Bean Box December 2018 Review + Unboxing

Bean Box December 2018 Review + Unboxing
8.8 Total Score

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Coffee is like a superpower—you can accomplish anything after a cup or two. If you’re obsessed with it like I am, then you’ll love a coffee subscription box that allows you to try new kinds. Bean Box, for example, is one of the top coffee subscription boxes, and I’ve subscribed to it for a few months now. They work with a variety of high-quality coffee roasters around Seattle and Portland.

There are two different monthly boxes to choose from: the coffee of the month or the coffee sampler box. The coffee of the month provides one roast in a 12 oz bag, while the sampler box provides four small bags of different roasts per month! You’ll pay $26 per month for the coffee of the month subscription and $24 per month for the coffee sampler box.

My review for December shares my holiday roast, how to save money on your subscription, and more about Bean Box!

Shipping + Unboxing

As promised, my box shipped in the last week of the month, and I received it at the very end of December. On the outside, they included a sticker of the date that my coffee was roasted so I would know how fresh it is.

Inside, I found my coffee of the month as well as a small candy cane flavored chew candy to top it off. Plus, the box interior had an adorable design of the Seattle skyline.

Holy Ship! Holiday Blend

To start off, I’m glad I switched to the coffee of the month plan. Most of my previous Bean Box shipments were for the sampler box. Although I loved trying four different roasts every month, it was so little coffee. The coffee of the month plan provided much more coffee for only $2 more per month, so I figured I’d try it out.

I’ve discovered that I’ve been craving stronger coffee, so I was excited to receive this dark roast. It’s not the darkest, but it’s still a bit darker than a medium roast. It has a nice kick with a slightly sweet aftertaste. I really enjoyed it, and the 12 oz bag lasts much longer than the tiny sampler bags. I’m glad I didn’t get the darkest roast—this one was strong enough for me!

Savings Opportunities

Bean Box offers great opportunities to save on your subscription! Usually, they offer a free trial for their sampler box. Even though you need to pay $3.99 for shipping, it’s still a great deal to try it out!

That offer may occasionally be unavailable, but they might also offer $5 off your first sampler box with free shipping instead. If this is the case, you can sign up through this Bean Box link or use the code “REFER-71110” at checkout to take the $5 off! This usually works on the $5 trial and would make your first box completely free. Unfortunately, there aren’t usually any deals for the coffee of the month plan (other than the $5 off with the referral link or code).

Similar Subscription Boxes

Angel’s Cup

If you love the idea of trying new coffee roasts that are a bit cheaper than Bean Box, Angel’s Cup is perfect. This subscription costs $10.99 for four 1.15 oz sample bags, $22.99 for four 2.75 oz sample bags, or $19.99 for one 12 oz bag.

Angel’s Cup is exciting because the coffee comes in unbranded bags, so you get to try it before you actually know what it is! You can obviously peek online to see the roast if you really want to know. Plus, their website shows all of the roasteries they work with.

Cheap Subscription Boxes - Blue Bottle CoffeeBlue Bottle Coffee

If you don’t care much about trying new roasts, Blue Bottle (a popular coffee roasterie) offers monthly subscription options for their coffee. A 12 oz bag costs $18, rather than Bean Box’s $26. They also have larger bags to choose from that save a bit of money (for example, three 12 oz bags are $47).

The best part is they offer a free trial box with free shipping if you haven’t tried their coffee before! You can try out a single-origin assortment, blend assortment, or espresso assortment.

These are just a couple coffee subscription box examples. If you have a favorite roasterie or brand, I’d recommend checking out their website to see if they offer a subscription. Many companies are jumping onto this trend!

Review Summary
To sum up, I enjoyed my December coffee of the month, and I’m really glad I switched to this plan. It’s a much better deal than the sampler box. However, if you’re picky about coffee and are searching for your dream roast, the sampler is a great choice. I simply love trying new roasts, so one per month is enough for me!

8.8 Total Score

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