The Best Bean Box Reviews of 2021

The Best Bean Box Reviews of 2021
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Is this coffee subscription box worth it? Read our Bean Box review to discover all there is to know about this subscription service.

Make sure to have a look at our coupon offer and unboxing reviews before you place your order! Plus, take a peek at the rest of our favorite food subscription boxes – you might find the perfect option to pair with Bean Box.

Deluxe Coffee + Biscotti Tasting Box

My continuously growing list of subscription boxes just got a little bigger with the addition of Bean Box! This is a Seattle-based subscription box that sends subscribers various samples of coffee from all over the world each month. Their beans are sourced from independent roasters in Seattle and Portland, where a ton of huge coffee brands originated. Starbucks began in Seattle, Seattle’s Best Coffee is obviously from Seattle, Stumptown originated in Portland, and so on. I used to work in the coffee industry in Portland (which means I definitely have an addiction to coffee, so this is a great box for me). According to many Bean Box reviews, this subscription box is a great way to try out new coffee roasters without breaking the bank. In this article, I’ll share my experience ordering my first box, navigating the Bean Box website, finding coupons, and anything else I found relevant.

Website Experience

Bean Box Review 2018

The Bean Box website is very informal and easy to navigate. Like many other subscription boxes, they have a shop for you to buy full-size items and add-ons. They also sell coffee grinders, coffee makers, and other gear. Another thing I should mention in this Bean Box review is that they offer a rewards system that gives you credits for various tasks, which you can then spend in the shop. However, these credits can’t be used for a recurring subscription. If you buy items from their shop, you’ll receive 10% of what you spend back in credits. You can also earn one credit for each review you write on the different coffee types you’ve tried and five credits for each person you refer.

Although I haven’t dealt with them directly, their customer service seems to be fantastic. Aside from what I learned from numerous Bean Box reviews, I also found out through their FAQ that if you receive a coffee you don’t like, you can reach out to them about it and they’ll send you a replacement. It’s very rare to find a company that values their customers like this. This gives me peace of mind for the future in case there’s ever an issue. They also have a helpful blog that offers all kinds of coffee tips, brewing methods, coffee gear, and everything else coffee related.  

Bean Box Review – Boxes & Pricing

Bean Box Review 2018 OfferBean Box offers two boxes to choose from. The first is the sampler subscription, which sends out four bags of 1.8 oz coffee samplers (a total of 7.2 oz) each month for $24 per month. With the other box option, the coffee of the month, you’ll receive one 12 oz bag of coffee. This costs $26 per month. With the coffee of the month option, you’ll get 4.8 extra ozs of coffee for just $2 extra. The Bean Box sampler only offers monthly delivery but the coffee of the month offers monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly delivery of a package of coffee. The bi-weekly costs $50 per month and the weekly costs $96 per month.

You’re also able to choose from eight different options of roast preferences. Also, if you want even more selection, you can add on extra samples, cookies, chocolate, or other various items when purchasing your subscription. They also have a collection of coffee beans gift boxes for sale. For example, there’s a World Coffee Tour box that costs $89 and contains 16 bags of different coffee for a total of 1.8 pounds. Coffee always makes a great gift!

Like most other subscriptions, you can save money by opting for a longer plan. For the sampler, a six-month subscription is $19 per month (save $30) while the yearly one is $18 per month (save $72). The coffee of the month offers a six-month plan for $24 per month or a yearly plan for $23 per month.

Bean Box Free Trial and Payment

You can pay for your Bean Box using any major credit or debit card. As for the free trial, I found it right on their website as I was selecting which box to subscribe to. I just needed to pay $3.99 for shipping, but I still saved $20 for my first month. I also found that a Bean Box coupon is being sent to first-time subscribers, and it grants 10% off their first order. I’m always excited when subscription boxes have the option to save money on the first box; it makes me much more likely to keep purchasing.

Is Bean Box the Best Coffee Bean Sampler?

Nearly every Bean Box review I’ve seen is very positive and averages 4.9 out of 5 stars. I genuinely couldn’t find a complaint or an entirely negative review. They even have a testimonials page on their website that lists all their reviews from Google to make them easier to find. I also looked through various pages about coffee subscription boxes, and many reviewers listed Bean Box as their first choice. Some other popular coffee boxes are Blue Bottle, Coffee Crate, and many more (I’m sure I’ll be trying out some more options).

 Bean Box Review - Roasting Date

My experience ordering my first Bean Box was fantastic, and I look forward to receiving it. I’ll be posting monthly Bean Box reviews once I receive my box detailing my thoughts on the box (did I enjoy it, is it a good value, did it deliver what promised, would I order again, and everything else I can think of).

Bean Box Review: First Box!

