The Top 20+ Adult Subscription Boxes for Lovers

The Top 20+ Adult Subscription Boxes for Lovers

Sex sells—especially when it comes to subscription boxes! Before we get into it, don’t even think about reading this list if you’re under 18 years old.

There’s a fairly large amount of kinky and fun subscription boxes for adults to choose from, so we’ve compiled a list of the best ones. Although sex-themed subscription boxes are the main focus, there are a couple others that we found relevant (like date subscription boxes).

Monthly subscription boxes for adults are an exciting way to try out new products and receive a great value of items. They’re also a great way to get the products you desire without going to those scary, awkward adult stores. Plus, most of these are curated based on your preferences, so they’ll pick out new toys and products that are a perfect fit for you.

That said, we’ve chosen these top boxes based on box values, prices, type of products, popularity, customer reviews, as well as our own experiences with them.

Best Adult Subscription Boxes 2020–2021

Types of Subscription Boxes – Adult

Sexual Subscription Boxes

As you may have noticed, a large number of the adult boxes on our list are for sex-related products. The following few paragraphs share a few types of the most popular subscription boxes for sex!

Solo Subscription Boxes

If you’re single, some of the boxes on our list are made particularly for solo use. This ensures you won’t get anything you can’t use by yourself. Plus, plenty of the boxes on our list (like the Unbound subscription box) have very customized boxes. They’ll curate your boxes based on however you answer their customization questions—including your relationship status. Most companies offer this customization, so be on the lookout for these features!  

Couples Subscription Boxes

Many subscription boxes for sex are tailored especially towards couples. These might include dual-stimulation products, lube, condoms, and other fun products that (usually) require two people to play. These monthly subscription boxes for couples are an exciting way to spice up your sex life and try new things! Like solo boxes, they typically have great customization features to ensure you get the products you desire.

Fantasy/Roleplay/BDSM Subscription Boxes

There are a few fun adult boxes that are dedicated towards particular kinks or fetishes—such as BDSM, roleplay, and so on. These all include products dedicated around the theme, fantasy, or roleplay. For example, adult-themed subscription boxes for roleplay will include all the products you need to fulfill the theme or scenario. There could be a maid theme with the outfit and storyline to play out.

Many of the roleplay adult subscription boxes also include cards to help you play out the story, but you don’t need to use these if you don’t want to. These boxes usually include some extras as well (like lube, condoms, etc.).

Essentials Adult Subscription Boxes

Some of the previous categories can be pretty kinky. If these seem overwhelming or if you want a cheaper option, you might prefer one of the more basic boxes! Depending on what you define as “essential” in your sex life, this category could include many boxes. There are boxes for monthly supplies of condoms, lube, stimulants, lingerie, or even a sex toy of the month box.

Poly, Lesbian, and Gay Adult Subscription Boxes

Although many of the popular sexual subscription boxes have spectacular personalization features that you can customize to your sexuality, there are also a couple boxes made only for gay, lesbian, or poly couples. These are great because it’s guaranteed that you’ll always get products tailored toward your sexuality. You’ll never get anything you can’t use! These boxes usually have other customization features as well, so you can get exactly what you want.

Adult Book Subscription Boxes

The least common type of sex subscription box is for erotic books. There are very few options for this category, and the ones we did find are currently sold out. However, there are always new subscription boxes coming out, so this will likely grow in popularity. If this is the type of subscription you desire, there might be new options by the time you’re reading!

Subscription Boxes for Couples (Non-Sexual)

Don’t be disappointed by the title—these boxes can be fun too! This category includes subscription boxes that create dates for busy couples or couples who need that extra little creative boost when making plans. This is great for those of us who never seem to find the time to plan out special dates.

Typically, a date night or relationship subscription box includes a curated collection of products to create a personalized, romantic date. There are also boxes that aren’t dedicated to a date night, but are a fun way to spend time together and don’t require any further planning. For example, a bartender subscription box usually comes with everything you need to make special cocktails. This could be a fun couples activity!

