty box offers gift subscriptions.

What are the best beauty subscription boxes under $10?

Although there are many boxes for beauty that cost $10 per month, it’s a bit more difficult to find cheaper options. That said, there are a couple that are great. For example, Facetory has an option that’s around $9 per month for four sheet face masks, and Target offers a few beauty boxes under $10. In addition, you’ll likely be able to find gift sets that are under $10.  

What about the best beauty subscription boxes under $15?

As I mentioned before, there are plenty of great boxes that cost around $10–$15! A couple we’d recommend are Ipsy, Birchbox, and Sephora Play, which all provide a pretty good variety of products. If you have a preference for full-size products, and like the idea of receiving something more specific, Lip Monthly is a great value for lip products such as lip gloss, lipsticks, lip balm, and so on. As you can see, there are many beauty subscription boxes under $15 that are fantastic!

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