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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a prevalent practice on the Internet which works in a simple way. Affiliates send potential customers to the merchant through affiliate links and the merchant gives affiliates a small commission as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for sending them customers.

How does it work for us?

Striving to provide unbiased and 100% honest reviews and guides on which you can rely when it comes to choosing the best drones in the market, we invest a lot of effort and money. We personally order and pay for each and every one of the drones reviewed here. Then, our team of experts test each drone individually to compile a review that highlights all strong points and flaws.

We don’t sell anything directly – we only guide you towards the best deals and products. We also don’t use Google ads in order to provide an optimized user experience. So how do we earn money to keep our website going?

See, that’s where we need your help. The thing is, we earn a small commission every time you buy a product using one of our affiliate links. This does not affect your shopping experience nor the price you pay for the product. The commission we earn helps us persist and keep working to provide the best drone deals and the hottest trends worldwide.

The commission we earn does not affect in any way the accuracy of our reviews and guides. The beliefs and opinions expressed on are entirely ours, and our primary goal is to guide you towards finding the best drone currently found on the market.

Why contribute?

  • It’s completely hassle-free, and it comes at no additional cost for you, nor it does affect your shopping experience in any way;
  • Your personal information is 100% protected and will not be disclosed to anyone;
  • You will be helping to keep going and provide high-quality content that is relevant to you.

Summing up

Since the only way of keeping our website running is through affiliate marketing, we would appreciate if you become our contributor. Support us so that we can continue bringing the best buys and the latest news from the drone market to you.

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