I was excited to find my first Bean Box in the mailbox within a week of placing my order. They provided tracking information so I could know exactly when I’d be receiving my box, which was helpful since I don’t check the mail every day. It was shipped in a brown box with a cute “roasted with love” design inside the flap. The roast date was on the outside, which was just around a week before I got the box. Perfect! Inside, I found my four coffee bean samplers as well as a bonus mint chocolate candy.

In addition to my coffee beans, they provided a few Bean Box coupon cards in my box. One was a $5 off coupon for Bean Box purchases, another was $25 off for your first order of Winc (a wine subscription service), and the final was a $30 coupon for a Home Chef subscription.

Bean Box Review - Coupons

I’ve subscribed to both of these, so you can check out both my Winc review or my Home Chef review if you’re interested in these subscriptions. They also provided a card with information about the coffee I received, coffee tasting and how to get the perfect brew.

 Bean Box Review - Coffee Tasting Sheet

Now, onto the beans and my first Bean Box review!

 Bean Box Review - Beans

Brazil Canaan Estate from Middle Fork Roasters

This is a medium roast, single origin coffee. They’re the only roastery in the U.S. with this type of coffee bean. It’s advertised as low-acid with a profile of earthy, nutty chocolate that leads into a caramelized sugar flavor. It’s one of their bestsellers, and it’s apparently supposed to taste like a chocolate chip cookie! I’m a sucker for anything sweet, so I knew I’d like this roast before I even tried it!

I was able to notice the sweetness of this coffee and I really enjoyed it. While it’s obviously not going to taste like a crazy sweet frappuccino from Starbucks, the flavor notes give it a great kick. It tasted darker than a normal medium roast to me, which some people might not like. I enjoyed it, however, because I love dark roasts.

Columbian Samaniego from Kuma Coffee

This light roast coffee blend is a seasonal treat from Kuma Coffee. It’s described as sugary and peachy, with hints of chocolate as well. It’s great as a drip or an espresso. When I went on the website to find more information about it, I found that it’s already sold out! I thought this was actually pretty good. I don’t usually like light roast coffees as much, but I enjoyed this one.

Bean Box Review Brazil Canaan Estate and Columbian Samaniego

Roaster’s Choice from Lighthouse Roasters

I appreciated the inclusion of a simple, dark roast black coffee. A 12-ounce bag of this costs $16.25. This was delicious as both drip coffee as well as espresso. I didn’t notice any special flavor notes but was still yummy with a little almond milk and honey (which is how I typically take my coffee).

Drip Blend from Herkimer Coffee

This blend is a best seller from Herkimer. It advertises a hint of cherry, chocolate, and caramel flavor notes. It’s directly sourced from El Cedral and El Cielito in Honduras, and a full-size 12-ounce bag costs $17.25. This is the only blend I didn’t try as espresso since it’s specified as a drip. I don’t usually drink drip but this one was delicious!

After trying out each coffee sample, I concluded that my favorite was the Brazil Canaan Estate from Middle Fork Roasters. I absolutely loved the sweet notes and might even buy a large bag! I rarely ever drink black coffee, but I could do so with this roast. Surprisingly, I didn’t dislike any of the coffee I got this month!

 Bean Box Review Drip Blend and Roaster's Choice

Other People’s Impressions

My boyfriend tried them all as well and didn’t taste much of a difference, so I’d say the Bean Box sampler is more for people who are picky about their coffee and can taste the different notes of it. The subscription option with one kind of coffee each month would be better for people who just want to have a supply of coffee each month instead of finding their perfect coffee bean.

 Bean Box Coffee Beans

Bottom Line
My experience with my first Bean Box was fantastic, and I’m already looking forward to future boxes. I think trying out all these new coffees and learning about where they came from is exciting, so you’ll love this box if you’re a coffee addict like me. I’m also glad they sent a variety of roasts in my first box. I’ll be posting another Bean Box review when I receive my next month’s delivery, where I’ll detail further thoughts on the box (did I enjoy it, is it a good value, did it deliver what promised, would I order again, and everything else I can think of).

This box is perfect for coffee lovers who want to try new brands each month and always have freshly roasted coffee available. Bean Box would also make a great coffee sampler gift pack for anybody you’d need to buy a gift for. Almost everybody loves coffee, so it’s usually a perfect gift, even if you don’t know the person very well!

  • Try various new coffees and roasts each month
  • Generous rewards program
  • Great customizability and flexibility
  • Free trial of the sampler box
  • Free shipping
  • Option to add extra samples or other items
  • Excellent customer service
  • Offers ground coffee or whole beans
  • Cancel anytime

  • Sampler box isn’t the best value of coffee
  • Might be too expensive for some people

9 Total Score

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