Monthly vs. Seasonal Adult Subscription Boxes

While most other types of subscription boxes that we review offer monthly plans, many of these adult boxes are seasonal. Why? For one, this is because of the higher-priced nature of products like sex toys. It’s hard to fit these into boxes that are cheaper and offer monthly plans while still providing a variety of items to try out. This is why the spendier seasonal boxes are common.


Another reason for more seasonal sex subscription boxes is because many of us don’t need new toys and sex products every single month. You’ll gather up a collection before you know it. Seasonal boxes give you the chance to get a feel for all of the products over the course of a couple months. By the time your next box comes around, you’re ready to try more new things!  

Toys + Quality

There are still plenty of great options to be found if you prefer monthly deliveries. With monthly subscription boxes, adult toys are still fairly common. A few monthly options that include toys are Pure Bliss Box, Spicy Subscriptions, Seductive Pleasure, Mystery Pleasure Box, Fadoodle Box, and Adam’s Toy Box.

The only drawback is that you’re less likely to get a good value or high quality when you opt for the cheaper subscription options. They also might include samples rather than full-size products. We’ve found that when it comes to subscription boxes, the higher the price, the better value you get (for the most part).  

The highest-priced Wurkbench box, for example, contains very high-quality items. These work better and last longer. It comes with three high-end toys (like vibrators, dildos, or anything else you like) plus plenty of additional items, all for $129.99. Even their smaller-priced boxes are a great deal, and the toys they provide are very worthwhile.

To give another example, the Pleasure Parlor subscription box costs $75 per season with at least one toy (there’s usually more, though) and a variety of full-size products. In addition to these benefits, we personally think it’s much more exciting to unbox larger, seasonal subscription boxes! It’s like opening a huge gift every few months.


Are adult subscription boxes worth it?

We definitely think they’re worth it! For one, nearly every box on our list offers a greater value than the price you pay. They’re a fun way to explore a whole variety of new products, save time that would have been spent researching the best products for your preferences, avoid weird sex shops, and unbox exciting surprises.

What is the best couples subscription box for sex?

This depends on a few factors, including budget and toy preferences. If you want a couple of examples, we love Wurkbench because of its fantastic personalization features and high-quality products. Pure Bliss Box is another favorite because they have cheaper monthly plans, but still contain high-quality products.

What are the cheapest adult subscription boxes?

Pure Bliss Box is the cheapest of the sex toy adult subscription boxes we found. Spicy Subscriptions offers a few cheaper options as well, such as their toy of the month box for $24.95. Scarlet Spice Box also has an option under $30. Finally, Mystery Pleasure Box is a pretty large box for $34.95 per month!

Are there any adult subscription boxes under $20?

With the pricier nature of these products, it’s a bit more difficult to find such cheap subscription boxes for adults. There are other cheaper options for essentials, including LOLA or Undercover Condom Club, but these don’t really contain any exciting new products to try. You can simply get monthly shipments of condoms with these boxes (LOLA also provides tampons and other sexual wellness supplies).

Are adult monthly subscription boxes or seasonal boxes better?

This completely depends on what you want out of your subscription. If you want the best value, seasonal boxes are usually the way to go. Plus, it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend the money on items that you don’t typically need to replenish every month (like vibrators and sex toys).

Do I need to specifically choose a box subscription for couples?

With a singles box, it’s unlikely you’ll get special products for couples like dual-stimulation toys, condoms, and other items specifically tailored for two people. If you want items like this, you should look for boxes tailored for couples. However, the products you’ll find in singles boxes can pretty much always be used by two (or more) people, so it might be worth trying it out if you have your eyes set on one.

What about smoking and alcohol subscription boxes?

We thought about including more types of adult subscription boxes in this list, but it would’ve become pretty crowded. Don’t worry though, we’ll be making lists for the best boxes in these categories too!

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